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Loops, minuses and trails

January 13th 2013 8:36 am
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Woo Hoo! I am climbin back on the Diary Pick Loop-Dee-Loop! Two days in a row and I didn't even bark a new entry. Save those zealies Pals, times are tough and you need to stock pile. Don't spend 'em furvolussly on lil me.

It is dog gone cold here Pals. I don't recommend you comin for a visit until we get outta these negative temperatures. It is 'bout -10 right now and earlier it was 'bout -20 at My place.

But, and this is a good but, Daddy has scooped us more snow trails. Now all we have ta do is wander 'round and find the perfect spot to tinkle or poop. 'Course Tux has longer legs so's he gets off the trails to poop and then Mommy has to get off the trail to scoop.
Drover has been havin back end problems. The cold makes him not be able to walk and his back legs go all wonky. The peepoles sumtimes carry him up the back steps. He even went to the vet the other day. After lookin him over, the vet thought he had a New-row-lodge-ic-all problem and there isn't much they could do to help him. Sumtimes Drover is fine and plays and stuff. Sumtimes the back legs jus' don't work good like they should. And the vet did hear a heart murmur. But he asked if Drover had a cough, that kinda goes along with a heart murmur. No, Drover doesn't have a cough so that is good.

Anywhos that is what is happenin 'round My place.
Don't worry 'bout me, I am warm and cozy and I can always find sumfin to bark at.



January 13th 2013 5:36 am
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I am gettin back in the Diary Pick Loop-Dee-Loop. I didn't even bark nuthin new yeserday. I was thinkin of stuff. Maybe I sent it telly-path-e-tic-ally to Dogster and they picked That Diary entry. Bol! I will try to get the typist to, well, type for me later today.

Thank you Cooper for the cool picture. And Pals, save your rosettes, you are always Too generous.



Snow trails

January 11th 2013 4:25 pm
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So that bluzzard we had yeserday left all kinds of snow drifts all over. In the road. In our driveway. In My yard.
But not to worry. When I went outside this mornin, Daddy had shoveled trails for us out there in the yard. One trail went over to the poop bucket. You know, so that Mommy could get to the pooper scooper stuff. One trail went out to the chicken yard. So's Mommy could get to the chickens to see if they we doin alright. And Daddy had shoveled a couple of places, just for us pups. One along the fence and then it cuts back 'round to the chicken yard path. We can run 'round and pee and poop without gettin too much snow on our tummies.
Thank you Daddy!

Once this afternoon, Drover made his own path.
He went 'round behind some bushes where the snow wasn't so deep. But then he kept goin to where there was a deep drift. Me and Mommy saw him flounderin over there. We headed over. Mommy to help Drover. Me to tell him what a goof ball he was bein. Before we got to him, he pulled a 180 and got goin the not-so-much-snow way out. I met him over behind the bushes and gave him what-for for goin in the deep snow. He is a dum bunny sumtimes.

Now it's 'bout time for Daddy to be gettin home.
Snuggle time!



January 10th 2013 11:57 am
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It is a dog gone blustery blizzard at My place.
It started out warm this morning. Then it got colder and started to snow. And the wind started up.
Now our back steps have snow and ice. It is dang-er-oos out there. Mommy tossed sum pet-friendly ice melt stuff and it purt near blew away. I may need to stay inside to potty. I might blow away or fall into a snow drift out there.
It is just flat white lookin out My big window when I sit on My Love-Seat-Look-Out. Hard to see stuff I needta bark at. I still manage though, don't worry 'bout Me not bein able to bark.

I just hope Daddy makes it home alright. He has to drive 'bout 35 miles on the snowy/icy roads. I need to curl up on his lap.

Until then, I'll be next to the wood stove if you need me.


A cat toy

January 9th 2013 7:44 am
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Now you know I got cats 'round here. Lots of cats. With lots of cats comes lots of cat toys. Lil balls that Mommy crochets. Lil tennis ball lookin balls. Fish shaped toys. Mousie lookin toys.
Lots of toys.
Now after readin this diary entry title you might think I am gonna bark 'bout one of those kinda cat toys.
But no, I am barkin 'bout a different kind of cat toy.
A Real cat.
Awhile back I think I barked 'bout a lil kitten that showed up in front of our garage. Mommy is lazy and never has made a Catster page for the lil cat. And like, so what? It's a cat. No big deal.
Anywho, that lil cat is still here. She went away a few days ago and came back smellin of the V.E.T. Now she has a shaved spot on her tummy and a lil zipper lookin thing. She was kinda puny for a few days after that but now she is in top form for a kitten. An active kitten. She plays with those cat toys and messes up rugs and all kinds of stuff.
And I like to play with her. She is a fun cat toy.
Lemme tell ya bout it.
Mommy was downstairs doin that Card-ee-o thing she Sumtimes does. Me and that kitten had our own thing goin. She would run 'round the treadmill deal. I would chase her 'round that. Then she would duck unner the treadmill and hiss at me. Then she would come out and run over to the granny's recliner, it's bein stored down there. She would run 'round that and I would look for her.
Once she even disappeared from that recliner. Mommy was kinda laughin while I went alla way 'round the recliner. Couldn't find that kitten. Hmmm. Sumhow she had gotten back over at the treadmill.
She is a fun kitten to play with. She doesn't hiss at me - much. And she doesn't flash those sharp daggers at me either.

