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Bits and Pieces of Patches


March 6th 2007 11:27 am
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This morning I crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I had a rough night fighting for breath. Early this morning my dad told me to lay down and go to sleep as he rubbed my belly. So I did what he told me, put my head down and took my last breath. I went peacefully knowing my dad was with me and that he loved me. I will obediently wait for him and all of you on the other side. Until then...farewell.


Yum or Yuk?

January 16th 2005 1:06 am
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I am beginning to like to eat the stuff left by the cats in the litter box. Yum. But I keep getting in trouble everytime I do it. hmmm?


I Miss Everybody

January 6th 2005 12:19 pm
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Mocha, Happa and Banzai were all over for a few days during the holidays. Then they went back. Now I'm bored again. But I hear Banzai is coming back to my house soon now that mom has returned to work from the holidays. Last time Banzai was here he brought a huge rope toy for us to play with. He was showing it to me but I was too busy playing with my mom. Now I have the rope toy but no one to play with. I can't wait for Banzai. I think I will go take another nap now.


Don't Judge Me By My Cover

December 27th 2004 8:57 pm
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My name is Patches. I live with my grandma and some cats. My life was kind of dog lonely for awhile. Every now and then, Mocha and Happa would visit me with my mom and dad and I loved it when they were all here. But then they would leave and I would be lonely. However, a few weeks ago I got a new pal named Banzai. I love to play with Banzai and to teach him how to be a well behaved dog. Banzai goes to Mocha and Happa's every now and then to get socialized and to receive further training.

People are scared of me when they meet me. They move slowly around me or freeze. That makes me suspicious of them and then they have a real reason to be scared. Once I get to know them and they get to know me, we get along just great. I used to scare my mom when she was dating my dad. I noticed Mocha and Happa were always happy to see her and that made me curiously happy. So I would smile at her but she thought I was showing her my teeth for another reason. Finally, we got over it and are now great friends. She is kind to me and I always greet her with a smile and a wagging tail.

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