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It's all about me!

It was a tie!

May 14th 2007 4:54 pm
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I tied for last place last saturday at the 3rd annual Chihuahua races in Anaheim last week!! Mommy and Daddy were very excited. To tell you the truth I didn't know what the heck was going on . There were so many of my cousins there it was incredible. Everybody had on clothes. I heard Mom tell someone that I had on my "Intimidator" shirt on. What's that? I like it alot, because it's beautiful red (just like Thing2) and it says, "Yes. I Bite."

Anyway, they put me in a tiny box, which i hated and then they lifted the window, and there were sooo many people and doggies yelling and barking and everything. I must admit I got a little scared. Some of the guys just ran in circles, one guy went the other way, and one little girl ran really, really fast and found her mommy. I got confused, because I didn't know what to do. So I just stopped and waited for my mom to find me. It worked, she ran up to me and picked me up. Gave me a treat and we went home. It was a fun day cause I was in the car and I like rides!!


Dog Days of Summer

August 3rd 2006 9:02 am
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It's been so hot here, that I have a bunch of hot spots. I was licking, licking, licking until my paws had no hair and my feet were raw. My mommy was beside herself...she bought me a stoopid E-collar and she puts some sticky medicine on me (it is a pretty blue color), but man I itch and I can't lick...poo on that! But my feet are getting better. I guess Mom does know what she is doing. She also bought me some Nzymes...its a treat that I eat every morning. Mom says its for my itchy spots. I don't care, they taste good!

And, I'm very sad now. Mom and Dad went on vacation and left us here with the sitter. I guess that's better than going to the vet and being boarded. I like Linda ALOT...she stays with us all day. But I can hardly wait until Mom and Dad get home. I wonder what they will bring me and Mitzi....hmmmm I better behave...yeah, right!


Yay! Mitzi's better now.

May 4th 2006 7:39 pm
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I was scared cause Mitzi went away and i couldn't find her. Then she came home...I didn't recognize her. It looked like her, but she didn't smell the same. She says that they cleaned her teeth! What a difference. I can kiss her all the time now! WOOF

She doesn't like all the attention. oh well, I'm just happy that she's home and that she's feeling better.

I'm going to chew on my bones cause i don't want to have my teeth cleaned like that..and I'm going to let momma brush my teeth, too.


Mommies Friends

April 17th 2006 4:28 pm
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Sheesh, they have alot of nerve. They only come over every once in a while. Mommy says its cause they live far away. And then they have the nerve to bring me clothes!!! Mom was all excited and thought they were soooo cute and put the sweatshirt on me right away. It was pretty warm and they thought I was calm because I had it on...i was just trying to figure out how to get it OFF!!

They also brought me a stoopid rubber duckie bathrobe and to add insult to injury Mom put it on me so i had to sleep in it and in the morning took me for a walk. Got to admit though, it was cozy warm and hey, I'm macho enough to pull it off. It's not every dog that can go outside with a rubber duckie bathrobe and not get mauled by the dog neighbors. They also brought me a black's much cooler than the robe thing...but still. ~~SIGH~~ Where do these humans get these ideas.

You'll probably see pictures of me in them on this site soon. Just don't make fun of me....or I'll have to show you my teeth!


It's all about me

April 16th 2006 9:51 am
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Since this is the first time I write something (mom is helping) I thought I'd tell you about myself. I'm funny and can play and play all day. I love people, but I have to get to know you first. Sometimes I get a time out when I bark too much at people who come over...but if they're cool and they usually are, I sit on their laps!!

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