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Of Snaggles and Valentines

January 29th 2009 8:46 pm
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This evening Daddy sat down on the floor with the dog comb and brush and even the de-tangle spray. I tried hiding under Mommy's chair but it was no use. Daddy called me over and I had to go. He brushed and combed me. It did feel good. I had some snaggles that he worked out.
Finally I was free. I decided to go lay down beside Mommy on the couch. She was petting me. What she was really doing was inspecting Daddy's combing job. She found big snaggles in my arm pits. I had to have more combing and Mommy isn't so nice. I didn't like it but what is a little pup to do? I stayed and was tortured by Mommy until she was satisfied the snaggles were all gone. I sure like Daddy's grooming job better.

A bunch of pups in our Schnauzers Rule group are being Valentines with each other. I decided to take matters in my own paws and asked Little Man Mickey to be my Valentine. He is a very nice pup and a real cutie pie. I am more than a year older than him. I hope he doesn't think I am a cougar.
But he said yes! So we are Valentines now. I don't even know what being Valentines involves. I don't want to go steady or anything.
Mickey said in his diary that he would even share his toys with me. And he doesn't share his toys with Uno, his fursis. We are so much alike! I don't share my toys with Drover. Those are My toys.
But if Mickey shares his toys with me, I would be willing to share my toys with him. I don't think we really have to worry about sharing our toys.
Mommy showed me on the atlas. Here is my house, Mickey lives way over there.
We live more than 4 inches apart!


Deer Neighbors

January 28th 2009 5:45 pm
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Every morning and every evening those deer neighbors go around our place. There must be 15 or 20 of them.
Keep it moving, deer. Nothing to eat here. Don't stand around in my front yard either and leave your "calling cards" all over.
I am the only one who even tries to keep them moving. Mommy likes to watch them and won't let me out to bark. *grrrr*


Football Tag

January 24th 2009 10:09 am
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Wow, footballs are flying every whichaway around Dogster. Those little footballs would be fun to play with. So I am keeping them all.
I don't share my toys.
But I will share 5 fascinating facts about little me.

1. Don't tell Mommy, but she is not my boss. I am Daddy's girl. I obey Daddy. I don't listen to Mommy much. Unless she has cookies.

2. I love to play with my big braidy toy. Brother tugs me while I am laying on my side holding it with my teeth. Fun!

3. I am an early to bed girl. But I Do Not get grumpy when they won't let me go to bed when I am ready.

4. They say I am barking at nothing, but there is stuff out there. Really, they are blind and deaf.

5. Don't tell Drover, but I really do like to play with him. We have a ton of fun when we chase and wrestle with each other.


I've got lips!

January 24th 2009 4:55 am
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I've got big red lips! I woke up and noticed them this morning!
Yep, Anonymous put big red lips on my page. This is what Anonymous said:
"Zoe, You have just been smooched by the Notorious DKB - the Dogster Kissing Bandit! SMACK!"

I don't know who the DKB is but I love my lips! Thank you!


No Harness for Me

January 22nd 2009 12:14 pm
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Oh yeah, Mr. Drover is all like bragging about his new Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness thing. It looks like its for a horse and he acted like he was a horse. He was jumping and bucking all over the road. Wild dog. Tsk, tsk.
Me, on the other paw, walk nicely with Daddy. Daddy lets me walk out in front. I am the leader of the pack so I get to walk out in the front. Daddy hardly ever has to remind me to slow down. And I am littler than Drover so I don't pull Daddy's arm out of the socket, like you know who does.
I don't need no stinking harness when I go for my walks. Even if they do come in my size and I could get a dark purple or even a pink.


Secret Pals revealed!

January 17th 2009 12:54 pm
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The end of sneakiness today!
Yep, after a fun week of anonymous gifts and other virtual pressies we are letting our Secret Pals know who we are.
I got a ton of great stuff. Check out my cool shades with my super fast red snow machine. I just love that! Little Man was my Secret Pal!
Thanks for all the goodies, dude!

And I had a blast leaving goodies for my Secret Pal this week. She would post messages on the Schnauzers Rule forum about what she had received. I even sent her a poem about a dog loving to go on a car ride. She said she hated car rides! bol I think she liked everything else I sent. I hope she did anyway. My Secret Pal was Priscilla. She is a beautiful Giant Schnauzer.

This has been such a fun activity. I hope we can do it again sometime.


