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Lose the beards. Daddy's gone back to work.

October 8th 2013 7:37 am
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Mommy! Stop crochetin the scruffy beards for all of us. We don't need to go beggin.
Daddy went back to work this mornin.

Yep, Daddy had his soldier outfit on this mornin. No more scufflin 'round in his bathrobe and slippers. No more sittin all day in his big brown recliner chair that I gave him for Father's Day.
Axfurly, Daddy kept busy while he was off of work. He did stuff that I could only supervise and I stayed inside the wire to do that. He did so much work that he hurted his back and so I nursed him for a day while he re-coop-r-ated.

So all is well. Mommy ordered me sum cookies this mornin. I got more than 8 pieces of kibble for breakfast. We were conservin, ya see.
Ugh, I hope she doesn't think I need more groomin/torturin. She should still save money by not takin me to that place.

Evfurrything is okey dokey here at My place.
Life is gettin back to normal.


Zoom groomed!

October 5th 2013 9:41 am
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There I sat, cowerin on a dog bed. Tryin to be a lil as possible.

Mommy had gathered the groomin junk. She came lookin for me.

Daddy told her where I was. Daddy is a traitor!

Then she tossed me on the washer/dryer place and commenced brushin and trimmin my beard and eyebrows. Then Daddy came over and held me while she cutted off my toenails.

Then I got to go outside and run 'round!
I was free!

Wahoo! I'm done! No more groomin! I'm good for 'bout 8 years or sumfin.

This zoom groom deal is alright!


This will work

October 2nd 2013 8:41 am
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Ok, Daddy bein home? On account o' because his job is closed?
It's gonna work.
I am taggin 'long with Daddy. I can go eat the garage cats' foods. I won't go hungry. Plus, I still have My own dog food and plenty of cookies for snacks.

But Mommy and Daddy are laughin 'bout growin beards (or Mommy can crochet sum for them Like this

So I need let my hairs grow out and be all fuzzy and shaggy and stuff and go with them when they go stand out at the end of our driveway beside the road and beg for money. :-)
Peepoles will feel really sorry for us and give us lots of stuff!

Yep, this whole deal is gonna work real good.


Maybe Not so good

October 1st 2013 4:57 pm
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The part 'bout Daddy stayin home? I am beginnin to think it's not so good.
Mommy and Daddy have been talkin. Daddy's been talkin on the phone.

This whole deal with Daddy stayin home? It's on account o' because the gov-r-ment put up a big closed sign.
Daddy won't be gettin no moneys until they put the open sign back up.

Mommy and Daddy are talkin ways to save money. Mommy said I need to be groomed and she can save money by doin it herself. I offered a good idea. They could sell the durn groomin/torture junk and I am willin to be fuzzy for a really long time.

They went to Costco today. They didn't buy me any food!
I need food!
I need cookies!
I need new toys!
I need Stuff!

HALP!!! Evfurrybody! Run around! Wring your paws!

Send me everything you've got pals. This is gonna get desperate.
And if you send me your pawrent's debit card be sure to include the PIN.


You pups got the Power!

October 1st 2013 6:48 am
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You been barkin for Daddy to stay home more. Not go away and leave his cute lil Schnauzie grrl.

Here's what Harley D told Daddy:
Harley holds the treat in front of Mr. Zoe's daddy's nose and says.....Stay, stay, stay. He takes a few steps back and waves the treat. GOOD STAY!!!!!

Jelly told him:
Stay home with your sweet little schnauzer Mr. Zoe!

And Puff:
Now Sit/Stay Mr. Zoe's Daddy. You have been gone too much this year.

It's workin Pups!

This mornin Daddy isn't goin to work!
His alarm didn't go off at real early o'clock. He didn't put on his soldier outfit and tell me to be a good girl as he went out the door. He didn't leave.

He's just hangin out!

This is gonna be So good!


Now Stay, Daddy, Stay!

September 29th 2013 12:56 pm
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Daddy is home! He packed a lil Bye Bye Bag for a lil trip.
He was only gone one sleep. Stay home now Daddy!

He got Sissor's stuff up there to her partment. Sissor's place is a basement partment with the owner family livin in the house bove her. There is a lil girl there. Daddy saw the lil girl and her Daddy both wearin overalls. They was gonna be workin 'round the place together.
Cute, huh? I guess the lil girl is her daddy's girl. Like me.
If I weared clothes, I could dress in a lil soldier outfit, to match Daddy!

