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Homage to the Queen

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I'll Be Good.....I Pawmiss

January 25th 2010 7:49 pm
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I just want my daddy back. It all started at the beginning of August......daddy went in for something called a surgery. A couple days later, I am woken up at like 3AM forced outside for a walk.....sheesh I wasn't awake yet. Anyway we come back from the walk and BOOM!!! I get thrown in a kennel and placed outside. Next thing I know I am being forced onto a gigantic metal bird-like thing that made lots and lots of noise. I found myself back in my old stomping ground of Victoria. All seemed well and I was enjoying myself when all of a sudden daddy disappeared. I was left with this "Mommy" person who I didn't really know. It seemed like an eternity and all of a sudden....daddy was back......I was really nice to him....I wanted him to stay, but a couple days later....yup you guessed it......he was gone again. He came home for my birthday and stayed a little longer, but I think that "Mommy" person kicked him out again cuz he was gone again. I just want daddy to be home again and to stay......mommy said something about a couple months and she is frantically cleaning the house up......but I will not be fooled again.......It isn't nice to mess with the DOG!!!


Christmas 08

January 24th 2009 10:05 am
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Well Christmas 08 was looking pretty bleak for mommy and daddy are separated by work, daddy was looking at kennelling me for 19 days while he went to visit with her. Well lucky me, I complained and gave him the cold shoulder so much that he decided to take me with him (although he continues to say that it would have cost too can I possibly cost too much). Anyway after 2 days driving in horrible winter conditions (I was soooo scared that I slept all the way there) we finally made it to Victoria. I was totally disappointed, there I was remembering Victoria as this nice green place in winter with a couple days of snow......I was there for 3 weeks and didn't see one blade of grass. The snow was up to my shoulders. I had a stocking by the fireplace with toys in it for me, but after I opened them on Christmas my mean old daddy took them from me and placed them just outta my reach.....I mean I could still see it that was just plain mean of him. Well after the new year, we were back on the road again (another 2 days of sleeping due to that maniacal driver) only to get back to screaming cold temperatures and 3 feet of snow blocking me from getting into the warm house. Anyway, I did a photo shoot over Christmas and mommy has been creating a scrap book of me so I decided to add a couple pages that she has done of me on my site. Hope that you all enjoy them. And no I am in no means spoiled.....isn't every dog supposed to be treated this way?


Dog Escapes

April 20th 2007 12:09 pm
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Well the headline tells it all.....I escaped from the car last night outside Rona (Same as Home Depot for my American viewers). I now know why dad is always shopping there. The store called me in.....there I was walking by and the doors just opened right up for me. I was so happy I wagged my tail as I walked in and then.....yup you guessed it another set of doors just opened up on me. I could get used to asking to come in....the doors just open up. Well I got the hang of the shopping thing down in a hurry. I saw a nice looking plant area so went over to investigate it and low and behold ANOTHER door opened for me. Finally I am being treated like the princess that I am. This was so exciting for me. I must have wandered around the store for a good 15 minutes. Well that 15 minutes and the 15 minutes that I roamed the lumber yard.....Anyway daddy finally caught me with the assistance of an employee, but what fun I had....well until I got to the car and daddy got all mean on me. I will never figure him out.


Sloganize Me

March 15th 2007 2:52 pm
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Daddy went to a weird web site where you enter a word and hit a button and it makes a slogan for that word. Anyway this is what it came up with for my name


1. To our members, We're the fourth emergency Kitsu.

2. Tell them about the Kitsu, mommy.


1. See the Kitsune, feel the shine.

2. Marvin the Mountie always gets his Kitsune. (OMD am I going to be arrested for something????)

and the worst was

"I can't believe I ate the whole Kitsune"

If you want to have some fun, here is the web site....see what they say about you. er



January 29th 2007 10:18 am
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Well I always knew it, but now it is official. I was presented with my crown on Saturday. It is such a beautiful crown too. I didn't know what to think at first, hands were all over me and I tried to get away, but once they got my collar off and I saw that crown get attached, I knew that I just needed to get it on and go and show it off. Now when I sit down in front of people, they can admire my new crown glittering in the sunlight.......oh it is soooo pretty.



January 24th 2007 3:25 pm
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Someone is gonna pay for that photo of me in a pink plaid skirt and sweater combo.....Ohhhhh I will not tell......but I think that you know him very well......somebody gonna get hurt real bad.......ok so I was watching Russel Peters



November 29th 2006 12:42 pm
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Well this month has been totally weird. First I was bummed out over all the rain that we had been getting. Daddy is upset as we were about to set the record for rainfall in the month of November and then BANG!! power outage and SNOW. Dad thought that it was cute to send me out at the first hint of snow telling me to get my fill of it as it wouldn't last. Well.....that was 4 days ago now, and we now have over a foot of snow. I have been having fun romping around my new yard and sticking my head in the snow looking for things. It is snowing again now and I cannot wait to get out there in this new snowfall for some more fun and games. Unfortunately, it is supposed to warm up and start raining again by Friday........GET HOME DAD...I WANNA PLAY OUTSIDE.



September 20th 2006 11:56 am
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Ooooh Daddy does love me....he just gave me 500 bones for being cute seeing as I was lacking bones on my page. Wasn't that nice of him.......ooh I could just lick him. Anyway this was a special day for me......yes the weather has cooled off enough for me to go to work with him. I love the car rides and the fact that I get to spend time with him. Although the house I live in now is much bigger than my last one, I don't get to see him at lunch any more as the drive is too far for him to come home. Now he can take me for nice walks and share his lunch with me....not to mention that I don't have to wait 9 hours to go outside to do my business :)


Well I guess this is it

August 10th 2006 12:33 pm
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All the hoopla and pain and suffering that I went through for the last 3 months has come to a head. Daddy put me in the car with my bed (the one that he takes me to the kennels with) and drove me to this other place. Man it was a long drive.....I was so sad, I just moped in the back seat trying to figure out what I did wrong. Well anyway he put me in this big empty place with a bowl of water and then left me there all day. Last weekend he moved all the furniture over, so I guess this is where I will be living......I already miss my old place :( Anyway it is a lot bigger and I have yet to feel really comfortable about calling it my home. I guess that it just takes a little time. Daddy says that they are gonna put grass out in the yard for me either this week or next week.


Lucky Me

July 21st 2006 2:35 pm
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It is official now. I am moving. Daddy says that he bought a new house for us to live in. I haven't seen it yet, but next weekend, I get to inspect it for myself. I have been told that it is bigger than where we are now and will have a nice grass yard for me to play in rather than the concrete patio that I currently have. This week and next week have been busy for me as I have lots of doggy company coming. It isn't often that I get to play with other dogs in my own home....well technically I guess that it isn't my home any more :(

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