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I've been busy

September 24th 2008 11:08 am
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This morning I helped Mommy with the green headed Skinneez duck surgery. She carried a bunch of stuff downstairs and started getting her sewing machine set up to use. I went with her and hung around because sometimes I get new toys or fixed up toys anyway when she works with her sewing machine.
Sure enough, she stitched up my Skinneez duck first thing. She even was able to stitch the little webbed foot back on. Yippee! She dropped it on the floor for my approval. Good job, Mommy! Good to have my green headed duck back almost good as new. I hung around while she stitched up a couple of other boring things. Then she told me to get the toy and we came back upstairs. The duck is resting now in the toy basket.
Another thing I have been watching is piles of dirt in my backyard. Almost every morning, there is another little pile of dirt out there. Sometimes there is even a hole that I can stick my face into. Daddy "googled" about what was making those dirt piles. Pocket gophers is what he thinks. Daddy tells me to catch the little critter. I can smell him but I can't see him! I have never been a digger dog so I don't know how to catch the little guy. I'm surprised one of our kitties doesn't do the job. They sit and wait so patiently and they are good hunters! The gopher must work at night and it must be dark down in that hole. He is heading towards a fence. He may bump into a railroad tie post! He will get a bump on his head.
Then we were busy eating people food this morning at breakfast! It was yummy! Ya see, Mommy makes us good home cooking and freezes portions for us to eat later. She doesn't label it, she thinks she can remember what is in the container. Not this time! This was some leftover people stew! But it was the only thing thawed for our breakfast topper on our kibble. Nothing in there that would be bad for us, so we all got a dollop of stew!
Maybe she will forget again and give us steak!
Naptime for a busy Zoe


I built a big white box.

September 22nd 2008 8:51 am
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Ok, so I didn't really build a big white box. But I helped Daddy and Brother build a big white box. Ok, so I watched while Daddy and Brother built a big white box. I don't have hands so I couldn't hold a hammer if I tried.
We built the big white box outside in my yard because it was so big we didn't have room to build it in the house. When we got most of it built I had Daddy and Brother carry the box inside. They put it in the pantry where Drover and my crates are.
Then Mommy put all the stuff that had been on shelves inside the big white box. Ok, now all the junky stuff doesn't show. Now Drover's crate fits in the pantry. My crate does not fit! They put my crate on top of Drover's. Will I need a ladder to get to bed? I started to get stressed out. I didn't know where I was going to sleep!
When it was time for bed Mommy put my crate out on the floor. Ok, different, but at least it is my crate. I was able to get to sleep.
I had barely gotten up this morning when Mommy and Daddy started shoving the big white box over. Well, Daddy and Brother did the shoving. Mommy did the directing. Directing is a nicer word to use than "bossing".
But they shoved and directed enough that my crate fits back in the usual spot. That makes me happy!
I had no idea building big white boxes was so stressful.


Lame Duck

September 19th 2008 6:00 pm
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Would you look at what Drover did?! Yep, he tore the little webbed foot off of My green headed Skinneez duck that my pal Jelly sent.
I was outside. Drover was inside playing with the green headed duck.
I came inside and I didn't like to see him playing with My green headed duck. I told him nicely to let go of it. He didn't let go.
I had to grab hold of My green headed duck. He still didn't let go.
He pulled, I pulled.
The little webbed foot came off. See what you did now, Drover!
Mommy doesn't think she will do surgery to put the little webbed foot back on. She thinks it will come off soon.
My green headed duck is going to have a little peg leg.


No 'Net!

September 1st 2008 11:36 am
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I had a stressful time yesterday. Everything was ok in the morning, but in the afternoon, a thunderstorm made our internet go off! This was a big deal 'cause there was a game going on in one of the groups I'm in. I could have lost since I couldn't get on to play. Mr Drover was all nervous too, because he's Schnauzer of the week in the same group, and he wasn't able to get on to answer questions and thank pups for gifts and all that. Yeah, yeah. My game's more important!
I won the game anyway, but if I hadn't, I was thinking that I could sue the internet company for making me lose. The company is called Big Dog, so my court case would be Big Dog vs. Little Dog.
I like the sound of that. Maybe I'll sue them anyway.


