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Adopt 09 Contest

May 10th 2009 5:26 pm
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I am the puppy most people don't see, but my She did. I am the dog everyone insists is too much work, but my She didn't. I am the dog that people said I should be given back, but my She said forever is forever and that means always. And always it was and forever was forever.
My She was looking for a furry puppy and took home the underdog instead. I was literally in the bottom cage of the extra room at the shelter. I was black with a bit of white and gangly, and gangly I remained until I grew tall enough to counter-surf. I ate the loafers her mom brought back from Italy, I ate the gift from Spain, I ate 3 pounds of M&M's, I ate the telephone stand. I flunked obedience school, but did learn come and the She was satisfied. I took my baby brother under my paw, and loved him, tormented him and let him chew on my ear. What are big brothers for? And missed him when the divorce happened. I learned to get into the car by myself after that, after my She and I had a talk. Why do the peeps do more talking then we do?
I never was in a dog fight that I won. As soon as a fight started I cried for my She to rescue me, she always did. When she was hurt, I took care of her, and found ways to snuggle with her, that didn't hurt. When I got sick she took care of me. In 12 years we lived in 5 states, with other people and alone, cats, dogs and little people, in apartments and houses. As long as my She was with me, it didn't matter. As long as my She had me, life was alright. I was and always will be her Best Boy.


Adopt 08 stroll

April 16th 2008 7:42 pm
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My She was looking for her very first puppy, she wanted a puppy that was going to grow up to be a big hairy dog. And there were puppies just like that at the shelter in the middle of PA. But..but...she wanted to look at ALL the puppies and there I was alone, in a bottom cage, 9 weeks old. A skinny short-haired long-legged black, male pup with white chest. She walked around to all the really hairy puppies and kept coming back to ME. She got me out of the cage, held me, thought about it, and thought some more. She carried me up to the counter and her and the guy (now the ex-guy) took me home after paying $35 and showing her landlord's agreement. It was Easter Sunday and I guess you could say I was the bunny. I never made a single sound while in the shelter, my She says I never shut up once I got home!
Let's just say they didn't get the security deposit back (at all).
Two weeks after I came home, a lab/dal mix, my little brother came home too. He was a brindle boxer pup two weeks younger than me. I loved my baby brother and you could tell by the amount of time I spent trying to kill him. He was the only dog I ever fought with, and when seperated from him, cried to get back to him. You could say we were close. When my people divorced I lost my baby brother (sigh).
The first three years of my life were fun for me and only me, oh and my brother enjoyed them too, BOL. I was guilty of eating entire peices of furniture, garbage dining, counter-surfing and eating italian sandals (yummy). On the plus side I was housebroken within weeks. Do you know how many people told my She to give me up????? That I was too much trouble, too energentic, too much dog altogether. My She said forever means forever and forever is how long we were together. She taught me affection was good, and I became a 60 pound lap dog. She taught me one trick, so I could be her one trick puppy.
I was devoted to my girl, we moved 6 times in my life, as long as my She was there with me, it didn't matter.
She lost me after a battle of cancer at age 12.


I got music!

May 31st 2007 9:05 pm
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Thanks to a wonderful kitty, yes, a cat helped me! I have music on my page! And the best part is, I got my music before my sister did, heheheheheh. Who does my She love best? Hmmmmmm.


TAG---I am IT

May 23rd 2007 6:41 pm
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Well this is ONE way of getting me to update my Diary, perhaps not the BEST way...but here goes...

The Rules: List 7 random facts about yourself and then tag 7 new dogs, list their names. Pmail the tagged pup or leave them a fun rosette.

7 Pawsome:
1. I am a total and complete Mama's boy
2. I lived in 6 different places in 3 different states in my life
3. I was terrified of thunderstorms, hiding in closets
4. I know that people aren't the only ones affected by divorce (I lost my brother when the peeps split up)
5. I am a lap dog with elbows (ouch)
6. After my She's leg surgery, I figured out how to climb on her chair and cuddle, without touching the leg she had surgery on (all 65lbs of me)!
7. I have an entire repitore (sp) of whines - from chirping like a bird to muttering, to involving myself in any conversation my She was having.

7 dogs: Jediaha, Empress Mimi, Maggie, Berry, Cherry, Twilight, Tetsuya

This was fun and visiting other dogs let me leave bones as some had none!


WOOF, Oh Dog Oh Dog!!!

February 2nd 2007 8:39 pm
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Some awesome pup donated me D+!!!! How pawsome is that! We have been wanting D+ for so long, and it just kept getting bounced to the back for real time needs. So much to figure out. Got to get new batteries for the camera, get my sister to smile, find more pics of me. Must sniff out everything!


Best friends contest

December 17th 2006 9:18 am
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As soon as we heard about the labbishes contest, we KNEW which pic to enter! This is us at Good Harbor Beach in MA. It was awesome, the wind be blowing, the waves wanting me to come in and play, the sand flying everywhere. Had to say hi to all the dogs and people, loved it there, we always had the best times. And I would come home stinky, grungy, and sandy, how cool is that?!


She did it!!!!

October 14th 2006 11:53 am
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Now there are a couple of pics of me when I wasn't sick! I loved snow, can you tell, and look there is a pic of me at my favorite beach. Now if I can just change the first pic to one of those...hmmmm


woofing along

September 22nd 2006 11:37 pm
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woofing in the wind is continuing...wooooof....woooooof



September 4th 2006 8:27 pm
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Still waiting for that scan thing for new pics, feel like I am woofing in the wind here.....



September 2nd 2006 10:28 am
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My She went thru her stuff and found my pics. She has been threatening this for months and today, it happened. Now She only has to decide which ones to put up on Dogster, scan them, and woof-la! My She found pics of me when I wasn't sick, at the ocean and in the snow! So hopefully by tonight I will be in my woofing glory!

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