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Adventures of a lead dog

K is for Kruel

August 14th 2007 3:00 pm
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Hello all you dogs out there. A few of you might be wondering why I haven't been writing my diary. I didn't write because I, Demon Flash Bandit, presidential candidate and overall perfect dog, was put in a KENNEL. Can you believe it? I know I found it hard to believe. Angel was put in the same kennel. I always go on family vacations with Mommy, but the F (I guess the F now stands for FINK) wanted to go to some silly Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mommy says it is hot there and we wouldn't like it. Besides they flew on an airplane, and Mommy doesn't want me to fly in the cargo area. Anyway, the solution was to put Angel and me in virtual jail. She even paid people to keep us there. The kennel gave us a good report card, but I didn't like being there. I missed Mommy and F (the FINK). I also am sad to report----THE KENNEL WAS FEEDING US DOG FOOD---YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY-----DOG FOOD. I couldn't believe it either. Mommy is paying them to feed us dog food? Next time I want to stay at a kennel with a restaurant, and Angel says it should be an all you can eat buffet. Angel does enjoy her food. Mommy took us to Burger King this morning, and I've been sleeping all day with a hamburger wrapper. I'll get back to my usual rantings in a day or two, but this kennel thing has upset me terribly.

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