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Adventures of a lead dog

I WANT CANDY-Somebody thinks like me

November 1st 2007 8:45 am
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I have bad news to impart. Angel and I were outside last night (on leashes), and Jeff was giving our candy away to those little neighborhood thieves. I used my scary wolf stare, but those kids don't scare easy. I couldn't believe Jeff would just give a total stranger my candy. I'm sorry I can't give you dogs out there any good ideas on how to stop it, but none of our ideas worked, but I have a year to think of something new and different.

I didn't wear a costume. I was paying attention because I got roped into wearing Superman last year. Angle ended up wearing her hot dog costume. The funniest part was that she has grown a lot since Mommy bought ti, and it ended up being her "hot dog butt". I laughed and lauched. She threatened me with puppy slaps of justice. Anyway, Howloween was okay. Mommy had a lot of candy left over, and then I realized if she hadn't bought all the candy in the first place, there wouldn't be left over candy. Maybe this trick or treat concept isn't so bad. I hope all you dogs had a wonderful Howloween.

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