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For this I'll take some treats also

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Two years

November 19th 2013 8:28 pm
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It's really been two years. I've been missing you and thinking about what we would be doing this week. Dog Park, special meals and lots of walkies. Well this weekend, Monday and Tuesday we have been celebrating the good days and times we have had. We love you and always think about your birthday during this time of year. Missing and thinking about our Blond Canuck!


First Birthday At The Bridge

November 19th 2012 7:16 pm
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It seems like yesterday we were celebrating you turning 9 years old. I couldn't believe that you had made it. I hope you and Kiara are together and celebrating your special day. For some reason, I felt your presence today on our walks. It was Sinatra, who continued to stop and turn around. We all have been remembering you and having some of your favorite things. Sinatra and Willow both had leg quarters and french green beans along with your favorite cottage cheese. Guess what, Sinatra doesn't eat cottage cheese like he used to. So that tells me he was eating it because of you. However, you and Kiara sent us the perfect playmate for him, Willow, and she loves every kind of food- but no treats! We are truly missing you and will furever keep you and your memories close at heart... Missing my blond Canuck!


Happy Birthday Lil Brat

May 18th 2012 7:38 pm
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Happy Birthday my lil brat of a brotha- I've been super business up here with our sister Kiara. She seems to know everyone and is into everything. She's still pretty bossy that's good because it helps me lots. I'm sorry I had to leave you and haven't sent you any words- but I've been right there with you almost every night and some times during the day. I'm happy you were brave enough to give me that kiss. Kinda sloppy dude. I hope you like that present me and Kiara sent you for your birthday. We made sure Willow and you had the park all to yourselves. See me and Kiara may not be there but we are always with you guys... so stop being a pest on the walkies with mommy. She really misses me and Kiara and cries a lot in her heart and sometimes at night. I'm not having anymore problems breathing. I really hated leaving you, mommy and granny- but I know Mommy did all she could for me and was worrying herself sick with my allergies and coughing. Well- we are celebrating up here with cake and frozen yogurt. Sending you lots of birthday hugs and puppy slaps! Your brotha Bodie!


Mommy has another new Angel

February 29th 2012 7:14 pm
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Dear Bodie, I can't believe I have another new Angel. It seems like just yesterday that I was typing this for your Angel sister Kiara. My heart tonight is devastated, broken and in complete shock. I can't believe last night you and Sinatra was just doing your nightly routine of disgusting who should have the others treat. Last night it was the Salmon Cheese spread- your favorite. I know by now you and Kiara are now getting caught up on what has happened since she gained her wings. Me, Sinatra and Granny are sad and missing you but we are doing okay. Sinatra gave you a kiss- I hope you wasn't embarrassed. He's going to miss you so much. I know when the time comes you and Kiara will send a new playmate for him. In the meantime- me and Sinatra will start doing longer walks in the evening. I look forward to feeling you and Kiara's presence on the walks. Until we meet again my sweet Canuck- Mommy loves and misses you so much.


Who you calling a Senior... It's my birthday

November 19th 2011 8:37 pm
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The new term for me these days have been Senior. I guess since Sinatra aka da lil bunny is only 18 months now, I'm considered a Senior. Hey I can still keep up with him when I want to. I much rather stay home and get some treats that granny likes to sneak me when mom goes walking da brat. (Yeah I've got plenty of names for him) Well Mom took us to the dog park. She took us to my first dog park. I really missed that place. It was such a great surprise going back there. I sure miss my Sister today. She would have loved going back there today. Afterwards we went for a ride then home- and guess what we got another walkie out of mommy. Yeah you notice I keep saying we. Remember his name is brat also. Then the last surprise was pupcakes with yogurt. All human stuff. Even mommy had some of the pupcakes. I sure hope she forgets and make tomorrow my birthday again.

Signing off as Senior Canuck Bodie #9... ha


It's da brats first birthday!

May 18th 2011 8:24 pm
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I can't believe he's already made a year old! I keep telling mommy that I wasn't as bad as Sinatra. Of course mommy wouldn't know it because she didn't rescue me until I was 14 months. Even at 14 months I wasn't spoiled, destructive and a cry baby! Well the little bunny, as granny calls him, went to Petsmart and McDonalds. Talking about rotten! Mommy never took me to a human place on my special day! She took him though. I guess I can't complain I did get to eat lots of those nuggets. I didn't get to play with his dumb toys though... I can't believe da little bunny has already destroyed them. I told u he was destructive. I can't believe I get to get on da computer - and voice my opinion tonight, probably cause mommy is tired and da little bunny is stuck in his cage! HA- It may be his birthday but he's still in trouble- he knocked over that big flat screen TV box... u should have seen the humans scream! I love it.

