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I am a happy girl...

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So glad to have a family

June 12th 2006 7:16 pm
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I don't remember much about my puppy hood, but based on how I turned out...I think I was raised by someone who really loved me. I am not sure how I ended up homeless, starving, and injured...but I did. My paths crossed with an animal rescuer who wanted to help me. She knew I needed her and with lots of medical attention and love, she could find me a forever home. She called her husband to come get me and take me to the vet. He did. I knew he was scared of me because he had never been around big dogs, but when I touched his shoulder with my paw...I touched their hearts forever and the animal rescuer was right...she found me a forever home with them. I am one lucky girl.


Thank you for such a nice honor............

June 18th 2006 6:03 am
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Wow, being a weekly winner sure does know how to boost a gals confidence. I appreciate all the nice votes and kind words. My mom and dad tell me all the time what a winner I am....I try hard to believe them, but I am a little low on the self esteem end of the scale. Today is Father's Day and we are going to the park with my special dad and then to my grandpa's house....I have such a wonderful family. My grandpa tells me all the time, "you are the only granddaughter I have!!" I get to stay with them (Memaw, too) when my parents work, but sometimes I go to work with mommy....check out my lastest photo, please. Thanks so much again. Doggie kisses to you all.


My Tail of Devotion for Sissy

June 22nd 2006 5:04 am
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In October 2000, my beloved pet had died. She was 16 years old. I lost my other beloved pet three years prior. Although I still had my two cats, the house seemed so empty, but not as empty as my heart felt. My two girls had been with me through so much in my life and the emptiness and sadness I felt was overwhelming. I decided I was not going to get another dog, I was not ready.

I have always been a big animal rescuer, and I am sure I always will be...but this animal rescue was different. One morning while I was working, I saw this skinny, injured, scared dog in the distance. She was in a field and too scared to come to me. I left her some food and water. Although I couldn't see the dog very well, she haunted my thoughts during the day...there was something about her. When I left work I went back, I didn't find her. I told my family about her when I got home. I felt in my heart I needed to try and gain this dog's trust and get her the help she needed. Since I am physcially limited, I asked a nurse at work to help me get the dog...each day we left her food and water and talked to her from across the field...she was so scared. On Dec 29, 2000...I knew I had to get her...the big ice storm was coming and she would not survive it. When I pulled up in the parking lot at work, my heart stopped...the nurse had her arms around this incredibly scared, cold, injured, and beautifully spirited dog........our eyes meet. I opened my car door and cranked on the heat. She laid in the back seat of my car and fell asleep. I called my husband to come to my work and get the dog...I made arrangements for her to go immediately to the vet. I feared her condition was so bad, she would have to be euthanized, but I reminded myself...I was helping her. If she was going to be okay, I knew I could find her a forever home.

My husband called and said on the long drive to the vet, this dog got up in the back seat and gently put her paw on my shoulder..."it was like she was telling me something." And she was....she knew right then, I needed her, as much as she needed me.

The vet was able to save her and she came to live with us...she filled an incredible void in my heart and I made her feel loved and safe. She taught me that loving again is worth the pain of losing them in the end. It is so amazing to see her loyalty and devotion to the family. For example, one time I fell and she immediately laid across me to protect me until help arrived. She would give her life for her family...her heart is forever ours, as well.

We all love this amazing dog...she is more than a dog, she is our companion who loves unconditionally. She acts as if she is the lucky one, but we really are. She knew I needed her to heal my heart before I did. We are so glad we became her forever family.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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I am thankful for all my new friends..........

July 12th 2006 5:12 am
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Wow, I just wanted to say thanks for all the new wonderful friends I have made. I knew I was a lucky girl. Maggie is my "old forever" friend, but I am thrilled to have so many new ones. I just want to let you know I believe strongly in the power of friendship and I hope we all continue to grow together...thanks for all the new friends for my sister Jazzi, too. Doggie kisses to you!!


Mommy and I are walking for a cause....

