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In Shea's Life

My Tail of Devotion for Shea

July 11th 2006 7:52 pm
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Remembering when I first met you, you have changed so much! You were such a lively girl and would love to play. Could play "chase the ball" (definitly not fetch) for hours on end. You loved to go down to the creek to swim. But as time has passed you have grown older, and I would like to think wiser with your days. Seeing you so relaxed and just enjoying the simple pleasures of life makes us realize that life is too short to worry. Too short to dwell on the silly things. Thank you for being a great "old dog" and teaching us to just enjoy life for what "curve balls" may be thrown at us.
We love you!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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The New Sister

April 28th 2006 11:09 am
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Well, Mom and Dad went to get my new sister the other day. She sure does look funny. I am kenneled right next to her and she is the funniest thing to look at. Mom says it is not nice to laugh at her, but who can help it!? Hahaha.
Mom says that he other mom had given her a haircut, and mom keeps mumbling when she goes in by her...."who in the heck would clip the hair on a husky?"
I have been taking my medicine for my paw now for a couple days. I am feeling great. I don't like it when mom opens up my mouth to put that nasty pill in there. Mom then proceeds to give me a treat...and I have no idea why! She can see the pile I have been saving...because I don't like how they taste.
Mom says that when I am done on these pills I have to start some more because I have Lymes. Whatever that is. She says it won't be forever but for about a month. I think I can deal with that.
Well I have to jet, I can see a kitty coming!


My Own Webpage and Diary. Alright!!!

April 22nd 2006 8:45 pm
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Wow, Mom and Dad set me up this awesome webpage where I can meet new friends and everyone can see how pretty I am!!

Today Mom took me to the doctor. I was jumping up on my kennel when Mom was going to let me out and the wire snapped loose and cut my paw really bad. It hurt and there was blood everywhere.

Well Dr. Beth said that I am going to be okay and I had to have some meds. They don't taste too well, but Mom is hiding them in hot dogs. And it makes them taste better. I also got my Rabies vaccine and my 9 way vaccine. Dr. Beth also tested me for heartworm. I am negative but then she mentioned to Mom that I am positive for Lymes. (I knew when that nasty bug bit me I should have let Mom and Dad know). Dr. Beth says that next week Friday I can get started on Meds to treat it and I will be all better.

Dr. Beth kept telling me I was so pretty and that her favorite breed is the Husky! Well, that was a good thing because I got 9 dog treats and some of her cinnamon roll! I guess going to the doctor is not that bad at all!!

Mom told me today that I am getting a new sister tomorrow. I don't know if I am going to like her or not. Mom says she is 2 years old (still a pup) and her name is Cherokee. She will have her kennel right next to mine and Mom says that I can play with her first because I am not as wild as my other sister and brother. I will let you all know how that goes.

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