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Shameless advertisin'

January 20th 2014 1:27 pm
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Well, you pups know I love to bark.
I gotta bark 'bout my blog afore it's too late.
I want a whole bunch of you, all of you in fact to come on over and check it out.
Yes, I fixed it so's that Anyfur can post a comment (even Hershey! Bol!) and I also fixed it so's you don't have to type those weird words to prove you aren't a robot dog or sumfin.
So come on over. And while you're at it, fix yourself up your own blog. It's free. I won't tell you it's without headaches or makin your eyes spin, but if my typist can do, anybody can!

Check out My blog!

Please! And please leave a comment. If you sign as "A nonny mouse" bark who you are in your comment!


Here I go, bein rood again

January 19th 2014 4:13 pm
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There has been so much action goin on round here, back and forth to groups and pals diary entries and comments and such. Then Fizzy's Momma started up a purdy coolio forum thingy for us orphans.
It is painless to join.
Check it out

And I got me a blog goin, barely.
My blog
I am still learnin the how to's there, but you can make a comment by clickin on the words "comments" towards the bottom.

And I am bein rood all over again.

I mean, the free giftie hugs are flying in all over Me and my furmily's pages. We've been gettin big gifties, furever gifties, smaller gifties.

And I need to tell you all THANK YOU!

This whole mess is gonna work out Pups. I know, this is a major life event for Mommy. She needs a 12-step program or sumfin dealin with givin up this Dogster place.

But let's stick together. We've been there for each other, good an' bad, ups an' downs, thick an' thin, sweet an' sour, fat an' skinny.
Huh? Well, you know what I'm gettin at.
We are Pals. Nuthin can change that.

Thank you again for all the great gifties you are sendin.
I've barked it afore, I'll bark it again.
Those zealies in your account?
Use 'em or loose 'em.


I got me a blog!

January 18th 2014 4:19 pm
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Ok, so Me and Mommy are tired and her brain ain't workin the best but we got it set up. This is a steep learnin thingy for Mommy, so be patient with us.
Things will get better!

Here's my blog:

My blog page!

And if ya haven't heard 'bout it already, come join the forum Fizzy's Momma set up for us orphened Dogsters and Catsters. It's free and painless to join. Sniff 'round with the rest of us newbies.

The forum for us orphens


Decisions, decisions

January 17th 2014 4:12 pm
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What's a pup to do?
Yeah, I'm barkin 'bout this Dogster (and Catster) place gettin shut down. I'm a smart pup. I saw it comin for a long time. When stuff started breakin and not gettin fixed, this was my first hint.

Anywho, so many furs are runnin 'round here now. Tryin to save pet pages. Lookin into options on where to go to keep up with the super duper friendships we've made on here.
We're not on the book of faces. Mommy has to really think 'bout that. She was on there once long ago and felt all nekkid. And bombarded with friend requests and stuff 'bout games and she was snowed unner with Too Much Information.
But we are plannin on settin me up with a blog on Blogger. Probly will get that set up over the weekend. I will fur sure let you know how to find me there. Argh, Mommy may even start her own blog. Ha! She has no life!

And now on to other Decisions, decisions.
Yesserday Me and Tux was outside. Ran to the back fence 'cause there was 2 peepoles walkin back there. Gave 'em heck for havin the nerve to take a walk back there.
Then, what to do? The mailman dood pulled in. Package delivery! I told Tux to run over there and start barkin at the mailman. I kept barkin at the walker peepoles. Then when they were hustlin along, on account o' because I skeered 'em, I ran over to the front fence and joined Tux.
Barked that mailman real good. Priority barkin!
The mailman 'spects us to bark him up real good.

Pals, please stick 'round here until the lights are bout to go out. Mommy will take our pages down on March 2. Please, lets keep barkin with each other til then. Maybe we can find a good place to circle the wagons and meet up again.

Be sure to use your zealies. Use 'em or loose em.

If you have a Plus account you might should shut down the auto payment deal, just so's you don't keep gettin charged.

Oh and the big hugz are free in the gift shop.

Later pals, keep barkin!


Sad and Mad

January 16th 2014 12:40 pm
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Pals, Dogster and Catster will be shutting down our beloved Community

Please click here to read the announcement.

Shutting down


A Diary Pick for Me!