August 20th 2006 6:00 am
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Hi everyone, just wanted to give a quick update and let you know I am okay. My sister, Jazzi, did have a bad bout of pancreatits yesterday, but appears to be as perky as ever this morning. I had to go to the vet yesterday because I have an infected gland. I am taking antibiotics and some topical meds, but if it doesn't get better, may have to go under the knife. UGH!!! I am also struggling with my right shoulder and hip dysplgia. Mommy gives me good medicine, but it does make it difficult to get around and do the all the things I would like to do. I guess I am a lot like my mommy. We were both badly injured in car accidents and our bodies are never the same. Mommy is some better, but having an incomplete spinal cord injury has a lot of problems with it. She got four spinal injections this week (more than ever before), but will be up and going as usual. She never slows down. My mommy is very motivated to help those who can't help themselves...that is why she is known for over doing it sometimes. She always saves animals and elderly people. I am so glad she saved me. Mommy and I are going to attempt to walk 3 miles to raise money for Alzhemiers Disease and she is trying to raise $2500.00 by October 15, 2006. If you would like to help, you can email her at her personal email and she will send you the donation page. Her email is Someone every day is affected horribly by this disease, so please pass it on to those who might want to help. Thanks for caring about me, my sister, my daddy and my mommy. I love all my new friends, Sissy

P.S. Happy Birthday Mommy. I love you so much. XXOO


Thank you for helping others!

October 8th 2006 6:32 pm
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Dearest Special furry friends, angels and families:

I want to personally thank you all for supporting my fund raising efforts for the Dallas Alzheimers Memory Walk on November 4, 2006. Because of all your kindness and generous help, I have not only exceeded my personal fund raising goal, but Village Oaks has exceeded its' fund raising goal, as well. We are currently ranked the third fundraising team in the Dallas area. Pretty awesome. I could not have done without your help.

Helping those with this disease in my passion and my heart. I will continue to educate, love and be an advocate for those afflicted with various forms of memory loss. These innocent people bond with me in a way very few can understand. It is truly an amazing gift.

As most of you know, I am also an animal rescuer. I find very similiar qualities and rewards in both types of work. Please don't misunderstand...I am not trying to compare animals to humans, but the inability to help onself whether it is a memory loss person or a hungry dog is often the same. They all experience pain, fear, lonliness and the inability to ask for help. They need us to help, but don't know how to ask. It takes compassion, trust, and dedication. This is my goal, always. It is a language of love spoken with few words, but more meaningful than one could ever imagine. To bond with someone or something who does not know your name but recongizes your smile or the gentleness of your touch is an unforgottable expereince. It touches you deep in your soul.

I appreciate each and everyone of you. If you still plan to give to the memory walk, you have until Oct. 15, 2006. The more money we raise, the more people we can help....My website is included below. Your donation is tax deductible.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me help those who are unable to help themselves.

With deepest gratitude and love, Lezli, Sissy and Jazzi p?ievent=161091&lis=0&kntae161091=982ED850F8C24362A5ED7FD57C D75A15&supId=62178506

Peace be with you. You are in my heart, Sissy, Jazzi and Mommy


Another Thank you....

October 29th 2006 6:59 am
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Dearest Dogster Family and Friends,

Sissy and I once again want to thank you from the bottom of my hearts and on behalf of Village Oaks and the memory loss residents we serve for supporting our efforts in raising money for the Dallas Alzheimers Walk. My mommy's residents and all those with memory loss are a true blessing and inspiration to us. If you would have asked my mommy 17 years ago before her horrible accident what she would been doing today, I know she would have instinctly said, "being a wife and mother..." That's what she has always wanted to do; however, as she and I have learned life does not always give you want you want but leads you where you are needed. Just like bringing mommy and me together. We needed one another and grew in love. Mommy says she never imagined she would be working and doing what she is doing today, but she is happy. It is one of her passions and the other is us fur babies. Although mommy has been through an incredibly difficult and challening life, she is still so blessed... she now has a wonderful husband, incredible family, awesome friends and unconditionally loving pets........and an incredible opportunity to learn and grow with my memory loss victims. My mommy loves educating others and helping those with memory loss live and die with dignity and respect. Mommy always tells me, "They are not senile old people, they have a disease. "

To date, my mommy and me have raised almost $3900.00 and the walk is next Saturday. YIPEEEEEEE! Due to my mommy's recent setback in her health, it does not appear she will be able to walk the entire 3.5 miles, but she is giving up her pride and taking her wheelchair (that is tremendously hard for her). Mommy probably will not let me walk either since I am limping on my bad leg. We will rest up this week and see...if I am not there, my heart will be. My grandparents, daddy, co-workers, and friends will be walking with us and for us. What an incredible experience it will be. Mommy will take pictures...our logo on our shirts read, "Join our Journey with Memory Loss..."

