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So slooooowwww

February 10th 2014 7:07 am
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This place! Argh! Errors, gettin kicked off, so slow. That's if ya can efun get on this place anymore.

So, the reason probly this place is so slow is that it's bein archived, whatefur that means. Ofur in the All Paws Bulletin group furs are talkin 'bout it.

Angel Abby's dad says this:
It means they are backing up every single file on the site and they are doing it with the cooperation of the owners. You can see the progress here.

A pup named Little Coco Puff says this:
Dogster/Catster I believe will continue to run at a snails pace until the archive team has finished their job. Looks like they are averaging about 150,000 pages a day. They still have 647,000 to if we do the math...could take a few more days until Dogster/Catster is up to speed again.

So this place will probly be slower than mole-asses in January for efur.

An' sumfur gave me a whole bunch of zealies!
Thank yu whoefur yu are!

Bee cool Pups.


Anybuddy still here?

February 6th 2014 8:24 am
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Ok, I know a few of ya are still wannerin 'round this place. Yeah, I know, the lights are kinda goin dim, but SM hasn't pulled the plug jus' yet on us.

I got a few updates an' stuff to bark to ya 'bout.

First off. That really cool blog that Angel Abby's Daddy worked so hard on for us to copy our pages? Sum other 'puter smarts Dogsters and Catsters found out it wasn't gonna work once D/C goes away. But! Abby's Daddy ain't no quitter, no siree! Check out his blog for sum updated stuff. He changed sum of the lines of text that you need.
Angel Abby's Daddy's Blog
We've got my pages all re-dooed. It does take a lil longer than the first time. And we jus' ignore the error box flashin at us.

And don't go leavin afore Coco Rose throws a big ol' pawty over at her page. It's comin up sumtime soon and I hear she's gonna blow this place away with sum wild stuff. Or maybe even get us thrown in jail! Cool, huh?

Sum of ya are still lookin round the webbie sites for jus the right place to settle in. Let us know what you're findin, please. Bark in your diary or sumplace.
A bunch of us has fired up our own blogs. Here's mine:
My doggy bloggy thingy

Whitley has a neato blog with tips and tricks on settin up your own blog. She also has a list of Dogster and Catster refugees that have their own blogs. Ya can get to her blog here:
Whitley's blog
Along the right side of her page there she's got a list of Fun Blogs and then her list of Former Dogster/Catster blogs. Click on any of those to get to that fur's blog page. And then have fun readin! Ya jus' might wanna start yur own blog! And that would be Furtastic!

Once ya start readin sumone's blog you might think, how can I find other furs I might know? Lemme tell ya!
Like on Whitley's blog, she's got her list of those she is "following" on the front page. Other furs have their "following" list kinda hidden. Take a look at Jelly's blog. On the right side you see her cute lil fur face and her name. Click on her name and that opens a whole new page. Looks like right now she is followin 10 other doggy bloggers. You can click on any of their blog names to get to their blog. EZ PZ.

If you have a blog, tell us! We wanna come read it! And follow you!

Don't furget Fizzy's Momma's forum she set up jus' for us D/C refugees. Sniff 'round if ya haven't already.
Pupsters and Kitsters

See? There's lot to do. Jus' don't be left out in the dark. An' daylights a burnin!


Hey Diddle Dee Dee

February 1st 2014 12:21 pm
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Hey diddle dee dee
A Diary Pick for Me

Well, that Pinocchio dood had a song sumfin like that. His had lots more words and was a whole lot perkier.

I'm not feelin perky 'round here.

Since I ain't been gettin no notices from this place, there was a nice surprise in my pmail box this mornin when I got here. Thanks Redford for the great piccie you sended. And thank you to those who have sended me rosettes!

Gosh, we've still got a month afore this place turns off the lights. If it makes it that long. One feature after nother is crashin. Grrr!
Pups and kitties are gettin fed up and leavin. Findin better places to play on these webs. 'Course, that's what SM is hopin we'll do.

This place is gonna be a ghost town purdy soon. And SM will be glad we're gone.

But they can't keep a good dog (or kitty) down. There's places out there for us to move to. Places where we can keep our friendships goin.

Don't go into a dark place pals. SM can't and won't make us stop bein pals.
We just have to have a different dog house.


A Diary Pick for me!

January 29th 2014 9:42 am
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Woot! Got me a Diary Pick! And a very coolio piccie from Keighty and crew.

I barked afore 'bout not gettin any notices at all from this Dogster place so if ya send me a pmail or giftie or sumfin please don't think I am bein rood by not respondin. I have to keep comin back 'round here, sniffin out anything new.
So Thank you now for Efurrything!

