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I am a happy girl...

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Beamer is Better....thank you for helping him with the power- of the paw!!

April 21st 2007 6:43 pm
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Hey all our wonderful friends, we wanted to let you know our sweet Beamer Boy is much better. It's really a miracle. He was so fragile, but he pulled through the difficult phase of his illness and is back to his old self. It is a true blessing...reminding us daily how life can change so a split second all can be different...makes us appreciate what we have now in the moment, because truly we never know how long that "moment" will last. Thinking of our special gal, Sadie Mae, and her family today, too. She is now peacefully at the bridge, but her family is so sad. We know how that heartache feels and it's not good. If you know them, please give them your support. We would like to say thank you for all the well wishes, stars, rosettes, pmails, etc. You guys are the best. Please keep the power of the paw coming our way cause Jazzi, my sweet sister, had to go to the vet today....she has taken a big step down. He did blood work and will call Monday, but he did tell mommy and daddy, "I am really concerned..." Mommy has lost her smile again and I know her heart is aching. Jazzi is not in pain and is happy, but we know she is slowly slipping away. Her IVs have been increased and she is having what appears to be some neurlogical symptoms. Please never worry or think my mommy would allow her to suffer....she won't. She takes excellent care of us all. Please keep the power of the paw coming her way...she needs it. Mommy and Granny worked all day in the house...redoing our condo is a never ending project and already wearing mommy down. Pretty soon, if all goes well, we will have new paint, new carpet, new wallpaper,etc. It will be beautiful...just so very hard on mommy to do much because of her physical condition. Will keep you updated on our lives. Love you all, Sissy


Please....Beamer Boy needs the power of the paw

April 9th 2007 7:38 pm
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Will all of you please send healing thoughts and prayers to our special Beamer. He is my MeMaw and Papa's almost 18 year old baby and he is truly critically ill. He is my best friend. From the day I came into this family...he loved me with all his might (all 6 pounds of it)....we spend our days together and sleep together. I have not known my life without him. He is my precious Beamer boy. Mommy is really sad, too. We all are. He has been staying with us while Memaw and Papa went on a trip to see the human grandkids and this morning he got violently ill and mommy took him to the vet....they put him on IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and a bunch more stuff. Seems he is having acute pancreatitis and they are not sure he will live. He had to stay at the vet and it is so hard to think of him there all alone.....please keep him in your heart. Strangely enough, he and Jazzi both have this pancreas issue...what in the world is going all. Growing old is not for pun intended!! Please go to my page and look at picture number will see us together. He is beautiful. Love to you all. Be strong Beamer boy....we love you, Sissy, Jazzi, Mommy and Daddy


We're home.....Missed you all!

April 5th 2007 5:08 am
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Dearest friends,

Just wanted to let you know that mommy, daddy and I are home safely from our little cabin trip. JAZZI IS FINE...GOT SPOILED FROM GRANNY AND WAS VERY HAPPY TO SEE US!!!! The cabin trip was wonderful and ever so peaceful. We could watch the magnificant sunrise and sunset, hear the beauty of the lovely birds singing, watch the terrifying lighting in the sky...why is it that the thunder is sooooooooooo much louder in the country?! Yicks!!! I had to hide in the bathroom...yes, I admit, I am TERRIFIED of thunderstorms. Mommy and daddy held me close and we all survived. I got to run and play in the wet green grass and rest by mommy for 4 solid days. Mommy took small walks and watched me swim in the muddy water, she used the hot tub frequently to try and help her feel better....she relaxed her mind and body, and feels somewhat recharged and ready to sore again. Mommy is so strong...she amazes daddy and me alot. Mom returned to work on Wednesday to learn another one of her special Alzheimers patients went to heaven. It really made her sad that she was not there. She likes to sit with them and help them transition without fear. Although mommy tells me it is a blessing, her heart aches, I can see it in her face...she said she misses her smile. Mommy tells me there is no greater joy than the one you receive from an alzheimers patient who lights up with joy and touches you when they see is truly inspiring. She says the child like nature which emerges allows these people to once again love without judging and unconditionally...something a lot of us struggle to do. Mommy says she will add some new pictures from the trip soon for all to see...until then, just visualize the orange glow of the sunset on our backs...thanks for being our wonderfully special friends. We love you all. Happy Easter, Sissy, Jazzi and Family


A Sweet Message from Sissy, Jazzi and- Mommy...............We love you all!!