Signed..I'm way smarter than Sinatra Blue


Canuck Barkday Greetings!

November 21st 2009 5:01 pm
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This birthday wasn't my favorite, but I'm always happy to be amongst my humans these days. Turning 7 was a big deal to mommy because as I get older she always pray that I will be with her longer than our Kiara was. Mommy caught that nasty flu bug, so I couldn't do my usual go to PetSmart routine. It's okay because everyday is like a birthday to me. I did get treats, lots of ruvies and car rides on Friday.

Ha, one of those car rides was to the Smelly Vet. Mommy thought it would be hard for us to go in there, since the last time was when our Kiara was brought there. It wasn't as hard as we thought. I got my ears checked and cleaned. Mommy got some medicine for my ears- it's suppose to help with the yeast infection. Ugh!! So far my ears are squeaky clean now. I guess I have to come when her and granny calls me now! Ha.

Whewwww! Husky hugs to everyone on fb and Dogster that gave me birthday shout outs. Da biggest hug to my Kiara, that is probably running zoomies at Rainbow Bridge. I hope she's not being bossy to my pal Kai!

Husky hugs... paws out!


Someone must be missing this beautiful girl!!

September 6th 2009 8:11 pm
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Kiara Mommy tells me those are some of the words that captured her attention that day at work when she was looking for a friend and a running partner. Well I'm missing you also. Yesterday was the worst day of my life so far. Mommy can't seem to stop crying. Granny is being strong. I know she misses you because she knows how greedy you were when she eats her meals. So I've been taking your place right beside Granny's feet while she eats, hoping something will fall into my mouth. Mommy hasn't told me to stop begging just yet, but I know it's coming.

Mommy and Granny took me to the grocery store yesterday. I guess they wanted me to have your favorite meal. I had grilled liver with green beans and some cottage cheese (my favorite)!! Mommy couldn't believe how hungry I was. I also had a cone with some frozen yogurt for the night snack. It was good, but not the same without you. I made sure to eat it all though. Didn't want Mommy to toss it in the trash.

Today I got Mommy to take me for two walks. It was hard, but Mommy didn't cry. Granny says she healing. She has been trying to teach me some new words on our walkies they are "Keep it moving". Ha, I know what that mean.

I hope you are making lots of new friends at that Rainbow Bridge place. Don't forget to take some time out and send us some hugs and me some new treats!

Someone is missing you Kiara... that person is me!


A Pawsome Honor I Must Admit!!

April 19th 2009 5:47 pm
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Thanks Dogster HQ for making me Dog of the Day!! Such a pawsome honor that I think deserves an extra helping of Peanut Butter! Whooo hoooo!

I also want to thank all the great pup pals request and the rosettes!! Hummmm?? I bet I can actually learn to love the spotlight- even if it's only for a day!!

Husky hugs!!


Peanut Butter Withdrawal

January 24th 2009 9:17 pm
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Mommy and granny tried to give me a milk bone last week without peanut butter! I of course refused to eat it. They both know that I will not eat one of those awful tasting milk bones without my precious Peanut Butter slivered on the top! To top it off, I haven't had my weekly dose of Peanut Butter on the side of my food bowl. Mommy tell me about a recall. Recall?? Who in the world would recall something as delicious as Peanut Butter? Kiara thinks the same birds that brought down that Airplane in New York could be behind this. I'm beginning to believe her since she's so smart. I can even feel myself getting slower on the walkies. Lack of the protein from my Peanut Butter could do this. Today Kiara was right beside me. As a matter of fact, she beat me to this big bush on our walkie today! You should have seen the look of shock on mommy's face when Kiara's head went in that bush! I think she thinking Kiara was going to pull out something like a small animal. Ha! I sure wish she would have pulled out a jar of Peanut Butter. Right now I think I would probably eat that sugarless, tasteless natural brand. Ahhhh. Then again! I don't think so.

On a side note, we really want to thank all the Huskies and Mals for pawticipating in the 2009 Husky Heaven Screensaver It has been as much fun making it, as it has been watching it! Don't forget to pmail me if you are still trying to get in before the final is completed.

Husky Hugs!

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