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La Vie de Piloux (moi)

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I told you before -- that cat is trouble

October 18th 2010 10:39 am
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Oh friends, I have told you before, but now that cat is really causing trouble. How can I be expected to live with Sally if she's gonna be such a pest? The latest thing that she-witch-trouble-maker did was to give me the heebie-geebies. For real, honest. Friday night mom noticed a bump on my back side. She's always checkin for cancer bumps, so she got all scared and stuff. But then she saw another one. And another one. Then lots of them. Then she really thought to go crazy. She called the kids down -- you know, the human ones-- to see if any of them did something silly to me like spill something on my fur that would make it matted. But by then I had little bumps all over me. The human brother looked it up on the computer and figured out I had "hives." But, I am not convinced that that cat didn't cast some kind of spell on me. She's been spendin a lot of time outside lately and I think she's up to no good. My bumps went away the next day, but I think that's only cuz she's not real good at casting spells yet. With a little practice though, I'll be in constant trouble.

Now I find out that she's goin nuclear. She has to have some kind of radioactive iodine injection stuck into her (that part I like and I hope it stings a little). But then she's gonna be radioactive for a week --- I wonder if she'll glow in the dark. At least I'll see her coming. Think of the evil things she can do to me in that state. Oh dear. I may need to build myself some kind of underground shelter. I better get digging right away!!!!


I have something to say, but I don't know what

December 29th 2009 10:23 pm
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Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about new things and I get so much on my mind, I got to spill it and free up some space. But, tonight my problem is, I got a lot to say, but I don't know what it is. Is it that I am head-over-heels in love with that he-man, woman-pleasin Cheto? Boy is he romantic. Is it that the new year is right around the corner? I love the new year --- it is a time that you can start all over and forget that you were a bit naughty all of last year. Is it that mom let me stay in the office all day with her today? Oh boy was that fun. I found a sun-spot on the floor and layed down right in the middle of it. Every couple of minutes, I had to move cuz the sun keeps moving. Why does it do that? Why can't it pick one place? I do. I could stay in the same place all day. Is it that I found a cough drop on the floor and chewed it as much as I could till mom took it away? And then Lily found one and mom took that away too? I don't know. I guess I better just go to sleep now.


I just have one thing to say this mornin.

December 29th 2009 8:31 am
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Girls, don't be jealous, but I have received yet another pressie from that dear Cheto. I have been so lucky to get the prettiest pink cupcakey dress in the mail from Cheto and as soon as mom gets her new camera away from the grips of the human kid, she'll take and post a picture of me in it. Well, yesterday, I got a diamond on my page. As much as I love pressies, I don't need a lot of pressies to make me happy. I am a simple pup ---- gushy romance words and sweet nothins make me just as happy (and don't forget table scaps) and boy can Cheto think of lots of lovey-dovey stuff to say.

Alright, I got two things to say. We got a beautiful Boston Christmas ornament from Brea. It was so pretty and we put it right on our tree --- Now, how do you think they knew we liked Bostons?
And even more fun, Brea was my secret pal --- al Lily's too. She was so busy sending us notes and pressies. Wow, what fun.

I am out of things to say now. Perhaps I'll have more tomorrow


C'est tres belle, merci

November 29th 2009 1:17 pm
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Did you guys see my page? I am in Paris, France, with my boyfriend, Cheto bein as romantic as all get-up. Did you see my little outfit? And did you see Cheto brinin me a rose? Can you see all the pretty lights? Did my mom have anything to do with this? NOOOOOOO. Thank you to Cheto, who gave me this page for my Christmas present and thank you to Little Pete for making the most super-fantastical page a little Boston Terrier could ever want!!!!


Thanksgiving Eve

November 25th 2009 7:29 am
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On a day before a day as important as Thanksgiving, a little dog like me thinks long and hard about what is important to him or her, and as you all know, in my case it is a her. I am not a fancy dog and don't need fancy things to make me happy. I need a safe and loving home, some food, a good vet (and boy do I have one) and loving friends. And, you know what? That's what I got. Me. Little Piloux, born in Missouri, shipped off to California --- just think what would have happened if they put me in lost luggage. Man, that's scary. But here I am living with the best sister I could ever have, Lily, and with all the blessings I have, I can even put up with THAT CAT, Sally. And then mom found Dogster and I made friends with pups from all over the country --- all over the world really --- and you guys have made me an even happier dog. So I want to wish everyone of my friends the happiest of Thanksgivings and I want you all to know that because of you, I have an entire day worth of thanking to do. I love you all.
Happy Thanksgiving -- even to you cats on catster too.


I knew I would like that man.

