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April 14th 2007 8:49 pm
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Yesterday, Mom and Brother took Drover and me into town to get our hairshrinks. The whole thing started off wrong. Usually I ride shotgun in the front seat, but this time, Drover hopped in the front seat, plopped down on Brother's lap, and rode there all the way into town! I had to sit in the back seat. Hmph.
At the groomers, things went like I had been expecting. I got thrown in the washing machine so my hair would shrink, then I got thrown in the dryer, then my ears got ironed out. There were a lot of dogs there, so it took awhile. The groomer was working on Drover when Mom came in to check on us. I was in a cage, and I did a little happy/nervous dance when I saw Mom. I was thinking that she would go ahead and pick me up, and we would go get some milkshakes while Drover was getting done. But nope! Mom ducked back out the door, leaving me in the cage!
Well, we were finally done, and Mom got us both. Both of us dogs had on stupid bandanas around our necks. I got to ride shotgun on the way home, at least.
When we got back to the house, I took Drover's bandana off him, then Brother took mine off of me. I don't like those stinkin' bandanas!

I was tired after my big day, and I was still tired today. This evening, I was wanting to go to bed around 8 o'clock- about an hour before when I usually go to bed. Mom wasn't sure if I actually wanted to go to bed, so she had me stay up for awhile longer.
Well, I'm not sure why- it might have been 'cause we didn't go for a walk today, or maybe it was a sugar high, but pretty soon I started wrestling with Drover. While I was playing with him, I started zooming around the house! I'd go running down the hall, jump on the loveseat, jump down, run around the living room, attack Drover, zoom around... Once I sort of bounced off the side of the couch! I was having fun!
Right after that, I crashed. Mom let me go to bed then, and that's where I am now!

Talk to you all later!




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