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My third hurricane

September 26th 2004 11:45 am
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Hi everyone,
Well, I'm six months old, and Nancy and I are currently exiled in Florida. We're just now going through our third hurricane in six weeks--first came Charley, then came Frances, and now it's Jeanne--and I've been a little jewel through them all! I sure miss California, though--I don't have to worry about high winds throwing trees through our house or getting soaking wet and bit by bugs all the time. I hope that Nancy, Carter, Orson, and I can live there soon!
Nancy says that she'll update my dogster pics soon--until then, I hope you enjoy the little ones of me as a puppy!


Lots of presents for me today!

October 27th 2004 5:07 pm
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Hey everyone!
Today I got two gorgeous necklaces from you see them in my picture above? Also, I got an awesome coat (deep tan) and a leopard print snood for wintertime from Hound Togs! Yay! I am one stylish whippet girl!
Kisses! XO Laika


I'm a graduate of Puppy Kindergarten!

October 31st 2004 12:51 pm
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Yay! Yesterday I graduated from Puppy Kindergarten! I took the course at PetSmart in Casselberry, Florida, and I was a great little student! I've really come a long way, thanks to my trainer, John. When I started, I barked and barked while I was in the store, but now I am much better behaved! I learned how to sit, stay, go down, settle, wait at the door, leave a treat when I pass by, come, and how to not jump directly into my mommy's arms when in public!!!! We're still working to actually apply it all in real life, but I am much smarter now!
I can't wait to take another course!
BTW, I got all dressed up in my new necklaces, along with my chinese silk collar and lead! I looked so darn cute! And they gave me a diploma, too! Can't wait for the film to be developed! In the meantime, a little polaroid of me with my cap on will be on display at PetSmart!



November 23rd 2004 8:46 am
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Hi everyone!
I am feeling a little poorly today, because yesterday I was spayed. Last week I came to El Paso to live with my daddy for awhile, while Mommy works and travels all over the place. I love being with Orson, but I don't love having surgery! I hope I feel better soon. Nancy, Carter, and Orson all love me, so at least that helps me feel a little better!
Happy Thanksgiving! :)
XO Laika


I'm Smart Pet of the Day!!

December 1st 2004 8:28 am
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hi everyone!
Tomorrow, December 2nd, 2o04, I will be's Smart Pet of the Day!!! yay! check me out!!!!
XOXO! Laika :)


xmastime with mommy and daddy!

January 12th 2005 6:38 pm
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hi everyone!
i am still hanging out with daddy and orson in el paso, but i was so happy to see my mommy over the holidays!!! she brought me so many greenies! i am driving daddy nuts with chewing and barking--i hope that i am able to control myself better soon. i'm at that adolescent stage and going a little nuts! i can't wait till mommy and daddy and orson and i are living all together!
xoxoxo to all!


just saying hi!!

February 6th 2005 2:51 pm
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hi everyone! i wanted to say hello to all of you, and let you know that i've been having lots of fun rousting with orson and driving my daddy insane!!!!! i miss my mommy, but i am so glad that my daddy is so great!!!!! i'm a lucky whippet girl!
xoxooxo laika!


happy valentine's day!!!!

February 14th 2005 7:02 pm
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i hope everyone has a wonderful valentine's day!!!
xoxoxo to everyone--love those around you, and beyond!
laika :) :) :)


i can't wait!

March 7th 2005 1:52 pm
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hey everyone!

yay! my mommy is coming to el paso to see me on friday--and my first birthday is saturday! i can't believe that i'll be a year old. then, on sunday, we're all going to santa fe for a holiday!!!!!!!

i'll tell you all about it!!!
xoxoxoxooxox lai-lai :)


snow snow everywhere!

March 21st 2005 5:52 pm
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hi everyone!
my visit with my mommy was great! mommy, daddy, orson, and i--we all went to santa fe to celebrate my first birthday, and we were snowed in when two feet of snow fell! you can see a pic of me above in the snow--it was the first time in my life that i was in the white stuff! it was cold, but i still loved eating it! i am so glad that i have my "chanel suit" to keep me warm, though!
i can't believe that i'm one year old now. i'm still acting like a puppy, and probably will for a long time!
xoxoxo laika :)

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