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Tails from a Hot TaMolly

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January 2nd 2009 5:50 pm
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This game of TAG doesn't leave much mystery to a girl, BOL! What a fun way to learn about my furiends and give them some insight to my pawsonality...... TAG it is!!!

I Have Been Tagged By my furiend, Casey!

***This is a game so others can get to know you. These are the directions...Your supposed to write 7 things about yourself and then go and tag 7 more friends and they will do the same.****

Here goes.... SEVEN SECRETS, outta da bag..... :)

1. I love to coax a play out of Grace, no matter how sleepy she is, I can get her to "come around" :)

2. I have 2 shih tzu sistah's ~Gracie, who I came home from da breeder with ~I wuf her so very much & I don't know life without her, and Isabella, who joined us four years later, just four and a half months ago. She drives me crazy, but it's fun to play with the lil furball of energy, heh heh heh!!

3. I have been traveling back & forth from Oklahoma to Austin, Tx. EVERY week, to help take care of Nanna, leaving little time fur Dogstah, hmmppff!

4. Sometimes I love mealtime and other times I don't. (I'm certainly not NEAR as picky as I was, those first few years of my life.)

5. Dogster is just about my most FAV place in cyberspace!

6. I WUF to engage in Snow play with my sistah, Gracie! I wish it didn't require a comb out afterwards.... according to Mommie, that is.

7. I'm DEF. a Daddy's Girl~ although Mommie calls me "Little Miss Molly of Mine"...... Daddy calls me his Babydoll :) :) :) :) :)

Off to TAG 7 furiends....


Our house is NOT Puppy Central! :)

August 16th 2008 2:55 pm
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Here's just a little background information .... 2 clear up any confusion! We are not a puppy hotel~I repeat: We are NOT a puppy holding facility, BOL!

*Prissy is the pomeranian we adopted for Nanna and she went home , to Texas, last Saturday!!!!!!!! We haven't transferred her page to nanna yet, so she is still listed as our family, but she is now our Aunt! NOT our sister~heh heh heh!*

***About the new Tzu~our little sister, ISABELLA (aka Bella Tessa)***

Unfortunately, Mommie & Daddy always planned for a third tzu, BOL! They began to proceed last summer, after Grace turned 3 on May 2nd and before I turned 4 in November... THEN our health issues peaked, and then came surgeries, etc. They put that puppy search on hold.

This past spring they agreed to begin searching again. They have looked at everything from Petfinder, to rescue, to show kennels because so many (not all) make sure to health test several different issues. They found a beautiful red & white girl and Daddy's pawrents were having some health stuff and so they ended up not committing to bring her home.They were very disappointed, but it was not meant to be.

Then we found a woofderful breeder. Her breeding dogs are champion sired &/or CH. sired and dammed & their Doggie parents had been tested for many issues. She has also tested her breeders. Of course, we realize, this does not 'guarantee' anything. We told her exactly what we were looking for and Voila! she already had a puppy that sounded like a maybe ? ...and she emailed pics... and the mama & daddy fell in love! IsaBella is marked VERY much like our Angel, Chloe'. It all happened rather quickly~planned, but at the same time, unexpected!! I like her very much, I just don't play as long as she wants! Grace is not as curious about her in the morning, but as the day wears on, she warms up a little, but mama will not force the situation, just let them work it out in her own time frame. UPDATE: Gracie is going over to check out baby Bella in her pen, she is getting a bit more curious!! She is surpassing me in the looooove the new pup department~who knew?

Sooooo, to clear things up~ we did adopt/rescue a pomeranian pup for Nanna, but that puppy went home to Nanna's in Texas. We have also gotten a new puppy, she just got here on Thursday! She's been here just over 48 hr.s!! She is here to stay!

Note to all Puppies~no room available at da Inn!

xoxo, Molly


Mini Dogster Meet Up in OKC!

April 12th 2008 2:37 pm
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This morning, sorta early, mommie dressed me cause it was a little chilly outside. (but she didn't dress Grace?) I thought we were going to Sonic, as usual, but we didn't bring Grace; she stayed home wif Daddy?? We drove for awhile and then we got to da surgeons, I sure hope Im not stayin, BOL! We saw Cokie right away! She is a tiny girl! We came to meet Abbies mama when she picked up Abbie from having surgery yesterday. Dallas and Sassy Girl & their mom came too! I was elated to meet da pups; the pawrents visited for almost a couple of hr.s I'm used to this... boy, they can really talk when they're talking 'bout US, heh heh heh!! I was tired when we left, from all da excitement!! I wish Gracie wasn't apprehensive around other pups, cause I wanted her to come TOO, but it was nice to have da mommie all to myself! After a good nap on da way home and some lunch once we arrived, I'm........ napping again, BOL!! I think I'm ready for another meet up wif Dogster furiends, Bring'em on!! :D


Well, time for a change...