August 7th 2009 1:12 pm
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Okay, so after my heart was broken at the "moving away" of my beloved Jerry Sheppard, I swore I would close my eyes and ears to love. But... then I heard a bark and saw a flash of tan fur and I was hooked. I sure have a crush on that Cheto, Bandito of Cheetos. So, I am thinkin, "boy, I really like that boy, but why?." Then, he went and did something to seal the deal. Do you know what he did? I mean besides sweet-talkin and actin like a real gentleman and bein ever so sweet? He sent us a Dogster Plus page. Not only is that about the nicest thing in the world, but now I can spend endless hours entertained by watchin my mom struggle to figure things out. It'll be a constant laugh-fest. I swear that woman is as dumb as a cat. It'll be great. And do you know how long my mom has had it on her list to do, but never figured it out????

So, I guess Cheto has the same sense of humor as me and so now I know one more reason I like that Cheto. I wish he could come over and watch with me. I'd drag some stuff from under the bed and we could laugh allllll day.


L'amour, l'amour

August 5th 2009 10:21 pm
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Today, friends, I am speaking of love --- the international language of l'amour. What does a little dog like me know of love? Oh, friends, I could write a book. I fell in love with the love of my life, Jerry Sheppard. He was such a gentleman. He was kind and sensative and he was all the kinds of things that us girls dream of. Right girls? But ... he went away. And I will love him forever and there is a little place in my heart where I store all of my best memories. Jerry Sheppard, the licks my fur-mom gave me before I left for California, the hugs and kisses my human mom gives me. My dogster friends. So he will never leave me really, and asked his brother Chaddy if he could be my "ficial" brother so I could always be part of their family. But what happened next, you ask? I accidently ran accross a new man, Cheto. I wasn't lookin for love -- I had given up. But Cheto was such a gentleman, and he treated me like a queen. He is handsome, true, but more importantly, he is kind and thoughtful. He is NOT THE KIND OF MAN WHO WILL THROW HIS SOCKS NEXT TO THE HAMPER, BUT IIIIIINNNNNN THE HAMPER. He has swept me off my feet at a time in my life I thought that I would never find love again. Girls, never give up. There are wonderful men out there just lookin for love. That is all --- Piloux


It’s called Payback, Mom

July 17th 2009 7:38 am
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Ha ha ha ha. I, Little Piloux am victorious this morning. If you have been on Dogster lately, you have no doubt seen the horrible and humiliating photo my mom posted of me -- the one where I am wearing blue swimming goggles. But the picture is not half as bad as what they did to me. First, they put me in the pool and made me swim all the way across. Man, it was far, remember, I am just a little thing. So, I see the steps and am right about to climb up and make my get-away, when disaster struck. My human sister grabbed me, put those stupid goggles on me and then made me stay there while mom ran in the house to get the camera (and may I add that she was laughing all the way). So, they take the picture and uggggh, she couldn't post it fast enough.

So, what happens? All my friends see the picture and they want blue goggles too. My mom said, no, she was too busy to get goggles for everyone, but I went online and signed her up. Wait till she sees all the goggle piccies she has to make. I think she will think twice before she tries to pull a fast one on me again.


Je deteste la piscine.

July 13th 2009 8:31 am
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I guess by now you have all seen it. The picture of me in the pool with the dorky goggles on. It is humiliating and horrifying to think my family, the family who claims to love me made me not only take that picture, but they made me go in the POOL yesterday. The made me swim once yesterday, just to keep me in practice (they always want to make sure I can get out okay if I fall in and I keep telling them I AM NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO FALL IN. I DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THAT THING). So I swam as fast as I could to the steps and climbed out and hid in the bushes until someone opened the back door and then I ran in and hid under the bed, getting the carpet all wet -- not my fault though, is it? Later I came back out and my human brother and his girlfriend were swimming and my human sister wanted to show them my swimming, SO THEY PUT ME IN AGAIN!!!!!. I swam to the steps, like I am supposed to, but they were waiting for me there. They grabbed me, put the glasses on me and laughed it up while mom ran into the house saying “keep her their” while she got the camera. So I had to stand in the water with those stupid things on for what seemed like hours. Luckily, mom felt sorry for me and gave Lily and me treats. Not enough if you ask me. So, please don't laugh at my picture. Let it remind you of the hell that my life really is living with these people.


Pugfest 2009

May 14th 2009 9:18 pm
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I am too little to see all the dates on the calendar, or understand them, but I made my mom make a big circle around June 11, cuz it is gonna be the greatest day ever. The House of Paws pups, thier majesties, King Spivey and Lady Lexus, Dewey-the-King-of-Destruction (I cannot imagine Dewey causing any kind of trouble -- why do you think his mom calls him the King of Destruction?) the Fun-Loving Family (and believe me, they love fun), Lily and I are going to get together and have the greatest real-life, not-on-the-computer party ever. I hope Otto and Ratty can come. Ratty's little, but he's got spunk, whatever that is. We might even get to go to the beach!!! Oh, I'll need to get ready. I'll need to prim and prepare. I hope they like me in real life! Oh dear, oh dear.

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