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Helping with housework

July 6th 2007 12:26 pm
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Helping with housework can be hazardous to a pup's health!
I try to do my best to help around the house, so when Mommy started cleaning this morning, I was right there with her. I have more of a supervisory position. I watched as Mommy vacuumed off the cat hairs and grass from the couch and loveseat. I had to point out several hairs that she overlooked.
I was doing such a good job while she was sweeping the kitchen floor, she kept sweeping me out of the way!
On to the bathrooms. She used a rag and some spray stuff on most of the stuff in there. I was watching her clean the toilet deal. I am just the right size to peek over the rim while she swished a brush around in the water.
Now here is where it got scary. She said, "Zoe, your fuzzy little face would do a better job at cleaning the pot than this old worn out brush!" She grabbed me by my little hind legs and started swirling me around! Up and down, around and around I went until the blood was rushing into my head and I was all dizzy. She finally put me down on all fours. I staggered around getting my balance and then I got outta that bathroom. Can you believe it?!
I need a nap.
It will be awhile before I help Mommy with housework!




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