March 12th 2008 6:10 pm
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The Dogtor, Dr. Nancy, just called wif my urinalysis results and the results of both My bloodwork and Gracie's too. My UA looks good :D My bloodwork is not improving; my bile acid is off da charts again, having increased greatly in less than two weeks. Gracies kidney values are declining and her bun and bile acid are both climbing despite our changes. The yukky Rx diet, even though we don't feel good about it's nutrition,takes care of keeping everything within normal levels, so we will immediately change to it, so our levels drop within normal ranges as quickly as pawsible, and will continue to search. Our main concern at this moment is to lower the bile acid. My bile acid has risen more than 80 points since our last (3-01-08) bloodwork until th. Our liver issues have already been identified, by the biopsies last summer/fall, so we are aware them. We are furiously researching, and are incorporating some holistic approaches, as well as working wif our vet and what conventional medicine would has to say, following her recommendations and working with her for what else we'd like to try, so she is aware of the whole picture. We WILL get this under control again; trying to find something high quality that is good and good for us and produces good test results, whether purchased or homemade is DEF a priority. We have already been vigorously pursuing this for months. Regular testing, monitors our journey. Outwardly, we continue to play like rambunctious, happy little girls. We have come back from this in a very short time before, and see no reason that we can't do it again. Mommie keeps copies of our test results, to keep track of where we came from and where we're going, healthwise. She charts alot of our daily functions/routine, input, output, any changes, etc. WOW, is my face red, Im not sure she had to share this much info! Whew! (She worries TOO much) Thanks for da compassion & support~ you are invaluable & we WUF u! :) :) :)

The upside is da regular life stuff, like going on a couple of errands every day, we WUF to go bye bye! We've been going for neighborhood walks twice daily, since the spring weather has kicked in... WUF da sunshine ;) Just now, we had a HUGE play and now we'll watch American Idol wif mama and maybe take a nap?!! heh heh!! Hugs from this hot ta'Molly! :)



January 27th 2008 5:07 pm
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Hey it's time for a game of VALENTINES TAG! My furiends, the beautiful Ashley June and the Adorable Chocolate Chip have tagged me; here are da rules....

I am to list 5 Valentine Wishes in a Diary Entry. Choose 5 furiends and send them a Pmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged and refer them to my diary 4 instructions!

My WiShEs...

1. I wish I could play wif all my dogster furiends!

2. I wish I could go to work wif my Daddy, so I didn't miss him during da day!

3. I wish I could play outside more often wifout smelling like grass 2 da mama.

4. I wish I could go see my furless sis, Ashley, whenever I wanted ;)

5. I wish all my dogster furiends 2 find love, have love & Be loved furever :D

I'm off 2 tag furiends... Harrison, Crackers, Cali, Crumpet & Raja! ;)
xoxo, Molly

Happy Yappy Valentines Day Everywoof!


The Way it IS @ our house...

December 13th 2007 12:26 pm
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*Be on your way*

My dogs live here, they're here to stay. You don't like pets? Be on your way. They share my home, my food, my space. This is their home, this is their place.

You will find dog hair on the floor, They will alert you're at the door. They may request a little pat, A simple 'NO' will settle that.

It gripes me when I hear you say, 'Just how is it you live this way? They smell, they shed, they're in the way.' WHO ASKED YOU? is all I can say.

They love me more than anyone. My voice is like the rising sun, They merely have to hear me say, 'C'mon, time to go and play.' Then tails wag and faces grin, They bounce and hop and make a din. They never say, 'No time for you,' They're always there, to GO and DO.

And if I'm sad, they're by my side. And if I'm mad, they circle wide. And if I laugh, they laugh with me. They understand, they always see.

So, once again, I say to you, 'Come visit me,' but know this too... My dogs live here, they're here to stay. You don't like pets? Be on your way. They share my home, my food, my space. This is their home, this is their place.

(BOL! Gotta like that, dont'cha?)


What are YOU Thankful For this Holiday Season?

November 12th 2007 7:20 pm
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I've been THANKSGIVING tagged by my lil Sooner buddy, Gizzy! Here are the rules:
Each player needs to make a diary entry listing da rules & seven Thankful Thoughts! Choose 7 pups to tag & let them know, by pawmail or rosette, that they have been THANKSGIVING tagged and to read your diary for the instructions :)

Seven Things I’m Thankful For this Holiday Season~

1. I'm thankful for my loving family.
2. I'm thankful for being a priority.
3. Im thankful for Daddy snuggling wif me at bedtime!
4. I'm thankful for all the attention paid to my health & nutrition& supplements; thanks Mommie!
5. I'm thankful for my Garden Crisps (the apple treats)
6. I’m thankful for my best friend and little sister Gracie; we wuf each other SO much!
7. I'm thankful for our Dogster family, for their caring and sharing; I wuf you ALL, through thick and thin :)

Chloe, Quinn, Hollywood, Mato, Woody & Wednesday!


TAG is making the rounds.... AGAIN!