A Failure to Communicate

January 14th 2009 2:43 pm
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I've been feeling a little down this week. Let me 'splain.
I belong to a real fun Dogster group called Schnauzers Rule. We have lots of games and photo strolls and contests and fun activities.
Well, this week in honor of Secret Pal Day on Jan. 11 we've got Secret Pals. We've been very sneaky about leaving rosettes and poems and fun virtual gifts for our SP's. I am having tons of fun giving my SP pressies and such. I am having tons of fun looking at the goodies the other SP's are getting.
But there was a small problem. I wasn't getting any pressies from my Secret Pal! We are only s'posed to give just one rosette during the week, but I started feeling bad. All the other pups were getting fun stuff and I wasn't getting nothing . :-( I was sad.
What we had here was a failure to communicate! There was a mix-up and my Secret Pal didn't know I was their Secret Pal!
Well, let me tell you, I am sad no more! My Secret Pal kicked it into high gear and I have gotten four rosette pressies just since last night!
Fun, fun, fun. This Secret Pal deal is such a fun activity and it got a whole bunch better.
I just love to Get stuff!
Thank you, Secret Pal, whoevfur you are! Thank you, thank you!


The Tag Game

January 6th 2009 12:36 pm
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The new year barely got started and I have been tagged. Yep, *Zoe*
a sweet little Yorkshire Terrier tagged me.
Here are 7 interesting facts about me:

1. Just about my favorite place is next to Daddy when he uses his laptop. He will tell me to "do your flip" and I go tummy-side up. Then he scritches my tummy while he surfs.

2. I am very brave in my yard and I bark at other dogs, horses, cows, deer, well, I just bark at about anything. I am brave.

3. This is embarrassing but I am not brave when I meet other dogs while we are walking with Daddy. I just want to keep on going to get away from them.

4. I really like to go out of the yard with Daddy. I pay attention to him and stay close to him.

5. I pretend that I don't want to be brushed but I do like it and will come back for more.

6. It's good that I am small because I like to help Mommy while she is cooking in our little kitchen. I don't want to get stepped on.

7. I really like Mommy's home cooked food she makes for us dogs. It's about time she made us some more.

There you have it. Seven little known facts about Me!


On the outside looking in

January 6th 2009 12:16 pm
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It started out good. The regular pooper-scooper (Brother) is kinda sickie so Mommy came out to do the job. Then she played with me and Drover! My Jolly balls aren't covered in snow so we each grabbed one for Mommy to throw and then we would run and get them. We ran after the Jolly balls a few times and then Mommy went into the chicken house.
I was just snooping along our fence. There is snow piled up in some places. It is hard and I can walk on top of it no problem. Drover came along and said, "I wonder if you could fit through the fence? Remember you did last winter."
I told him right away that would be very naughty to go outside of my own fenced yard. And I don't do naughty things. I am a good girl.
He basically pushed me through the fence! Yep, that's what he did, he pushed me.
The next thing I know I am on the outside of my own yard, looking in! I am in a horse pasture!
Help! What am I to do? Mommy is still in the chicken house! Help!
Finally I hear Brother and Sister calling my name. Then there is Mommy coming out of the chicken yard.
Help! Drover pushed me and now I can't get back in my own safe yard!
Brother came close and tried to get me to jump back through the fence. I can't! I can't do it by myself!
Mommy and Brother were able to rescue me. Mommy picked me up and over the fence while Brother held up the top wire- barbed wire! I could have be scratched to pieces!
Take my advice, stay in your own yard. Trust me, the grass is not greener and the snow for sure is not any whiter on the other side.


Uneeda Walk

January 1st 2009 4:32 pm
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A couple of days ago my Daddy started feeling yucky. He came home from work, had his supper and started downhill after that. I could see him in the kitchen during the night when everybody else was sleeping. He would drink some white stuff from a bottle. Then he would go into the living room. I couldn't see him but I could hear him in there. He went to the bathroom a lot. A lot. I could hear him in there too.
He didn't even go to work on New Year's Eve day. He has about a gazillion hours of sick leave that he never takes. But he took the day off so I knew he was really sick. And all he did was sleep. I tried to be quiet so he could sleep. That was hard to do, some barks just naturally slipped out.
I asked my pals on Schnauzers Rule to pray that my Daddy would start feeling better. Thanks, pals! It started working.
Daddy got up early on New Year's Eve. He didn't eat anything! He did drink some apple juice and some 7-Up. Big exciting New Year's Eve for my Daddy, huh? bol
Today he has felt much better. He was still just drinking stuff until I suggested he should get outside and get some fresh air. Take us for a walk Daddy! You will feel much better after that!
And that is just what he did. We all went for a walk. Yippee!
When he got home he asked Mommy for some chicken noodle soup. Then he tried some Jello.
I think the walk was just the thing he needed to help him over the slump.
He will probably need a walk tomorrow too! bol

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