I did get hollered at the other day. I went after the kitten, she smelled funny comin back from the vet. I got bossy with her and to get away from me, she jumped through the railin and down the stairs.
I wasn't 'posed to be bossy. Oops.

It is fun havin a cat toy to play with. I recommend you get one too.


Was I dreamin?

January 6th 2013 7:40 am
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I been thinkin 'bout sumfin that happened here the other day. I might have been dreamin but it seems real enough. Lemme tell ya 'bout it.
So Sissor had been home for a few days for Christmas and to wash her laundry and eat our food and play games on her laptop.
Every now and then she would come out to the livin room and sit. Drinkin coffee, wakin up.
But there was one time in the afternoon she came out and sat. She and Mommy were talkin. Borin stuff 'bout tea and yarn and junk.
I got on Sissor's lap. She didn't yell at me and shove me off.

She petted me.
She was nice to me.

What do you pups think? Was I dreamin? You know Sissor. She don't never bring me nuthin. She hollers at me to stop barkin. She Never gives me no cookies when she is pup-sittin us.

I *think* it really happened. Did it? Or maybe that wasn't really Sissor but sum alien that looked like Sissor.


It's cold

January 3rd 2013 6:09 am
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Don't worry, it's not too cold to bark. But it is dog gone cold jus' the same.
Right now at early, still dark outside, o'clock it's -9 degrees at My place. I did the fancy math and that is -22 in that Celsius stuff my Canadianna pals use.
See what I mean?
This pup is gonna stay inside either glommed around the woodstove or rolled up in a cute lil Zoeball on My loveseat.


Odds and ends

December 26th 2012 10:10 am
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Not much goin on round my place. Well, it's snowin and real foggy so I can't See much goin on.

I sure hope all you pals had a very merry Christmas. I hope you got lots of toys and treats and a lot of Christmas dinner.
I didn't. Well, from my family. They kept remindin me of my spot removal and the Cone they had to pay for. And the whole house started smellin real good. Ham. Do you know much that smells like bacon? And the smell is still 'round today. It's enough to make a pup crazy! Course, we can't have any ham, on account a because we'd get pantiesrtightus (pancreatitis). Ok, yes, I did get sum sweet potatoes. A tiny bite.
Oh well. But thank you pals who did send me some yummy cookies and fun toys. I love to get packages and the mailman didn't fail me this year, thanks to sum of you pals.

Hold on.


'Scuse me. There are sum peepoles over there in the field. They are goose huntin. They are rearrangin their decoys and stretchin their legs. Gotta bark at that.
Oh, I think they are packin up the decoys for the day. I'm gonna head outside to bark at them.

~~~Hours later~~~

Ok, I'm back.

I got to go out to the garage yeserday with Daddy. Got to snatch sum cat food. Then he told me to stop and leave it. I stopped. But I was close enuf to lean my lil body and grab sum more cat food. I didn't move my feet. I just leaned, kinda in slow motion.
That cat food sure is good.

Not much else happenin round here. Oh yeah, I have a diary pick today. That's cool.

I hope you have a good barkin day.


Who's Annie Ver Sarie?

December 21st 2012 12:20 pm
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Sumbody named Annie Ver Sarie is gonna be here tomorrow. Daddy and Mommy have been invitin her around for the past 25 years, or so they say.
And they are gonna take her with them to a movie. My family is So weird. They wanna go see sum lil hobbit guy and sum dwarfes go on an adventure.

Maybe they will take Annie out to eat too. And maybe Annie is nice and will bring me back a doggie bag filled with goodies!

A lil dog can dream.


A cone-free Diary Pick!

December 18th 2012 5:20 pm
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Life is good. Cone-free. Granny-free. A Diary Pick for Me! Thanks for all the rosettes some of you sent to my page!

And I am back and barkin, lemme tell ya. Yep, back on My Love-Seat-Look-Out barkin at anything and everything!
The brown truck dood was here when Mommy wasn't. Great barkin from inside the house.
Then later a different kinda big truck backed in and stole Sissor's lil white Kia Sportage away. The one that got it's back in kinda squished by the old guy textin.
We were in the yard barkin at the truck driver guy to leave it alone but Mommy didn't even try to stop the guy. Hard to believe that she would be all friendly while we was bein robbed.

Anywhos, we've had a busy day. I am gonna take a well-deserved snooze before it's time for bed.

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