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Adventures of a lead dog

The Indignities Continue

October 30th 2007 9:01 pm
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Before I start a new topic, I have more information about a subject I covered in yesterday's entry. I have to relate something that I overheard Jeff tell Mommy last night. In the movie, 30 Days of Night (or whatever its silly name is) the huskies didn't die heroically--they just died. He said he made up the heroic part to make Angel and me fell better. I was appalled. How could they just let dogs die for no good reason. Sure, humans died also, but humans could choose to be in the movie. I bet they didn't tell the dogs what part they were going to play. Dogs wouldn't sign on to play in a movie where they die because we dogs aren't as dumb as humans. I don't want to hurt the human's feelings, but that is just the way it is.

Mommy stayed home yesterday. I had to eat left over BK from the refrigerator. I wasn't very happy. Angel ate some ham. BK is not her favorite food anyway. I didn't want ham. I wanted BK, but I wanted it fresh, and I like to go through drive-thru to get it. If Daddy were alive, he wouldn't allow such indignity--micro-waved BK from the day before. What is this family coming to? If they put BK in the freezer section, will Mommy think it is okay to buy it frozen? Let's hope BK never comes frozen.

Halloween is going to be here soon. I think we should pretend we aren't home, and keep all the candy for ourselves. I know Mommy and Jeff won't agree, but they should. Remember, dogs aren't supposed to wear costumes on Halloween or any other day.

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