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Adventures of a lead dog

November 23rd 2012 7:16 am
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I would like to thank Finley for the wolfday drumstick. It was delicious!!! I also want to conpawtulate my pals, Pepper and Reilly for being chosen as diary picks today!!!

In yesterday's diary, I discussed the insanity of the President (of which both parties are guilty) pardoning a couple of turkeys on Thanksgiving. My fellow dogs are all in agreement with me, but I am writing this for the stupid humans who read my entries and do not understand the seriousness of any situation in which birds are pardoned or allowed to run free! Not one dog has questioned my assuming that the turkeys who are pardoned are killer turkeys. This is because dogs have dog sense, which sadly, the humans do not possess. Since the humans need to have it explained in plain, easy to read, human terms, this entry is for the humans.

I invited one of the bird's many victims into my office today to discuss how the birds are killers. My guest is Willy the Worm.

Demon: Hello Willy, how are you today?

Willy: I'm lucky to be alive Demon. My whole family was wiped out by a hungry turkey whbo ate everyone. I can still hear little Cassandra Worm crying in terror as the turkey ate her.

Demon: How sad!!! Does this happen often?

Willy: Yes Demon, it happens everyday. If it isn't a turkey, is it some other birds species. We worms hate birds because they are always killing us and eating us.

Demon: Do the humans hate the birds like you and I?

Willy: No, they do not, and I can only assume it is because the humans are stupid.

Now, maybe you humans will understand why I don't approve of pardoning turkeys or giving them a good home. They are jerks!!

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