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Pea Pickin' Helper Zoe

July 5th 2007 1:52 pm
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My Daddy planted way too many peas, really close together. They are all growing in a raised wooden box thingie. It's fun to walk across all those pea plants. They are cool and green and sometimes wet.
Mommy was out there this morning cussing Daddy because now there are A Lot of peas to pick. I decided to help her! I would get in those pea plants and look around for a good pea to pick. I would get one in my mouth and show Mommy. Those things are hard to pick, gotta pull on them a lot so I would just show them to Mommy. "Here's a good one over here," I'd tell her.
"Ok, Zoe, I'll be there when I finish this area, just leave it!" she'd tell me.
It got boring after awhile, so I wandered off looking for bugs and other fun stuff. Plus, some of the peas smelled like Drover had, well, peed on them.
Man, it's hot outside now. I'm glad we have air conditioning in our house. I'll go back out this evening, there might be more garden chores for me to take care of.




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