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A Dog's Guide to Traveling

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Happy Thirteenth Birthday Whitley, a new teenager dreams

March 3rd 2016 1:26 am
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What is life like when you hit 13 for an active golden retriever. For Whitley it is all about friends, swimming, and playing with a few treats in between. Making new puppy friends and greeting old ones makes Whitley birthday a joy. All her boyfriends always pulll their owners to go see her and lick you face. Such love and compassion the feel for each other.

Chase me and let's run to the pool and shake next to our family.

Dinner and socials at some of the finest pet friendly diners in Houston.

She may miss her Bud terribly but does not dwell on it.

Live life to the fullest.


Happy 12th Birthday to Whitley

March 3rd 2015 9:11 pm
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The weather and temperature was ideal at 77 degrees Fahrenheit with blue sky. I know that is my birthday and got to sleep in the big bed last night. My new birthday treats were raw carrots plus ripe plantains fried in butter with ginger, vietnamese cinnamon, and all spice. They were crispy and delicious. Not too sweet, just right. Bud and I got lots of outdoor play time today even though he wind was really strong. Everytime someone said Happy Birthday, I wagged my tail. I sleep more now since Bud is older and has cancer. We still play and explore the grounds together. I love all my family and friends and miss them when away.

I got to see my human grand parents yesterday who I love so dearly, and in a couple of days I get to see my other set of grandparents. Great birthday with family and friends.


Happy 11th Birthday for Whitley

March 3rd 2014 8:20 am
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We just celebrated by 11th Birthday this weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I explored the backwoods in the Cruiser, going up and down steep hills and trails, having a break by the pond, and soaking my paws in a Hot Springs pond and mud. I was ready for a full soaking but was yelled at not to lie down, and return to the Cruiser to dry off. We continued around Offroad vehicle track (NE of Hot Springs) and spotted a turkey flying into a tree. It was a beautiful view on the ridge top but the low clouds blocked the view of the hills. I panted with excitement at very turn or hill that we ascended or descended.

I had to get a cold plunge bath on my legs when we returned to the rental house. Was not a fan! As my family soaked in the Hot Springs, we stayed warm and cozy at the rental house.

I shared my birthday with Bud, who I had to lead around the back yard since he could not see more than 3 feet. Lots of new and wonderful smells in the backyard, I loved the gigantic Magnolia tree that was fun to explore.

Bud and I were limited in our exploration of Hot Springs because a old hotel, the Majestic, was on fire just when we got there and was torn down when we left. I got to see the flames shooting from the roof just like the fire in our fireplace. I saw the same men that were into our home a few years ago when I warned the family about smell in the hot water heater. My family always calls me their hero. I say, "don't tell me but show me with carrots and pig ears".

This was my third trip to Hot Springs and we even got to go to Degray Lake. I wish that it was warm enough to go swimming. Hopefully next time but I cannot wait for 6 years again.


Thanks for being selected Diary of the Day

March 8th 2013 7:14 am
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My travel life is still very active, but now mostly on a sailboat with Bud and my family. Sailing off to Freeport, Matagorda Island, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, & nearby Galveston Bay, I have learned that if you hear a loud zoomzoom sound, that a big boat is coming by and need to prepare for a big wake.

I love dolphins. They played with me at the dock in Surfside 2 years ago. I ran up and down the finger pier and the dolphins would follow me and blow at me, and returned to see me the next morning before we left.

Going to the bathroom on the boat is not going to happen no matter how much they ask. If I see land, I point to the coast and look at my family and back at coast. Don't you understand?

I love to chase the birds off the boat and pier, and everyone praises me for keeping their boat free of bird poop. See my family's sailing blog about their canine crew featuring me.


For My Tenth Birthday

March 3rd 2013 6:31 am
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My family is so happy that I am 10 today. I am healthy and so happy living on the water with great big Dog Parks and the beach nearby. We may go to Boondoogles to celebrate my birthday but It is a bit cold today. We would have to eat outdoors, which I do not mind the cold. First I hope to make it to my favorite dog parks.

Pig ears from Petco visit is where we plan to go. The ferrets are my favorite animals at petco. It is better than watching tv.

A little more white around my muzzle but I can still jump into the suv without any help. I love my family and my rubdowns. May everyone have a great day on my birthday. Carrots for everyone!


For my nineth Birthday...

March 4th 2012 9:38 am
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Everything was Birthday today. Happy Birthday breakfast, Happy birthday carrots and sweet potatoes, birthday birthday birthday. We relaxed outside in an area Mama had cleaned just for me to remove any of my allergy grasses. So nice and relaxing.

