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Adventures of a lead dog

Don't go see 30 Days of Night

October 29th 2007 9:45 am
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Angel and I were riding to get our dinner yesterday. Mommy said she doesn't know how getting in the car and going for a ride became how we get dinner. Evidently, for some dogs, it involves a bowl and food, and no car. Angel and I are intrigued over that concept, but decided Daddy's way was the best. Angel said Daddy had to have been a rare genius, and I told her he was great. For some odd reason, Mommy says something about Daddyspoiling dogs rotten. Angel and I are looking for the spoiled dogs, but we haven't found them yet. They must be hiding somewhere. Anyway, we were on our way to Arbys, and we got in a slight disagreement over who should sit in the front seat-okay on the console between the seats because our brother, William was sitting in our front seat. I don't know who allowed him to sit up front when there are 2 back seats for him. Anyway, William had the nerve to tell us that he isn't going to put up with us fighting in the car, and if we don't cut it out, we will have to stay home. He has nerve. Angel puppy slapped him and she gave him her scary wolf look the whole way there and back, and it didn't do any good. I'm sure Mommy will realize how rotten William is and make him stay home. We are always having to babysit for him, and he is 24, and he should be able to take care of himself. The things we dogs have to put up with.............

To make matters worse, Mommy and Jeff went to the theatre where Mommy saw Dan in Real Life. Jeff chose to see a horror movie called 30 Days of Night. Mommy warned him that we wouldn't like it because it takes place in Alaska, and all us huskies know that Alaska is a wonderful place. Anyway, when he got out of the movie, he told Mommy some huskies DIED in the movie. I think this movie should not only be banned but as long as it is in the theatres, dog owners should be picketing with signs that warn people not to see it. Jeff was given a stern lecture from both Angel and me for watching such garbage. He said the dogs were heroes. We think the humans should have died heroically protecting the dogs. Now I"ve got to go and write a movie script. I'm calling it 30 Days of Not Killing any Huskies. What is Hollywood coming to?............

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