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Adventures of a lead dog


October 26th 2007 9:51 am
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I have been napping all morning. I have some serious dreams to dream. Why don't humans sleep more? It is a lot more interesting that being awake. I do manage to wake up for the important stuff--like if MOmmyis heading out the door, I"ll wake up for that. I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to go bye bye. Today I decided I'd cover the topic of dreams. I'll start with the bad ones called nightmares--these involve scary things like dressing a dog in a costume for Halloween. Good dreams involve all your favorite food, snow and ice, and lots of squeaky toys and dingo bones. I don't tend to daydream because, since I'm a dog, I can sleep anytime I want. You humans might be a lot happier if you were dogs. I've observed you humans. Most of the time, you aren't having any fun. I'd suggest a good nap.

Mommy tried once again to put a Halloween costume on Angel. You should have seen her zooming around the house to avoid it. She really hates costumes. I am still hoping that MOmmy won't be giving our candy away. Maybe if I sit in the window and look mean, it will scare the kids off. I'll use my scary "wolf" look.

I will be such a great president. When a problem arises, I will take a nap and dream a solution. Remember to vote for me.

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