You can still make donations until November 6, 2006. So If you know someone who might want to donate to this worthy cause, please forward the website to them. Remember it is tax deductible and helps find a cure for this disease we will all face in someway someday. We appreciate all your love and support. We are blessed to have each of you in our lives. ent=161091&supId=62178506

On a different note, Mommy wanted to let those of you who know how important her furry babies are to her, our sweet eldery kitty, Jazzi, is not well. We are taking things one day at a time and keeping her comfortable. She has been through so much with mommy and they have an incredibly special bond. She is almost 17 and letting her go will be very difficult on us all...but when that day comes, we will help her go to the rainbow bridge peacefully. Mommy says loving someone enough to let them go is hard, but the greatest gift you can give.

Once again, thank you to each of you for helping us help those who can't help themselves.

Peace to you,

Sissy and Mommy


Mommy and I did it..........The Memory Walk was a huge- Success

November 5th 2006 7:16 am
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Dearest Dogster/Caster Family and Friends,

The Dallas Memory Walk was a huge success. The over all total money raised for the walk was more than $300,000.00. Just imagine how that money is going to impact those with this devastating disease. Thank you for helping mommy and me not only reach our personal goal, but exceed it. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Our team, Village Oaks, was one of the largest and best represented teams at the memory walk. We had 30 plus people walking with us to show their support for what we do as a memory loss facility...and what mommy loves doing. The event was very emotionally touching and heartfelt. I didn't get to walk much cause of my hips and shoulder, but mommy did great. She walked more than 2 miles and used her wheelchair for the rest...hard thing for mommy to do. We can't thank you enough for always supporting our efforts of helping those who can't help themselves...whether is it to raise money for the memory walk, helping an abused animal or raising money for cancer...and most importantly, sending healing messages to our family when we are sick (mommy is seeing the spinal cord doctor on Friday the 1oth...and our precious Jazzi is not too well, but hanging on!) We are so blessed to have such a wonderful support system to always help us when we need it. My mommy loves spreading love, education and help to those who need it most. Mommy, Jazzi and I appreciate each of you more than you know. You are all heroes in our eyes.

Peace to each of each...and may your days be happy and full of joy, Lezli



November 23rd 2006 6:57 am
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Hi all my specialfur baby friends. I hope you are having a special day. All of you have best most supportive of my sister (even though she is a kitty...I love her very much!!) and her fragile situation and I wanted to send you a copy of the pmail she wrote...thanks for loving us all. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Jazzi wrote:

"Dearest furpals and families, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement, prayers, tighthly held paws, emails and healing thoughts sent our way....I have stablized and had a great week. It is so nice for all of us. My IVs are now given 3 times a week instead of daily and I am eating shrimp and tuna and being pampered like the special Queen I am!!! My mommy has a little smile back on her face and we are enjoying my 9th life together. We realistically know it could change at any given moment since I have multiple issues which are not curable, but we are doing all we can to make my time here on earth with my special family and friends last as long as it can. Please rest assured, my mommy and daddy will never allow me to suffer and will graciously help me go to the bridge peacefully when I need to, but for now, I am doing better!! As mommy and I have said multiple times to all our special fur baby friends, live life to the fullest...appreciate each day...each small thing...each person....each smile...each laugh...each tear...because life is so fragile and can drastically change at any given moment. Often times without meaning to, we forget all our blessings and it is so important to remember them daily and never take anything for granted. Mommy really learned that after her accident and Daddy knows because he has survived terminal cancer for 10 years. Neither of my human parents should be alive....and they are...without them, I wouldn't be here either (and Sissy wouldn't have her special place in our family either) please if you take away one thing from the friendship you share with me, it is to always appreciate the simple things in life...remember to always give of yourself and the rewards you get in return are forever in your hearts. I helped mommy while lying in a hospital bed of many months...and now she is helping me. The old saying "what goes around comes around..." holds true. I want to thank all of you for loving us...and this is the perfect day to say thank you because it is Thanksgiving. My family and I are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives...please keep the prayers and the power of the paw coming...I love you, Jazzi XXOO (Sissy and Mommy, too)"


Celebrate with me and for me on Dec. 29,'s my- birthday!

December 12th 2006 5:06 am
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December 29th is the special day my mom and dad found me lost, starving, injured and cold. It became my official birthday. I will most likely be around 9. However, the vet thinks I am older due to my greying hair and developing cataracts.....(wow!!! what a thing to say to a golden lady). Anyway, age is not important, it is the experiences, blessings, friendships, etc. and what we do choose to do with our please celebrate with me and for me....the 29th of December is a day to celebrate!! Love you all, Sissy

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