October 16th 2007 9:41 pm
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Two of my furiends, the adorable & newest lil sista shih tzu, Wednesday & fashonista cutie, lil Boston Terrier, Willow, have tagged Moi! Thanks fur choosing me, girls!!!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are Tagged need to post in their Diary, the rules and 7 Facts about themselves! Next, you choose 7 pups to tag. Send them a pmail or a rosette, to inform them that they have been Tagged and need to read your Diary for instructions. Wait for their Diary Response, then read and enjoy; you might find out something new! BOL!

Here are My 7 Facts:

1. I have liver issues, but they are different from Gracie's. I, too, am destined for life with a restricted diet. The good news is I'm improving with diet, medication and supplements. My bloodwork looks Good! I'm a Feisty girl ;)

2. I am so glad I got my stitches out today. I have run up and down the stairs several times, heh heh! When we go outside, I keep trying to entice Gracie to a full on wrestling match, without results, as of YET.

3. My Daddy is my FAV snuggli :) :) :)

4. I run hot and cold when it comes to eating. One day I WUF it and the next day, I'll turn up my teeny nose. If u put a bite in my mouth, I will try to spit it out but will eventually eat it to please you, IF you keep "encouraging" me.

5. Some might say I'm known to become an Ostrich when I snuggle. I put my head/face right in, yes IN, not by, your side or a pillow or the covers, tee hee! (I also lay my head ON those things, plus toys, etc. I enjoy a pillow TOO)

6. My temperature must run cooler than Grace's. I love to curl up in my beds, in a tight Kitty cat "ball". I think most of the blankies are mine; I wipe my face and sort of nuzzle them before falling asleep. I never do it when Mama tries to capture it on video :)

7. Make no mistake, I can Bring It! The HOT Ta'Molly is Baaaaaaaack! (watch out Gracie, BOL!)

I am tagging these 7 FURtastic Friends!

1. Veronica
2. Lucy
3. Rascal
4. Cokie
5. Gizmo the Great
6. Willie Mae
7. Mosey


An unremarkable day?

October 7th 2007 7:52 am
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I still have minimal swelling by the incision, and my red spots have faded and one has disappeared :) No blood in da last stool! All good news! So far, it's an unremarkable day around here.........WHEW, that's a relief, BOL! Thanks to PRAYER & puppy support, we're getting through and moving on!
What woofderful friends we are blessed to have!!!!! Thanks Everyfluff :)

Daddy is at church and Mama has stayed home wif us. He brought her Sonic diet coke w/lime by the house B4 he went! Isn't my Daddy a sweetheart! He watched us yesterday, while Mommie ran a couple of errands. He held me and put warm compresses on my swelling. I WUF my Mommie, but make no mistake..... I'm a Daddy's Girl :) :) :) :) :) I do miss our morning trips to da Sonic w/ Mama. I hope we can resume our daily ritual soon....

Speaking of Soon..... Our SOONERS won the Red River Rivalry yesterday! Woo Hoo, That made for a REMARKABLE day here in Norman, Ok!! OU beat Texas 28-21 and it was a Grrrreat game :) I think maybe I have a puppy crush on Sam Bradford, 'cept Gracie says she had one first, heh heh! I sure WUF watch Pawties... and did you notice our new tees? Pawfect game day attire!

I'm not quite ready to shake my pom pons yet, but I'm getting there, thanks again for all the Prayer and showin me some love :)


Maybe a little TOO much excitement!

October 5th 2007 10:13 pm
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Today, Mama caught me licking a few times, but I haven't been bad about it. I went to do business outside this afternoon, and it was a bit soft and she thought maybe a spec of blood was in it? She's been watching me like a hawk.

A bit of redness close to my stitches alarmed her late afternoon, and she put a warm compress on it a couple of times. She fed us and then got some dinner together for herself and daddy tonight. He said I was licking a little. She checked me and the red spot was bigger and another little one appeared. She took me out again after dinner, and I had a really soft "specimen" and there was DEF blood in it. Our vet is gone until Wed. so she called the critical care hospital where I spent the night after my surgery and they said let's be safe not sorry, so Mama and Daddy took me to the Emerg. Hosp. part. Gracie went wif us, we rode in separate crates in the Tahoe. Almost 3 and a half hrs later I'm home, ate a teensy bit to take my pain meds and put the topical creme on the red spots. To be fair, an hour and a half of that, is the round trip to the clinic. We chose to go there, becoz I'd just spent the night there, on wednesday after surgery, in their care. It's just after midnight here and mommie is making sure the red spots don't have any kind of reaction to the topical, before we go to bed.

We're just watching the poop thing, coz Im already on an antibiotic for my nose. With the liver biopsy results not back, the emerg. vet didn't want to put me on the meds he would usually prescribe for the blood in da stool and possibly complicate things. We are watching to see if it gets better as I taper off pain meds. I actually was more awake and wagging my tail at the clinic. After food and pain meds, Im in and out of sleeping... zzzzzzzz...

zzzzz... what? Oh yeah... Thats been our excitement tonight... Maybe a little TOO much excitement! .....zzzzzzzz

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