I Got Stuff!

August 28th 2008 1:00 pm
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A whole box of goodies came from SitStaydogs. We got sacks of Buddy Biscuits, liver flavored. We got Charlee Bear Treats in cheese & egg and turkey liver & cranberry. Yummy little bite sized snacks.
Oh but the bestest thing, something we have never had around here! We each got our very own Doggie Wishbone. Mommy called them beef tendons, I think. Kinda like bully sticks only more affordable for the 3 of us.
Wow, now I know why pups rave about bully sticks, if these are anything like them! Cindy and Drover have finished theirs. I want to save mine for later but I don't know what to do with it. If I put it down, they will take it and chew it up. I will just keep it in my mouth. Even Mommy tried to take it from me. She was gonna trade me a Buddy Biscuit for the Wishbone. No deal. I can handle both. I am not gonna share my Wishbone with even my Mommy.

Please be sure you vote for my little pal, Jelly. She would just be perfect for Canine Idol of Winnepeg.
Take a look at my diary entry from yesterday. I've got clickable links posted there to take you to her page and to the contest. You can vote once per day until Sept. 5.
Thanks, pups!


Please vote! part 2

August 27th 2008 5:06 pm
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Ok, with my smart human brother's help I got the clickable links. You can go to Jelly's page and meet her. Then you can click and vote! Wouldn't she be the perfect Canine Idol? The place to vote is right above her cute picture.


'Go here to vote!'


Voting and Frosty Paws

August 27th 2008 1:16 pm
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Please vote for my pal Jelly. Here is the link to her page:
My typist can't seem to do the clickable links anymore. Anyhoo, if you go to Jelly's page, she has a clickable link to the Canine Idol contest she is entered in.
Please cast your vote by clicking right above her picture. Wouldn't that be pawsome if she were to win and you knew your vote really did count?

Now on to the Frosty Paws us dogs had yesterday. Yummy! We each got a container of the frozen goodie outside. Drover wouldn't even share his! He just carried it off to the other side of the patio. *humph*
And way later in the evening, we even got a bite of sister's birthday cake! She didn't get German Chocolate (bad choice anyway), she choose lemon. We didn't get huge pieces like the peeps got, but the bites we got were very tasty.
Hmm. Daddy's birthday is next in a couple of months. I hope there will be Frosty Paws and lemon cake in my future.


I have to do everything Pt. 2

August 26th 2008 6:22 am
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Again, I am the only one to help around here.
Mommy was in the kitchen making our Frosty Paws for later today. She dropped the yogurt container as she was putting it back in the fridge.
Don't worry, our F.P's were already made.
So, kerplop! All over the rug is about a ton of yogurt. I was already there supervising the work and I saw the whole thing happen. Mommy actually told me to start cleaning up. Drover was just standing there. He never did offer to help. I didn't even growl at him to keep away.
So Mommy and I did all the clean up. I started licking and Mommy grabbed some paper towels. She didn't want me to have to clean up all that yogurt since Drover wasn't going to help.
We are a good cleanup team.


Tomorrow: Frosty Paws!

August 25th 2008 5:49 pm
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It is my human sister's birthday tomorrow. She wants chocolate cake and coffee ice cream. Bad choices, huh?
I have asked Mommy to make us some yummy home made Frosty Paws. She said Yes! Yippee!


I have to do everything around here

August 23rd 2008 4:00 pm
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So I have a lot of toys. I can't count, so I don't know how many toys I have. I keep them in a basket in living room when I am not playing with them.
I have one old fuzzy bone I let Drover play with. He likes to grab that old fuzzy bone and do his keep away game. He could go for hours if somebody goes around and around with him.
I let him play with the old fuzzy bone because the squeaker doesn't work anymore. It is blue on one side and red on the other. When he carries it with the red side facing out, he looks goofy. Like he has big clown lips with his mustache sticking out the side. Goofy.
He took the fuzzy old bone outside today. Twice.
Both times, I had to go get it and bring it back inside. I have inside and outside toys. The old fuzzy bone is an inside toy.
Mommy even told him to go get the toy. He just didn't listen.
I am the good dog. I am the obedient dog. I will bring my toys inside.

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