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I Am the Real Dog of the House

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November 28th 2007 12:37 pm
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Oh, I do love Piloux, I really do. But I say big deal. Her diary is featured today and she is walking around like she owns the world. Who really cares? Everything she does, I do, only I do it better. Today we went on a walk and she had to keep up with ME! (she didn't get to go in the wading pool like I did though). And then, when she came home, she dug a hole and escaped under the fence. She ran right to the office and my mom saw her, scooped her up, covered her with kisses and then told her she was a good dog for not running out of the yard. But, hey, I didn't even try to escape. I am still right where I am supposed to be. I am really the good dog here. And she is a very naughty one.

Sorry, there's a squirrel. gotta go.


October 26, 20007

October 29th 2007 7:18 pm
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Oh what a great day. I want to do that again. My mom takes me running around the Rose Bowl all the time. But today was special. There were balloons and lots of other dogs. And when we got out of the car, we didn't get started right away. We had to stand with a lot of other dogs and their families. Then we heard a loud horn, which scared me, but I look up at my mom and she said lets go. And we ran around the Rose Bowl. We ran around the parking lot and I pooped and my mom cleaned it up. Then we went around the corner and somebody gave me some water.A And then we went around another corner and I saw a squirrel. And then I saw some of my family standing along the race track. It was my dad and human sister, my cousin Katie and her humans and best of all my little sister, and best friend Piloux. She was dressed as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween and she was yelling "Allez, allez," (she told me to say that, but it's not true – she doesn't speak french). I wanted to stop and say hello, but my mom made me keep going. We went until we reached the finish line, and then I looked for and found my family. They were so excited to see me. And they hugged me and pet me and gave me more water. And then we went home. Piloux slept most of the day, but I just kept thinking about going back tomorrow. And running some more.



October 24th 2007 4:09 pm
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Piloux, quit complaining. Yes it is a little smoky outside, but what do you care? You sleep in the shade all day anyway. Just think of me, I run around the yard, chasing squirrels, scaring the mail carriers and am constantly on guard. I am the one who needs fresh, clean air.

Why are you under the bed anyway? They aren't going to make you go back outside. Besides, they can see you. Your back legs are sticking out from under the covers. Do you have food under there? What? Cheese paper from an old cheeseburger. Can I have a piece? Don't go under further, I'm too big to fit. Oh, here comes mom, I'm going to beg for a treat from her.

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