I got a new Birthday Bandana and loved it when I got Birthday hugs and kisses. A relaxing time only with my family for the whole day-- my perfect day.



March 3rd 2009 9:36 pm
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I woke up to birthday songs, puppy playtime, and breakfast. Tonight my family made me a sweet potato and carrot birthday cake. I had to wait for it to cool down before I eat it. But oh was it good when I did.

My family is finally determining my food and skin allergies: feathers, turkey, soy, corn, rice. At least so far. Still going through the food trials. Next is eggs. After six years of paw lickings we finally find the problems. Don't let doctors tell you that you are just bored. IT WAS FOOD ALLERGIES for me.


Happy Fifth Birthday to Whitley

March 3rd 2008 8:03 am
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Today I am five years old still full of energy and love for everything. Now I began my birthday celebration with a good chase around the backyard with brother Bud. Breakfast in my favorite bowl was three cups of lamb and rice. Plenty of Nylabones to gnarl, and tennis balls to capture and protect from Bud. My favorite toy, my big red bird, at my side as I spread out across both of your cushy dog beds and talk an hour nap.


Little preparation for the Cold dry desert with stickers and- snow

January 3rd 2008 1:15 pm
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Jump on in with booties and winter jacket is the way to go when your family travels across the Southwest in late December.

We drove to Stonewall, Tx and stayed the night in a nice tuscan style cabin with heater and woodburning fireplace by the bed. (absolute charming B & B) They lent us an extra dog bed that Bud loved and and I used the old bed. As the fire burned, the logs moved during the night and I got stared. I asked mom to move my bed next to hers and then I felt safe that nothing would fall on me. I made some new friends, Sophie, a standard poodle at the owner's home, and two dog friends next door.

The cabin had a little kitchenette to keep our food and they gave my family quiche and fresh fruit for breakfast. The bathroom had a jacuzzi tub which my mom and dad enjoyed.

The next morning we were off to Marfa, Tx through the Fort Davis mountains. Tell the TX DOT to put real grass or stepping stone in the pet rest area; we both got stickers in our paws that hurt my parents when they pulled them out. Once in Marfa we walked the streets with our family and looked at the Galleries. The temperature was warm and the wind was still. I played with some new dogs at the Arcon Inn B&B, and met many dog friendly people around town.

We headed out of town to Valentine, TX is see the only Prada store around. It was closed; it is always closed. They call it art. But I did not see anyone named art around.

We drove on the Truth or Consequences, NM and I lay by my parents who were soaking in the hot springs. It is too hot for me. We left the desert and headed into the mountain and played in my first snow. It was cold, fluffy, and perfect. I rolled and dove in to the snow. We met another dog who came to play in the snow too in the middle of the National Forest. Wild time.


Why is the one who does not like water wet and I am dry?

December 11th 2007 3:05 pm
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We visited Houston again this weekend and stayed at the Holiday Inn Select on Southwest Freeway, pet friendly with one high paw ($50 one time fee for Bud and me). The hotel workers love me and pet me. Maxey off leash dog park is two doors down which is great for an early morning run and bathroom break. I always hold it until we get to the dog park. We met two Great Danes that were almost as tall as my mother. We played in our favorite dog parks and got to see all of our favorite sites.

The last day Dad dropped Mom, Bud, and me off at Danny Jackson Dog Park so he could drop off his car that he borrowed and pick up our wagon at the shop. Meanwhile Bud and I chased balls and met new dog friends at the dog park. Mom would not let me go passed the water fountain since she knew that I would make a bee-line for the pool, and she had no towels to dry me off. It is amazing how she can read my mind.

It was a little rainy but it finally stopped. Bud ran down to the pool with the other dog friends, but made me stay with her. She knew that Bud would not get in the water unless someone threw the ball in the water, and no one was throwing balls. Bud ran around the pool and played keep away from the other dogs. Then some woman with a little dog walked over to Bud and took his ball and threw it in the pool. My momma yelled out NOOO! Too late Bud jumped in after the ball. All wet and stinky with the ball in his mouth Bud came running back to us. Mom talked to the lady later, and she said that he needed to get his feet cleaned off because of the pebbles. What? Now I have to ride two and half hours back home with stinky Bud.

Daddy came back and asked why the water loving dog (me) was dry and the water hating dog (Bud) was wet, and mom pointed to the ball and the lady outside the gate that caused the problem.

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