Sum of you been suggestin I go visit Sissor.
NPA (No Pets Allowed) at her place. The landlord peepoles have 2 English Setters though that Sissor can play with. Maybe even give them sum pocket lint. And the peepoles have sum chickens. Sissor will have sum fresh eggie weggies to burn.
But I won't get to go for a visit. Maybe Sissor will send me a great big 'ol package of goodies from Miss Oula.

I won't hold my breath.

But Daddy is home. I am one happy pup.


The Bye-Bye Bag

September 28th 2013 8:26 am
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Ugh, we got up early this mornin. Yeah, Me and Tux had breakyfast at earlier o'clock. That was good. But it also means it's a long time 'til the next breakyfast and only a few cookie crums in between time.

Anywho, I had to get up early to see Daddy off. He was packin a small Bye-Bye Bag last night. Now, I know when he starts packin a bigger Bye-Bye Bag, he is leavin for his National Guard weekend work. Or when he packs up a bunch of Bye-Bye Bags and footlocker things, he's gonna be gone for a long time for the A.T. (Annual Trainin).

But this was just a small, lil Bye-Bye Bag. He left out at early o'clock.

Yesterday, I supervised while Mommy and Daddy carried out a Bunch o' stuff. There is a big empty place in the basement now. And Sissor's room is just 'bout empty, but 'cept for Daddy's big desk and a bed.

Turns out, Daddy is drivin up to Miss Oula's (Mommy says is Missoula, MT) place where Sissor got a really, truely job. She gots her a partment and now Daddy is takin all of her stuff to her. Most of her stuff is books and yarn and knitted junk. Oh, and tea.

I think Daddy will be back soon, since he only packed a lil Bye-Bye Bag.
But I'm not so sure 'bout Sissor. When her books, yarn and tea go, she's gone.


Outside the wire - with Mommy!

September 26th 2013 9:51 am
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Sorry Pals, I shoulda tol' ya to sit down before I barked that. But it's true. Me and Tux got to go outside the wire (My fenced backyard) with Mommy just a bit ago.

You know I don't hardly never get outside the wire. 'Cept sumtimes with Daddy. Never with Mommy. Always on a leash or bein carted to the car with Mommy.
She really needs to lighten up.
And she did! Like I barked, Me and Tux went with her. She needed to go do sumfin with the hoses out there in our weed/rock patch. We got to go sniff where the garage cats hunt lil mousies. And sniff our trees back there to see how much they have grown. And sniff the back fence line.
Good stuff Maynard!
And then when we was way over in the corner, we heard Mommy call "all dogs, come!" And we did! I went right back in the yard. Tux made a detour to the front yard and over to the other gate. But he came 'round when Mommy told him to come.
She was real proud of us for listenin and stuff.

We got a good sized crum of cookie when we came in the house.


Nurse Zoe

September 25th 2013 6:41 am
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I am wearin a lil nurse outfit this mornin.
Daddy is feelin poorly and stayed home from work today.
Never fear Daddy! Your lil Nurse Zoe is on duty. I am here for you. I will stay by your side. I am your loyal dog Daddy!

Uh, I'll be back, Daddy. Mommy just opened the blinds on My big window. You know, for OP Zoe.
If you need anything Daddy, just let Mommy know.

BARKBARKBARKBARK!!! The joggin eye doctor guy just went by.

What you need is sum sleep. Get sum sleep Daddy.
You got sum earplugs, right?


It be Talk Bark A Pirate Day

September 19th 2013 9:34 am
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An' I can't begin to keep up sendin out Thank Yous to all ye piratey pups sendin Me and my furmily them Jolly Roger flags.
So have yerself a blasted good day and thank ye, ye scurvy pups!

Bol! Sissor is drivin to sum Spoke Can place for a job interview. I told her she better dress and talk like a pirate for her interview. She didn't like that idea. But she said if the interview peepoles were dressed like pirates and talkin like pirates, that would be a weird place to work. It's a smoke-free and drug-free work place. Sure hope they don't do random testin for yarn addiction. Bol!

It's kinda slow barkin 'round here. There's been a big tractor workin in the field next to My place and other junk comin and goin, but they are done for now.
Kinda borin right now. Hope you are havin a super duper day!

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