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June 1st 2006 7:58 am
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Mom has finally given me my page on!! Yeah!! My name is Baby - I'm 13 years young. I love everyone. I smile when people come to visit and I wiggle myself silly in greeting.

I've got the best mom and dad in the whole world!! As a young pup I would terrorize mom and dad with my antics. You name it I did it - especially the selective listening thing. I heard them call my name - but they would run after me which I thought meant keep on running in the same direction. I had no idea that they wanted me to come back to them.....

But that was a long time ago. Now I just lounge around from room to room under each ceiling fan. Looking back, life has been pretty good for me!!

I have a sister dog, Boomer, she's 12 and my best friend. Mom and dad wanted me to have a friend since they are in Law Enforcement and work alot of different shifts. This was the best, I got to train Boomer all of my great tricks - eat the furniture; sleep upside down; how to use a doggie-door and yes, play the mom and dad will chase you game.....

Mom brought home this brindle pup about 2 1/2 years ago. His name is Turner - what a pain in the butt he is!! He has more energy than I can stand at times. I know what he looks like because I could see then. I'm blind now - no biggie. I bump into things to find my way. I've broken my top canine teeth, but it's okay makes my smile look prettier mom says! Mom and dad have placed pillows and swimmie noodles on everything that could hurt my nose. Did I mention that my nose is made of steel??? Yup! After bumping into things my nose has taken a beating and still going strong. I can smell a treat a mile away as well as hear a marshmallow crunch from across the room!!

We just returned from a vacation at grandma and grandpa's house in PA. The drive up was very uncomfortable for me. Darn hips hurt so bad. Took 22 hours to get there because I needed a break. I was so upset I got diarehha real bad. After 3 days mom was gonna take me to the emergency vet something about dehydration. But a little Immodium AD and chicken and rice for a couple of days did the trick. Mom, dad, Boomer and I had great walks. I love the smells in PA. So different from Florida. We're back home now and I can't wait to see my favorite person. Dr. D. He's my Chiropractor. He gives me these great massages that help my arthritis and makes the pain go away.

Well I'm getting tired - time for another nap. I think I hear mom calling me for a massage - gotta go!!

Baby ;}


Guess I'm Getting Old

June 3rd 2006 6:39 pm
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Mom got a call from the vet about my blood work. Turns out I'm getting old. My liver isn't doing what it should be doing. My numbers were off the chart. Mom seemed pretty worried, but she hit the ol' internet to try to find a way to help me out. I'm not in pain, just out of wack..... Can't complain - my life has been awesome so far....


New Food - Smells Good!!

June 4th 2006 3:41 pm
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Mom got me some new food today. She said it has lotsa good stuff for me. I smelled chicken, lamb and turkey. Smelled some other things and just smiled. I'm not sure what all is in this new food, mom mixed it with my regular food. Said she has to do this for about a week. No problem, this new food smells and tastes great!! Can't see it but I sure can smell it.... ;}

Turner bought Boomer and me some of our favorite cookies.... They are sooooo good. I could eat everyone! But mom keeps them in a jar - not having thumbs stinks!!

Oh well, time for another nap.. Smell ya later!!



Yeah, I'm feeling together

June 29th 2006 1:45 pm
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Well about a month ago I had blood work done at the vets office. My liver count was at 1222. Normal is 5 to 131. So mom found a holistic book and has been feeding me this great home cooked food. We went back to the vets office and had blood work done again. Mom got the call today from the vet and good news - mom's work is paying off. My count is going down!! I'm at 880. I've got a long way to go but mom sure is persistant in making me feel special. Thank God for the lady who didn't want to give up on her dog Norman and wrote a book about a holistic approach to liver disease. I am so grateful. I feel so much better and my coat is so shiney, and the food is great!!
The vet was so please with my improvement he told mom to keep up the good work and to bring me back in another month to see if I'm still progressing in the right direction.

Keep me in your prayers!!

Baby ;}



July 5th 2006 5:58 pm
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Mom and dad were out today. When they came home I was sooo excited about it!! I was wriggling and smiling. Of course being blind I didn't know that I was walking towards the stove - BAM!! I clocked myself - mom and dad were right there to make sure I wasn't hurt. It stung for a minute, but then mom took me outside for some fresh air. Afterwards I got my massage and brushing. I bumped around the house later and found that mom had put towels on the handles in the kitchen. At least now I'll have a little more warning!!

Oops, I smell something gotta go check it out!! Might be something that is in my "crumb zone!!"


My Tail of Devotion for Baby

July 15th 2006 4:06 pm
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Karl and I decided to get a dog after we bought our house. Baby was our little gift from heaven. As a pup and young dog she would try our tempers daily. But one could never stay mad at her for long. With one look at her tilted head and beautiful smile she would melt any bad feelings in a second!! She has traveled with us up the east coast to visit her grandparents in PA and has loved everyone and everything.Baby has always given us unconditional love. When Baby went blind we realized that it was our turn to give back to her. She trusts us completely to make sure she is never in danger. We love Baby and feel blessed to have shared life so far with her. Baby is older now and having liver problems, we know her time on earth is short, however we cherish every day with her. We love you Baby girl!!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Not a good day.

July 26th 2006 2:18 pm
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Mom took me to the vet again. She found a big ugly lump in my mouth. Sure enough it is cancer. I'm still eating good and smiling and wiggling when I can. But my time is short. I have had a great life with a wonderful family and I know I will be taken care of until it is my time to go to heaven. Mom said when I go I will be able to see things again, that my legs won't hurt and all of my broken teeth will be whole again. Doesn't sound to bad does it - but I'm not ready to go there yet.

Please keep me in your prayers.



Hangin In There

August 25th 2006 7:35 pm
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Still hanging on! Feeling tired though - I sleep so much. Mom and dad give me lotsa hugs and tell me how good I've been all these years. I'm still trying to go for walks every day- even if they aren't very long. I still eat all of my meals - and am the first to greet whoever comes home. My lump has covered most of my teeth on the right lower part of my mouth and drinking is becoming a problem. But mom has been cooking my favorite meals, chicken, broccoli, green beans, sweet peas, potatoes and artichoke hearts!!! Mom and dad make sure it's cut up into tiny pieces so I don't have to chew much. They are great!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!



Good days....

September 13th 2006 8:19 pm
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Sunday wasn't a good day - I was too tired to hear mom call me. Didn't want to move - unless it was food.

But, Monday, Tuesday and today have been really good days. I'm having what mom calls "Good Cancer Days."

I took a walk every day - even trotted a little. I heard just about every sound and followed everyone that I could smell/hear. Just wish I could see them!!

Still enjoying life.....



Bye Bye Baby......

September 27th 2006 5:43 pm
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Yesterday, Sept 26, 2006, we sent Baby to Heaven. Her tumor had grown so large it was interfering with her eating, drinking and breathing. She never complained, grunted or groaned once during her sickness. Even during her passing she remained a lady - snoring peacefully until the end.

We loved her so much - 13 1/2 years as our first fur-daughter. The house is so quiet without her. No bumping into cabinets or crying when you greet her. She has taught us so much about patience and kindness. Being blind for two years she never stopped being happy.

Now if we could just stop crying........ We love you Baby and miss you so much!!


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