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My Good Life

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My Day with Mom

April 10th 2006 2:24 pm
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Hi Everyone,
This is my first entry into dogster.
I was a muddy mess with no home when these 2 people picked me up at my foster's home and drove me to San Diego.
I LOVE it here. I have a doggie door and can come and go as I please. Mostly when someone is home, I prefer to be with them. Mom is home a lot. We go to the park and take naps every day. Dad comes home later and that means...almost time for DINNER!
I have a job. I protect the yard from anything that moves...birds, lizards, people or dogs walking by the fence. I get worn out racing up and down the hill. Then, I come in and sleep on the couch. If mom's home, we watch tv.
I do love the park and I am learning to play well with other dogs (except the little ones, they get all barky and excited).
Basically, I have a great, happy life with all the love and food a girl could want.


Happy Spring!

April 18th 2006 5:11 pm
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I love my life. It's spring now, no more rain, I hope. Mom keeps telling me this is San Diego and hardly ever rains but it seems like a lot to me. Today was a good day. I got to lie by the pool in the warm feels so good!!!
Mom says I am going to go swimming this year when the water warms up but I have news for her. I hate to swim. I wouldn't go in last year and I won't go in this year. Although if there are treats involved....
Love to all my dog pals and their people!


Park Happenings

May 15th 2006 6:15 am
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I found some new things to do at the park this week! Usually, I get to run around the grass and do some exploring in the "woods". It's not really a dog park but most well-behaved dogs run in the grass off-leash. But the sprinklers were on the other morning so mom and dad took me over to the playground. I think it's really for DOGS! I got to jump on platforms and climbing things, cross over bridges and slide down huge slides (all for treats, of course). There is sand much fun and so exhausting. Mom put some pics on my page.
I must nap now...all tuckered out.


It's Good to be Lucy

June 8th 2006 5:09 am
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Oh, I love my life...especially in the spring and summmer(fall and winter are good too because I live in San Diego...almost always the same weather). But it seems now, mom and dad are home more and there are more trips to the park and more hanging out in the yard. And that brings up the swimming issue! OK, so I gave in and got down to the second step but there was a treat involved. Mom made me walk around the step with water up to my head and then she swung me around with her hands under my belly and pointed me back towards the steps!!! I had to SWIM! I did it but I just don't get the big deal. All I want to do is get out and shake, shake, shake. It felt good though because it was a hot day but mom closed my doggie door and made me stay out for awhile with her...please see the pictures of this unfortunate stay on the chaise lounge. Oh well, lots of loves and treats later. Swimming makes me STARVING! I WILL go in the pool again. It's good to be Lucy.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

June 27th 2006 6:03 am
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Wow, I have had a busy time lately in the yard. I live in San Diego, not really out in the country or anything, but my backyard is full of creatures that need to be hunted! I AM the hunter!
Actually, I never catch anything but I get close. This week I had a bird trapped in the sunroom...silly thing, she finally found her way out. And yesterday, I trapped a big fat squirrel among some rocks. He was shrieking but I couldn't get to him. Mom made me go back into the house so he could escape. I really wanted to be just friends but mom didn't know that.
But my best was the rat that I chased into the pool! Boy could he swim! Again mom took over and much to her disgust, fished him out with the net and sent him over the hill into he canyon. Now the cats next door will get him. Oh well...I am sure there are more creatures to be found. I'll be on guard 24/7.
I'll keep you all posted.


Today's My Anniversary!!

July 4th 2006 5:46 pm
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One year ago today, my people drove up to Hollywood and brought me home to San Diego. I was being fostered by some nice people with cats (ick!) but my forever home was to be in SD. I guess my picture on the Golden Rescue website was really something! I was covered in mud...I've never told where I had been.
But these nice people didn't care. They could see through my poor grooming habits that I was a pretty Golden petite and sooooo cute!
And now here we are, one year later. I am just so happy and mom and dad are too! Today, for the 4th of July, we went to the park, swimming at home and then a bar-b-que.
Life is good.
Happy Anniversary to me and my many more great years!


Hooray for Summer!

July 11th 2006 5:10 pm
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I'm swimming! Mom was very patient with me and kept getting me in the pool one step at a time. Once I got to the second step and could walk around it, I felt great...not very brave though. Mom kept bringing me out into the pool and pointing me back to the step and wow!, I could swim!!! Then I started doing it by myself. I am swimming in ever-growing circles back to the step all by myself. Mom and Dad are so proud of me (they don't have kids after all so I get all the fuss) but I love it. More treats for me when I get out of the pool. Now Mom can't keep me out...she dried me off this afternoon, gave me a cookie in the house and then I shot through the doggie door and back in the pool. I'm very happy as the weather has been unusually hot.
Well, gotta go...I am all tuckered out from swimming!


I'm Home!

July 31st 2006 6:40 am
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Finally, I am back home. My people went on a trip and took me to the sitter's house for a week. Now usually I love to go to visit Jan and Mel. They are a lovely elderly couple with a cozy home and lots of loves for me. But this time there was ANOTHER DOG. Tina, an older dachshund, did not really want anything to do with me. She wasn't interested in playing. So what's up with that? But she left after a few days so I thought, ok, back to "all Lucy, all the time". Well, wrong again...this time 2 small white fluffy things came to stay. They weren't too bad though. At least one of them would let me chase him around the house and in the yard. But here's the worst. They are REALLY lap dogs and always got there first. So once again I had to fight for attention.
But I did have some fun with them...we became a roaming pack and followed Jan everywhere even into the bathroom. I offered to eat their food for them. After all, they are so small how much can they eat anyway?? Didn't work though...they can eat a lot.
Finally, mom and dad came home...back to normal now. I am getting extra doses of love and am completely spoiled again.
I love my life!


My Day and Going to the Vet!

August 28th 2006 3:20 pm
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Well, mom finally made me go the vet to update my vaccinations and refill my Sentinel. My brother Duke had heartworm so we are careful about that. But why, oh why, do they have to take my temperature? Why do they have to go THERE??? My nose is cold and wet...I have no fever...can't they tell from that? Oh, the indignity...
Otherwise, it was cool to see Dr.Jeff. He keeps treats in his pockets and is very kind and gentle to me. And as usual, all the office girls were happy to see me...I got loads of pets and compliments on my new blonde highlights I get from swimming. AND I lost a couple of pounds...keeping my girlish figure even though I love to eat!
All in all, a good check-up. Tired me out though. After a nice nap, we went swimming.
It was another good day in paradise. I'm due for a Frosty Paws about now.


Remembering 9/11

September 10th 2006 12:19 pm
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Although I wasn't born yet, mom says I have to "paws" and remember all dogs and their people that were affected by the events of September 11th. Mom says she saw losts of video of rescue dogs searching the World Trade Center rubble, getting their paws torn up and risking their lives. And also the therapy dogs that came to help the people so deeply traumatized by all of it. I live very far away in San Diego but we are all Americans and we must never forget the courage and sacrifice and countless acts of kindness. So tomorrow, on the 5th anniversary of 9/11, give your people big sloppy, wet kisses. And moms and dads, give your dogs extra loves(and treats too!).

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