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R.I.P. Aquilla (At the Ranch 8/25/11 - 10/12/11)

October 12th 2011 7:06 am
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Mommy was sad yesterday. She had to make the decision to help one of our older rescues cross the Bridge. Aquilla was abandoned at the shelter by her people 2 months ago. She was almost 12 years old and had bad arthritis in her back legs. Mommy couldn't let her stay there, so she brought her home. She found out that Aquilla also had a tumor in her stomach, and she knew that her time with us would be short. She liked being outside, and Mommy would allow her to roam free. All of the other rescue pups respected her and yesterday, they all went to visit her. She got really bad this weekend, the tumor seemed to double in size and she couldn't get up to go outside. Mommy helped her go sit in the sun, and with Miss Lisa's help, the dogter came and helped her cross the Bridge. We'll miss you, Aquilla - run free, sweet angel. We'll see you again.



June 6th 2011 6:54 am
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I was grumpy this morning and didn't want to wake up until Mommy told me that I was Dog of the Day today!!! I can't wait to tell everyone else - they'd better listen to me and do what I say --- today's MY DAY!!


Happy Barkday to my fursis at the Bridge!

June 15th 2010 2:47 am
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Happy Barkday, Tania. Daddy called to remind us that today is your barkday. Mommy, Daddy and Mocha all miss you terribly - I wish I had the chance to get to know you! Licks and wags,



23 today, 26 by Saturday

June 8th 2010 6:17 pm
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Yup, that's right - 23 dogs here at the house today, and three more coming by Saturday. Before you guys call the guys in the white coats with the nets to catch Mommy and take her away, there are 6 of us who live here full time. We have our 4 regular fosters (still waiting for their homes), and now we have a momma and her 8 pups, 2 other labbie pups and a pretty 8-month old labbie girl who is waiting to go to Miss Lisa in New Hampshire. THEN we're getting 2 6-month old sisters on Thursday, and Toby's coming - he's an 8-month old who's going to New Hampshire with Joppa-girl.

Miss Wendy, the horse trainer, left. She went to work for the guy next door, so that freed up her barn which Mommy and Daddy say is perfect for the foster-dogs. It's a lot of fun - we get to run with Sweetie and Sammie, and the others get out by themselves. Mommy said that a lady Doctor from Duke is coming by this weekend to adopt the 6-month old sisters, and the momma and her pups are going to rescue on Friday and the other 2 little pups are going back to Miss Danela when she feels better. With Toby and Joppa leaving for New Hampshire - we'll be empty again!!! Anyone wanna come by for a visit?


keeping up with the Frannicola pups ----

April 22nd 2010 11:07 am
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Mommy has been too busy with her shelter pups to post anything for me on my diary page, so I had to grab her by the hand and make her sit down and type for me!!! Just to catch up, our furriend BJ lost his battle with cancer on Monday - he was diagnosed only 3 weeks ago, and it spread THAT fast. Our thoughts and prayers are with pawrents Doug and Jen, but we're happy that BJ is free of pain and is running and playing with our fursibs at the Bridge! We'll see you again, BJ!!!

Mommy lost one of her senior fosters over Sunday nite - we went outside on Monday morning to let the girls out and heard Sweetpea (the black 10 year old) snarling and growling and whining and we found Sandy (the yellow 10 year 0ld) curled up on her bed. Sweetie was trying to wake her up!! Well, Mommy had to lock Sweetie up so she could take care of Sandy. Sweetie's getting better - Mommy put her in with Sammie, a chocolate girl who's staying with us, and she's adjusting ok.

Mommy says we're getting 3 more guests tonite!! They were all supposed to go to New Hampshire but the transport got cancelled and if they stay at the shelter (in SC) they'll be PTS so, they're coming to us until she can arrange another transport for them! Goodie - more pups to play with!!!!

OOOOHHHHH!! Puppy Hank found his furever home!! He was with us for 6 months and Daddy was sure he would stay here furever, but Deb and Jim came to visit him and their pup Jordan fell in love with him so they took him home with them. Mommy cried for a couple of days - she really liked him - but she's shown us pictures of him in his new house, playing with Jordan, playing in the pool, in the creek and in the woods, and she has to be happy for him, now! Wonder if they want another furkid? I know where there is a really handsome 7 year old yellow lab/mastiff mix who would LOVE to play with 2 furbrothers!!!1 ONLY KIDDING, MOMMY!!!!


I"m in trouble again!!