I am gonna be barkin more and more ofur on my doggy bloggy thingy so visit me there.
Please visit my blog and bookmark the page!

I'm still here but I won't be barkin as much.
This place is jus' gettin more and more frustratin. Grrr.


I'm still here

January 27th 2014 5:36 am
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Yeah, I'll be here 'til Mar. 2 or sooner if this place crumbles down 'round us all afore that.

But I want to keep remindin you if you haven't seen sum of this stuff already. If you have seen this stuff, bare with me. You know I like to bark.

For copying your Dogster/Catster pages, including videos please go to Angel Abby's Daddy's blog thingy. He has spent hours workin out the details on a great step-by-step how-to deal. All for us.

How to copy our pages

There is a busy, fun forum for us all to gather an' bark and meow at. Fizzy's Momma set the whole deal up and added sum great moderators.

Pupsters and Kitsters

And finally, all the cool pups and even sum kitty cats are settin up their own blog pages. Check it out. You can read mine here

A Schnauzer's Tale

And if you click where it says View My Complete Profile you will see other blogs I am following. Click 'round there to read more blogs of cool pups (and sum kitty cats too).

Please, please, please, let's don't loose touch. Let's stay within barkin distance.


I furgot

January 25th 2014 12:14 pm
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And in all the hullabaloo round here an' not gettin any email notices from Dogster and havin a diary pick today I furgot to mention the Dog of the Day honors go to Angel Abby.
She was jus' a wunnerful grrl up there in the plains of Sassy-Catch-E-Won, Canananada.

So special Congrats goin out to Angel Abby!


Got me a Diary Pick!

January 25th 2014 7:04 am
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Woo Hoo! I'm a Diary Pick today. And Congrats to my pal
Milton for havin the Diary o' The Day honors!

I feel like this Dogster place is crumblin 'round us pups. Will it make until March 3rd? I got my doubts.
Yesserday, Mommy took off Cindy and Drover's profiles. She had taken off the kitty cats awhile back. Me and Tux are the only ones left here.
We don't know if removin those profiles had anything to do with it. But since yesserday afternoon, we aren't gettin Anything from Dogster. No more pmails in our email box. No notification of havin a diary pick. Nuthin from Dogster.
But I will be here 'til the end. Please mark my doggy bloggy thingy on your favorites or bookmarks or whatever it's called. Be sure to swing by there to hear me barkin. And please make a doggy bloggy for yourself. Please!



January 24th 2014 8:35 am
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That's what we are right now. And the kitty cats ofur at Catster.

Here's what that funny soundin word means:
This is from the Merriam-Webster site

one that flees; especially : a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution

We may not be fleein to a foreign country but we are fleein. We are in danger.
We gotta get out otherwise the SlayMedia will put us all to "sleep" come March 3.

I barked this over with Mommy and Daddy. They said since Dogster will be no more, what is it that you love the most?
I gotta bark that it's the diaries and comments. I love to play the games and such in the groups but I love the diaries mostest.

Please bookmark my doggy bloggy thingy. I'll be there when I'm not here.
Zoe's bloggy thingy
Take out the space between blog and spot but please look me up.

And I've got it set up so's that even A Nonny Mouse can leave comments. And you don't have to type those weird lookin letters to prove you aren't a robot dog or cat. Yep, I've even got me sum nice kitty cats readin my bloggy.

And it would make me super duper happy if YOU would set up a bloggy thingy too. A bunch of you have but not efurrybody has.
All the cool pups have blogs.
Jus' sayin.

I know I've barked 'bout this afore but I really don't want to miss any of my pals.


I'm a Winner!

January 23rd 2014 1:25 pm
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Our Texas Terriorist pals, Whitley and Finley started handed out sum awards the other day.


Now don't git your pantses all bunched up. Afore you jump to the conclusions 'bout what that stands for, I'll tell ya.

Stands for Fantastic, Unique, Special and Marvelous.
You was thinkin sumfin else, maybe? Sure dee-scribes me to a tee. Bol!
Anywho, here is my award from the Texas twosum. Thanks Grrls!
I'm the Barkmeister!

I'm the Barkmeister!


Help to copy our pages

January 22nd 2014 9:51 am
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This is a miracle, I am not kiddin!
Angel Abby and Buddy's Dad is a Toadal computer whiz. You Have to check out his blog.
Help to copy our pages

If you want help to copy your pet's pages, he walks you though how to do it. Pups, I did. If I can do it, anybody can! I mean it, this is a miracle program that he shares and walks you through how to use it.

Please take a look. And Thank You Angel Abby and Buddy's Dad for sharin this with us.

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