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New to the world

New Home

June 28th 2008 1:57 pm
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I think we're moving. My Mom and Dad are putting everything in boxes. My Mommy leaves for work a lot but only takes a suitcase. This seems much bigger.
I hope we're going somewhere where I can run around and pee on trees. Hopefully it's someplace cooler. It's too hot where I live now, for a pug.
I'll let you know soon. Maybe we will be in a cool, new place.


I got tagged by Oliver!

June 20th 2007 11:03 pm
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The Rules
(Hint: Copy and paste the rules so you don't have to type them again):

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post in their diary the rules and their seven pawsome facts. Then choose seven dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

7 pawsome facts about me
1. I get to see my litter mate some times.
2. I like to tease my cat sister.
3. I love ice cubes!
4. I get to go on regular walks.
5. I just turned one in Feb.
6. Some times I get to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.
7. I love to ride in the car.

Here are my 7 tags
1. Monkey
2. Starr
3. Winston
4. Rumba
5. Tazz
6. Lemon
7. Bogie


I'm ONE!

February 22nd 2007 7:36 pm
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I just turned one! I guess that's cool. I feel like a big boy now. My clothing style is cooler with the ladies. I just wish my big sister would like me. She's a cat. I've seen cats at the pet store and they don't seem to mind me. But Bonkers just hates me. I'll keep trying. Some times it's nice to just follow her around and bug her. Nothing else to do. But MAN, she says some naughty words. My Mommy and Daddy have to tell her all the time to be nice to me. I'm the baby. She needs to learn how to play. Playing is so much fun. I try to get her to run around, but she doesn't. She just glares at me.


Outside World

June 8th 2006 11:22 pm
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I finally discovered how BIG the world is. I thought it was only as big as our home. No! It's BIG. My Mommy and Daddy took me to the park. WOW. Lots of grass and kids and bikes and water and treeeeees. So much fun!!

Next week, we're going camping. I don't know what that is. But it sounds like fun. I guess it's near something called an ocean. Oh well, guess I'll find out soon. WHOO HOOO!!!


Vet Visit

April 12th 2006 11:30 pm
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Today was Bernie's second visit to the Vet. He got his second DHLPP shot. I was so proud... he even tried to sit, on command. But the COLD, metal table was too challenging for little Bernie.
I noticed his ears were pretty yucky last night, so the doc did a swab. Fortunately, it's just a common yeast infection. But we have to give him drops every day. Poor baby boy.
But he survived and was very good.


New Home

April 10th 2006 1:11 pm
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I was going to have Bernie enter his own diary entries but he doesn't understand English very well, yet, and certainly can't type.

We got Bernie Mac on St. Patrick's Day - 2006. He was only 7 weeks old.
Yesterday, he turned 10 weeks old and already knows how to use the doggy door and the comands: "sit" and "drop it".
I'm so proud!

More to come!

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Bernie Mac


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