March 18th 2007 8:00 am
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Hi all my special friends, just wanted to let you know how much you all mean to our entire family. Hope you always know what a huge difference you make in our lives and we just wanted to remind you of that......Love, Sissy

Below is a message from Jazzi and Mommy.

"Hi, just wanted to let all of you know, I AM CURRENTLY STABLE AND BETTER!!!! Wow, aging is not for whimps!!! Thank you for all your love, support and never ending purrs, woofs, rosettes, stars, and make a huge difference in my life, as well as my family's. Sissy is great. Daddy's Cancer scare turned out to be okay!!! Celebrate with us and for us...................we feel so incredibly blessed. Might not be on line much, cause mommy's one step forward turned out to be two steps back (not really sure what that means) and she is really struggling. I know you all must get tired of mommy's endless health struggles (I know she really does), but it is truly out of her control. She is thankful she has all of your support, as well. She is amazing to me and the strongest woman/mommy I know. The power of the paw is with us all. We will keep in touch as much as we can. Love you all, Jazzi and mommy"


Update on my sweet sister, Jazzi

February 18th 2007 7:39 pm
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Today she was one of Catsters' daily diary picks. I was doing the happy dance for her............cats don't happy dance!!! Wonder why? Not to dampen the mood, but today she had a little relapse, but her spirits are high and I know she will soon better. She knows she is loved by many.

Please keep your paws joined and send the power of the paw to her....ever so strongly in the next few days so she can get well very quickly from this little relapse. Jazzi needs to be well before mommy has her shoulder procedure on Wednesday and pushes to return to work on Thursday....we give each other strength. They are mine...and I am theirs. Please don't worry yourselves, both mommy and Jazzi will be fine . Today has not been one of my better days physically, either, but emotionally my heart is filled with love. I am one lucky gal. Thank you all for loving and caring so deeply for my mommy, daddy, sister, and me. We only post these updates because so many of you care and ask how we are...always remember despite our obstacles, we are fine. We are truly blessed by each of you. Mommy asked me to share a quote with you all,

"Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."

~Samel Ullman

Love you all, Sissy, Jazzi and family


We have to join paws and help those who aren't as lucky as- we are....

February 13th 2007 6:38 pm
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Make a circle please, join paws...............and feel the power of the paw...these poor dogs, cats, rabbits, etc... need our help. Please help stop this horrible animal abuse by signing the peition on the ASPCA website and spreading the word. These animals are counting on us...they need us to join paws and circle around them in love and support...the power of the paw works miracles. Love Sissy and Mommy... please hear their cry for help. We can do it....!!!

Dear Animal Advocates,

HR 137/S 261 (the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007) has been introduced in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. The Act seeks to increase the penalties for cockfighting and dog fighting. Similar bills introduced in 2006 were never voted on, so they died when Congress recessed for the year.

The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act would properly penalize and hopefully deter people from engaging in these brutal “blood sports.” Dogs used in dog fighting often die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion and infection. Some trainers train their dogs to fight using smaller animals, such as cats, rabbits or smaller dogs as bait. The presence of animal fighting in communities has been known to lead to other crimes, such as illegal gambling, carrying of illegal weapons and drug sales.

What You Can Do
Please sign our web-letter, which will be sent to your senators and representative urging them to support the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007. You may also visit our website to read about this legislation in greater depth.

We deeply thank you for your help and support


Happy Valentines Week! We love you all!!

