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My Min Pin Life.......

Please please just when you think you dont.

July 14th 2008 2:15 pm
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Well....lets start from the beginning~
Mom was going out of state to visit family and really reallllllly checked in to kennels for my sis(Mabelline) and me. She didnt want the run of the mill kennel she wanted like doggie daycare when we could be with other dogs and play and have fun! Hey it sounded great to me!
After looking at 7 different places she decided on one Wags of Belltown. It was perfect dogs seemed happy smelled good, friendly people and and the had lots of sofas and big chairs and people were there 24/7.
I was going to have my "dog whisper" moment yeah me run with the pack.
Problem.....something happen....I got bit. I got bit 5 times on my back.
No one there saw it, wants to claim it, or take Responsibility for it....dang when I do something wrong I get told no no no!
The vet said the bites had been there for atleast 3 to 4 days beore mom came to pick me up.
On the way home the noticed bumps on my back....I wouldnt let the check them out nooooooo so off to the vet I go!
I get surgery and wounds cleaned and I feel awful to say the least.
I am on the mend now....I have the scabs on the wounds now~ hoping my mom doesnt have to go any where soon!
***************************************************** ******
Moms note:
The reason I display these pictures and words is because I thought nothing can get by me I have the sharpest eye I know know dog lovers.
I was wrong and my Rocky paid for my mistake. He was in their care their custody and control. Complete Negligent ~ They would not even admit to it. We were offered 2 days stay wow free.....but the vet bill was over the $40 a day. When we tried to get compensation but were told because of the "Risk" form we signed.....there is no compensation.
Please please be aware of where you are keeping your furbabies....and if you are satisfied where you are ASK about that form you might be surprized.


Yeah Teddi Sue!

June 3rd 2007 9:22 pm
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Welllll well well WHAT a DAY today!
I can not tell you how happy I am to have such a GREAT ending to a story that started out sooooooo terrible.
When I walked through the door I was crying ~
I (Dee) got to hug and meet D'Ann and smmmoooccchies Teddi Sue what a sweetie! She looked great and REALLY has grown since the posters were made ~ she got legs!
Her marking even on her face the darkness around the nose wow was changing.
You know in my heart I thought that she was out there....not to give up....Dont know if ya know but WA state is rated #2 in the care of their pets and the $ amount that is spent on our pets.
I just KNEW if something TERRIBLE had happen and we dont want to type what but you know what I mean.....It would be written about in the paper. It ALWAYS has been when something terrible happens to an animal lands on the front page of the Seattle Times or the PI.
I just knew who ever had her....Loved her and really didnt want to let go.
I will let D'Ann tell yall and fill in the blanks.
My Mabelline & Teddi Sue played the entire time that got along so great with each other and Mabelline is out like a light right now she played so hard LOL!
My bud....just the best Daina was able to give D'Ann the rest of the donations that came in, gave us a GREAT lunch and gave D'Ann one of her own carriers to carry that wonderful cargo Teddi Sue home. You know when I found out about this the day that I contacted D'Ann ~Daina NOT knowing her...honey doesnt even own a dog....told me over the phone get her to my office I will give her $100.00. Daina set up the pay pal account and took all of yall donations. The list is being sent to D'Ann so she will have yall emails.
I am burning a CD of our day to D'Ann because it was the BEST day!
Now to ALLLLLLL OF YOU....I want YOU to know how much EVERYONE did and the REAL POWER OF THE PAW and how alllll this came to be a long trip huh but WE ALL took it together! Voices do matter Voices do count Always believe that in YOURSELF and that YOU can make a difference! .....Now what to do what to do.....hummmmmm makebe POWER OF THE PAW could take on the White house LOL WE could make things happen!
Love to alllllllll you dogsters and your kindness!
Rocky & Mabelline


Having awag of a time!

January 31st 2007 8:52 pm
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Ok Ok I want to tell ya I am having a heck of a good time now on dogster! I belong to a GREAT group Min Pin Manchester Mania! I have met some realllly great people....and belive it or not I have a valentine date ME cool huh? Her name is Athena....I knew she was mine when I saw her in her lepord skin coat (sigh) whew after several back flips she said she would be my valentine!
Soooooo for the few that want to know how I have dogster plus?......Thinking that mom figured out Pay Pal NOT! Our Frineds Georgie & Jackson hooked us up so High Paws to them!
Mom has really been hanging out in the different forums and has even downloaded GIMP (I know amazing) and she is trying to figure it out soooooo I can have a cool page like everyone else! She has slowed on her bad I am not saying she doesn't let them fly...just not like a trucker as much BOL! has been brought to my attention about one of my nick names...."The Fart Detective" well....heres the story. It does not matter where or how far or you think that you can hide it (noise) I yes I will find the suspect! Truely My momwants stickers printed up that say I farted at Dee's!
Example: A boy feel a sleep over at my house on the couch (a friend of my bubbas....flat on his tummy I leap on his buttand I dig then dig then sniff sniff the boy is like what the mom is in the farted! No way screams the boy(repeated a millon times) then he hung his head yep yep I did! See I am never wrong!
Now...I have been tested.....townhouse style with noise going on....I alllllll the way downstairs with the dishwasher going flew up stairs mom farted BOL! So BEWARE never think that you can toot and I won't give a hoot!



September 12th 2006 4:29 pm
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If you are reading this.....know that my mom needs help.....well yeah HELP!
She has been trying to get me dogster PLUS cuz we have got great pics of me (of course) and she doesn't understand Pay Pal......and I can't read.....(but for a dog I type reallllly well) so leave a message for my mom and walk her through it!!! ~ Thanks Rocky


My first entry......

September 3rd 2006 10:34 pm
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Were to begin......
I came to where I live by driving everyone else crazy! My mom is use to she can take it! And boy do I dish it out!
I can clear counter tops in the kitchen and hit the counters with two pogo hops and then the jump! I will enter my "mistakes" today.....Yep I did push around a couple of the "house cats" today....and ouch when will I ever learn.....cats have these little things on the end of toes but it hurts in a BIG way! Geeezzz my nose has a scratch and ouchie! Maybe just maybe I will remember that tommorrow......maybe.

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