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International Rabbit Day--Hopy Your Didn't Miss It!

September 24th 2013 8:34 am
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I have written diary entries for two days which did not show up on my page so yesterday, I decided not to bother. Instead I did some serious research (you dogs know how big I am on research), and I came to the conclusion that birds have taken over dogster. They are on a personal bird mission to keep my readers from reading my diary entries. The last one I wrote even said it was added when it wasn't! Yeah, I have no idea how birds could be smart enough to take over dogster, but I assume they are working with some other animals who don't like dogs--maybe squirrels.

For the past two entries, I have tried to thank everydog who sent me pirate flags, and since they were never published, I'll try again. Thanks to:

Luna, Hobo, Milo, and Jenny
Randi, Margo, Sadie, Luv You Forever, and Casey
Mr. Jack Freckles Sir-Licks-A-Lot
Coco Rose and Puff
Robin Hood *OMD*
Scooter, Misty, Mr. Cutter, and Pepper
Hershey and Van Winkle
Buddy Morris, Molly Morris, Scooter Morris, and Petey Morris
Zoe, Cindy, Inkspot, Scooter, and More
Tinkerbelle and Natasha
Heinrich, Gwinn, and Dolly Dog

I really do appreciate all the wonderful pirate flags on my page!!!

I am very annoyed that my entry Sunday didn't make it through since it was International Rabbit Day, I hope everyone remembered and celebrated by being nice to a bunny!

Demon Flash Bandit (Hoping This Entry Gets Published)

Barked by: Puff (Dogster Member)

September 24th 2013 at 5:27 pm

Arleenton wanted to thank you for the shout out regarding International Rabbit day. She suggested everyone send her some stuffies to play with - HeHeHeHe
Barked by: Demon Flash Bandit (Dogster Member)

September 26th 2013 at 8:07 am

I bet Arleenton would love some flavored wood. Flash used to love to chew on flavored wood. For anyone contemplating getting a first rabbit, they need the wood to keep their teeth from growing to the point where they can't eat. Give Arleenton a hug from me!
Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

September 26th 2013 at 10:38 pm

I didn't even chase any bunnies on Rabbit Day. Maybe dat were because I didn't see any . . .


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