February 11th 2007 6:38 am
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Happy Valentines week!!!! Love is in the air and we want to thank you all for being our friends....we are so blessed!!!! my mommy wont be able to type or be on line for a while, so we didn't want anyone to worry...........her spinal cord and arms are not happy right now!!!! Go figure!!! Wanted to say thanks for all the beautiful hearts and kind sorry we can't thank you each individually, but this one finger typing is hard to do! LOL Each of you have left special paw prints in our hearts and we are much better for knowing you! Love and kisses, Sissy ane mommy


A fellow feline furbaby needs the power of the paw and our- support....please read!!

February 8th 2007 5:56 pm
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"I have leanred to use the word impossible with the greatest of caution." ~Wernber von Braun

Mommy, Sissy, and I are trying to help everyone "paw" together and help this precious kitty and his mother (we don't know them, but it doesn't matter). If we are not part of the solution and dont take time to help, then we are not fulfilling our desire to help those in need. Kindly read below and help if you can...please spread the word to all those you know. Love and kisses, Jazzi, Sissy and family

P.S. To give unconiditonally is the greatest gift we can offer to others....but more importantly to ourselves.

Message Follows:

This is from the Artsy Catsy blog, about our fellow Catster, Mu Shue, who is in need of expensive surgery. Artsy Catsy is selling BEAUTIFUL book marks to raise money for Mu Shue's surgery. These will make awesome gifts as they really are very nice book marks. Check it all out below.

Bookmark Benefit for Mu Shue

ArtsyCatsy ( is worried about our new friend Mu Shue ( and As you may know, he’s very sick and needs treatment that will cost his Mama Laura $1200. She has already spent her savings helping him, and even had to sell the heirloom jewelry her grandmother left her.

With 15 of us kitties, our humans have been in the same situation, and our hearts go out to Mu Shue and Mama Laura. We ArtsyCats are very impressed by how this wonderful world of blogging kitties pulls together to help each other out, and we want to do our part. So we met for a brainpurring session and had an IDEA! The human artists are making hand-beaded waxed linen bookmarks to offer for $10 each on our blog and we'll send ALL the proceeds to Mu Shue and Mama Laura.

To order bookmarks to help Mu Shue, just email with your mailing address, the number of bookmarks you want to order, and whether you want to use PayPal or mail a check, and we’ll email instructions right back to you. (When you order, you can add a dollar or two to help cover mailing costs if you want, but you don’t have to. And, yes, we will ship internationally.)

We'll make as many bookmarks as we can from now through Feb. 22, and then we’ll send ALL the money to Mu Shue and Mama Laura. Just think – if we could sell 60 bookmarks, that would completely cover the $600 down payment for Mu Shue’s treatment! And don’t forget, if you don’t need a bookmark, the wonderful Mr. Hendrix ( y.html and is also helping to collect donations for Mu Shue.

Our heartfelt thanks to all you kind and caring cats and beans for helping Mu Shue and Mama Laura. We’re very proud to be a part of this beautiful kitty community!


Please vote for me........

January 4th 2007 4:54 am
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Hi everyone, I am entered in a contest called Dog Show USA, best in show under the category of cutest face. If you feel inclined, please go vote for votes are low. If not, you might enjoy looking at the pictures and voting for your favorite. Thanks for being my pals, Sissy y&x=28&y=6

Mom and I would like you to know, we know I will not win best in show and that is not our goal..........our goal is to be one of the many finalists so we can win the free dog food for year to contribute to all the animal rescues we do and the local shelters. This contest is not about vanity, but can keep voting for me daily until February. Thanks for your support, Sissy


Happy-Healthy New Year Everyone...

December 30th 2006 6:03 am
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Thanks so much for being our freinds. We are truly blessed to have each of you in our lives. You have left forever paw prints in our hearts. We hope the new year brings you peace and all the things your hearts desire. Each of you truly deserve so much. We love and appreciate you, Sissy, Jazzi and Family

"By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other." ~Dr. Louis J. Camuti

Make it your New Years Resolution to try and understand those around you with an open heart and mind....and when you see things from others' perspective, you will grow and become richer. No two animals or people are alike, and yet, add so much versatility to the world.

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