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Lost her battle

July 2nd 2014 6:15 pm
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On June 29, 2014 Maggie~Mae lost her battle to Insomnia Cancer of the pancreas. This was the worst day of my life & I just can't seem to get over it. She is gone my baby girl is gone!!!! I was in denial telling the Vet that she didn't have this dreadful disease because she did so well for so long close to two years. Than on Saturday she started to have convolutions they started about 12 hours apart than 8, than 6, finally within one hour apart the last one lasted 45 minutes.....We knew than her fight had come to an end. I was up with her all night as she slept on my chest giving her so much love as I have always done. She was my "Baby Girl" I loved her so much & the pain just don't seem to go away. The tears I have cried I don't think they will ever end. Maggie~Mae you put up a fight you will be miss but I will never forget you....we had her cremated brought home & now I can have her with me always. Run free in Heaven and one day I will be with you again. I love you



June 18th 2013 11:44 am
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I just wanted to let everyone know that Maggie~Mae is doing better. She is still the same little girl she was before she got sick. We take it day by day and I pray that God will give us a miracle!!!! So far I feel we have been given one she is still with us....


She had a Good Night

March 6th 2013 3:22 pm
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Praise God Maggie~Mae had a good night she slept very well & was up and ready to eat this morning. I fed her than gave her the Predisone she has been doing good all day. We got snow last night over 7 inches she loves the snow but didn't want to play out in it. She would sit on the sofa looking out the window as Daddy cleaned the driveway.....We did get her out a few times to potty and she tried to ran but got tired. She has eaten several times today and has kept it down she seems to be tolerating the medicine very well. I have been told there is not cure for what she has Insulinoma of the pancreas but the Palladia with stop it from spreading to the other organs in her body. It will give us 6mos to 1yr longer with her. We keep praying that the Vet is wrong tomorrow she has a vet appointment we will see what he you my little princess....



March 5th 2013 12:38 pm
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Today we started Maggie~Mae on her chemo treatment with the Palladia. So far she has been able to tolerate it and has eaten three (3) times. Tomorrow she will get the Predenisone 5mg so I pray that it will work. She seems to be doing just alittle better today more alert & some what active. We are not going to give up on her regardless of what we have been told our Faith keeps me determined & positive that she will beat this or the Vet has made a mistake in one way or another. I have researched this over & over it is so very rare for dogs to get this disease!!!! She hasn't had a siezure since 2/12/13 this is a good sign and I pray it continues that way. Prayers for Maggie~Mae lets see how tomorrow will be.


Maggie~Mae has Insulinoma Cancer of the Pancreas

March 4th 2013 12:07 pm
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Maggie~Mae my beautiful little Shih Tzu has been diagnosed with insulinoma cancer she is 7 yrs old. In December Maggie started to have seizure's & a difficult time keeping her balance this only happened in the mornings. We just thought that she had fallen off the bed & hurt herself so we took her to our Vet. After many blood test & xrays plus an ultrasound we have found out the Maggie~Mae has cancer of the pancreas....We took our baby to a cancer specialist only to confirm our worst nighmare she did have cancer. They gave us several options one of which was surgery right away we knew this wasn't a choice as she would never make it off the table. We were also given a choice of Chemo with the drug called "Pallidia" we decided that we will go with that but when we got home & researched it there was very little information about it so we weren't to comfortable about that decision. I have several calls into the FDA & CVM to found out more before I give her anything. Being faced with this is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with...I have ask God to lead me through the days ahead & give me strength to face what will come. Just can't handle what has been given to us I don't want to let her go. I have prayed & prayed that God will heal her from this dreadful disease as I know he can he is a healing God. I haven't given up on my faith praying that she will get better...please keep us in your prayers.


New Years

December 31st 2007 4:28 pm
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Maggie wants to wish everyone on Dogster a very "Happy New Year"
It's that time again when another year passes & a new one begins......I wonder what in store my Maggie~Mae? She had a great Christmas & Thanksgiving with all her family lots of gifts & food. Winter this year has been very warm no snow yet except few many a few inches here & there nothing big at all. Maggie doesn't miss the snow because she won't play in it like the other two. She gets up on the back of the sofa and looks out the window she "loves" to watch the birds at the feeder. Today was her bath day she loves getting in the tub & having her coat blow dried & combed. What a ham she is.....Last night a raccon paid them a visit!!! As they My PMS Girls were going out for the last time before bed they were ment by a very large "Rocky" the Raccoon. Thank goodness my husband when out also because her said he thought it was going to attack them. As he stepped out it turned around and Ms. Maggie~Mae took it running. She isn't afraid of anything that comes into her yard......she will go after even the biggest do in the neighbor hood we call her out "Little Pit-Bull" Maggie~Mae,Paley~Sue & her sister's Sybil~Aine go for a mile walk everyday if it's not raining. We don't want them to get fat and lazy they love it and get upset & cop an attitude if she can't go. Maggie use to hate it but now she is the leader of the pack and gives them a run for thier money. Maggie has been a blessing what a sweet loving baby girl she is we just love her to death I think we will just give them all "lots" more love & tender care also spoil them more than what they are.


Home Sweet Home

March 26th 2007 3:17 pm
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Well we are finally home from Colorado Springs.......I am so glad now I can have the run of the house, play with ALL my toys & get on Mom's bed. I really missed my Dad & Jeremy so much. The ride was so long and we had to sleep in a kennel cage which I hated!!!! The grass is green here which I really like because Colorado is dirt no grass & things that blow across the ride they call "Tumble Weeds" they were so strange to me. I guess I miss the other family Anna, Riley & Roxie even if she was mean to me ALL the time. Dad takes all of us for a walk every morning now and I really like that. Oh, and I can sit at the front door & look out the big glass window I really missed that. It is just so nice to be home.


So True

February 20th 2007 12:02 pm
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The one who listens when I talk,
The one who cheers my lonely walk,
The one who nuzzles when I cry,
The one who comforts when I sigh.

Who else could match my every mood?
Who else would feast on scraps of food?
Who else would prompty this monologue?
Who else but you.......
My Loving dog.


For Sweet Maggie Mae

February 20th 2007 11:53 am
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I ne'er was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and so sweet,
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.

My face turned pale as deadly pale,
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked, what could I ail?
My life and all seemed to turn to clay.

And then my blood rushed to my face
And took my eyesight quite away,
The trees and bushes round the place
Seemed midnight at noonday.

I could not see a single thing,
Words from my eyes did start -
They spoke as chords do from the string,
And blood burnt round my heart.

Are flowers the winter's choice?
Is love's bed always snow?
She seemed to hear my silent voice,
Not love's appeals to know.

I never saw so sweet a face
As that I stood before.
My heart has left its dwelling-place
And can return no more.

One heartbreak is like a thousand lessons.
Loving again is learning them.


Colorado Vacation

February 20th 2007 11:32 am
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Here we are in Colorado Springs to welcome the birth of the first Grandchild I brought the PMS GIRLS Paley Sue, Maggie Mae, & Sybil~Aine with me that was a big mistake. I love them to death but it so hard to handle them all being shut up all the time. The first week here Maggie Mae damaged her corena and had to go back & forth to the vet for treatments. She has finally finished that & I believe her eye has healed but along with it a little bit of vision loss. She has problem's with distance......She is my baby girl she won't leave my side & she never gives me any problems. (Unlike the "Devil Dog") Sybil~Aine!!!! We are now just waiting for there Dad to come pick us up & take us home he will be here March 10th and we can't wait. After we get home I will up date you on this trip..........

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