January 15th 2014 7:49 am
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It's been a super long time since I had me a Diary Pick on this Dogster place.

Woo Hoo! Save your zealies Pals. Let's wander round the Christmas tree forest on my page. We can snack on that cake from yesserday and play with the balloonies too. Maybe if we pop enuf balloonies the techies at Dogster HQ will hear us and fix the many, many fleas round here. I 'specially miss those notices we used to get on diary entry posts. Now we have to swing back by to read comments from other pals.
An' of course, no group messages are gettin through to our pawsonal email 'counts.
An' sum of us are stuck with Christmas decorations up on our pages. If ya take 'em down to gussy up with sumfin else, all's you're left with is the blue background.
But I still Luv this Dogster place thing. You Pals make it all worth while to put up with the frustratin junk.

Hey, did ya see this? Mr. Scooter - game show host has been playin a fun lil game lately. Check out his diary entries. Today's puzzle is pawtickularly Great!

Have a super duper day Pals!


I'm so fuzzy

January 14th 2014 10:51 am
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♫I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy and hairy and cute!
And I pity
Any pup who isn't me to boot.♫

Ok, so it had to rhyme. Yeah, and I just made that up, off the top of my fuzzy lil head.

So anywho, I didn't have to get groomed/tortured last Saturday. The g/t lady called and tol' Mommy she was sick.
Got rescheduled for this comin Saturday.
But until then, I am workin this fuzzy deal, lemme tell ya. Mommy just looks at me and smiles.
Yeah, I'm that cute.
Gets me more cookies. All's I have to do is give that fuzzy lil urchin look and Bam! here comes a cookie. Well, most of the time.

And Mommy is wonderin how much longer we will be able to use this groomer/torturer lady. She got a full-time job, with benefits (whatever those are) and so she's just groomin/torturin on Saturdays. One of these times she will probly tell Mommy she's not groomin no more.
Mommy don't like the other g/t person that works there the rest of the week. And she won't take me back to a couple other places in town. Bad 'speriences. So we'd have to drive and drive to get to sum other groomer/torturer place in sum other town.
So I am toadally good with that.
Not bein groomed, that is.

♫I'm so fuzzy,
Oh, so fuzzy,
I feel fuzzy and hairy and cute!...


Bad me

January 14th 2014 5:59 am
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I was so busy be so pitiful bein bored 'round here I toadally furgot to thank my pals for the cups o' cocoa you sent to me and my fur fam.


And looky! It's Dogster's tenth birthday today! Look out! Free cake and balloonies in the gift shop today!



Who has seen this

January 13th 2014 1:18 pm
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A nice lil poem for the kiddies.

Who Has Seen the Wind?

by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you.
But when the leaves hang trembling,
The wind is passing through.
Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I.
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.

Yeah, so, the point of the poem is that ya can't See the wind.
But I can hear it.
And I can bark at it!

The durn wind has been blowin and blowin here at my place for days and days and nights too.
Sumtimes it sounds like trucks or tractors rumblin 'round out there.
I bark at it.
It's no fun to go out to play. Plus, it's a cold wind that blows 'round here.
Nuthin to do but bark.

On 'nother note, did you pups know that our Texas pal, Finley has her very own blog? Take a peek, if a bunch of us bark at her, she'll be motivated to keep the blog up to date! ;-)
Finley's blog

Well Pals, keep on keepin on. I feel like that Sherlock dood that Mommy watches on tv.


Out of alignment?

January 7th 2014 1:08 pm
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So, the Big Dog, Demon Flash Bandit is always helpin us keep up to date with the Important current event stuff. He barked 'bout how sum scientist type peepoles studied how dogs have their "privacy please" and line up with the Earth's magnetic field. Geesh, our pawrents watch us poop alla time and don't nobody pay them to do it. Here's a bunch of geeks in white lab coats makin like stalkers and gettin paid for it. Weird.

Anywho, I must be outta alignment. I don't line up north-to-south or east-to-west when I go. Shoot, when I go, I go. I do my download anywhere I please. Usually at kinda an angle.

Wait. I got it.

I'm not outta alignment.

The universe revolves around ME!

P.S. Can sumpup help us with the clicky link code? I wanted to make DFB's name a clicky to get to his page but we lost the code sumwhere.

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