November 30th 2009 7:57 am
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This time, I got Hank in trouble too! He keeps following me and wanting to play and Mommy loves it when I run with him outside and play tug-of-war, and keepaway. I don't understand why she's not happy when I play with him in the house! He's so smart - he learns very quickly - for instance - it only took me 3 tries to get him to toss a full waterbowl across the room! He was so proud of himself - he ran into the living room and jumped right on Daddy to show him he was all wet and to tell him what I taught him to do!!!

Was that any reason to put me outside in the barn for a time-out?


UPDATE on Shelter Pups!

September 4th 2009 10:30 am
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Mommy heard from Miss Dawn about our furriend Maggie - she said we wouldn't recognize her! She's grown back all of her hair and is absolutely gorgeous! Miss Dawn says she could have been adopted several times, but she ends up keeping her (Maggie already lives in the house with Miss Dawn), so it looks like she's got herself a great home.

The puppies left for New York this morning - Mommy was sad to see them go, but she is happy that she had a small part in saving them from being PTS and going on to have great lives with their new families.

Max is loving living at the farm. He stays outside during the day (cause Mommy keeps food out for him all day and she knows we'll try to steal it) and she brings him inside when she gets home from work. He's already staked out his spot in the bedroom (right next to Mommy's side of the bed), and he refuses to get up in the morning - he just wants to lay there and sleep. He's supposed to go to Miss Debbie's house next week, and go meet his new family from there. We hope they love him as much as we do!!

More later -----


She's at it again!

August 16th 2009 5:26 pm
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Mommy doesn't pay attention to us anymore! The puppy (now named McKinney) left yesterday for her new home and we were so happy because now we're back to just US! the PACK! the FAMILY! Mommy's all ours again, right? Wrong. SHe told us that someone dropped of an "old gentleman" at the shelter - she was really upset that someone could do that to a senior pup until she heard the story behind this guy - he had been rescued originally in Florida and when the family moved here, they had to go into a rental unit. THe landlord said "no dogs inside the house" so they bought a kennel and run for him and left him outside. He got depressed and refused to eat. His pawrents were so upset that they made Miss Lisa promise NOT to put him down, but to try and find him a home! WHo does Miss Lisa call? You got it. He's not here, but she's been going crazy contacting everyone she knows to find this old guy a new home. Know what? I think she did it - Miss Debbie from Pinehurst knows an 80-year old man who's wife is in a nursing home and who just lost his golden retriever and is desperately looking for a companion. This guy is the perfect match for the old gentleman. He's 9 years old and all he wants to do is lie down next to a person and be scratched and touched. I've gotta admit it - he is a handsome yellow labbie - I guess it wouldn't be too bad having him here for awhile - I'll let you know what happens!!!


Maggie is at her new home!

July 30th 2009 11:06 am
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Mommy brought Maggie to meet Miss Dawn this morning. Mommy said that she was great in the truck (whimpered a little bit until Mommy put her hand on her head, then she laid down and slept), and was ALL OVER Miss Dawn when she met her. Mommy's eyes got wet (AGAIN) and she hugged Miss Dawn and said "bless you" for giving Maggie a chance at a decent life. Miss Dawn said that now that she'd met Maggie in person, Maggie would not be put outside in the pens where the other rescues were --- she would join the pack in Miss Dawn's house! Isn't that pawesome????


PS - my fursis Maggie keeps biting me and telling me to make sure everypup knows that SHE wasn't the Maggie that went to a new home. She says she has NO intentions of leaving this one!


Maggie update and a plea for help!

July 28th 2009 7:58 am
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Just wanted everyone to know that Maggie will go to her new home on Thursday. Mommy will take her to meet Miss Dawn who will take Maggie to live with her at her house.


From Tucker's mommy:

I also wanted to ask for some help. I hate to do this, but Dawn is an independent rescue person who is struggling to get 501(c) status. She takes in the hard luck cases and, in most instances, does not adopt them out, but keeps them with her for the rest of their lives. She just took in a 15-year old English Springer Spaniel female whose owner was placed in a nursing home and who faced certain euthanasia if Dawn hadn't stepped in. The old girl is blind and deaf and most likely not adoptable, but at least she'll have a safe place to live out her remaining days. Dawn is struggling, financially. I am going to pay for Maggie's spaying, and for the ivermectin treatments she'll need until all of her hair grows in. Dawn needs help - financial, kennels, fencing, food, whatever can be sent her way. I will obtain an address for her, in case anyone wants to donate to a wonderful cause. Bless all of you for your continued assistance where these poor pups are concerned.

If anyone wants to contact Dawn, she can be reached at: or (919) 698-9654.

Any ideas for fundraising will help, too!!!

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