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Adventures of a lead dog

There's no need to fear, Demon Flash Bandit is here

August 6th 2007 8:20 am
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There's no need to fear
Underdog is here
Yes, Mommy went to see Underdog last night, and said it was a delightful movie. It is the story of a beagle who gets superpowers and becomes a super hero. It is about time they made a movie like this. I get tired of all the human super heroes. Having a dog superhero is far more believeable. Of course, I didn't get to see it because I'm not allowed in threatres. Mommy and Jeff said it was an excellent movie, and I trust their opinions. Jeff did say they should have had more dogs and less humans. Although I haven't seen it, it sounds like Jeff made a good point.

Did any of you dogs out there read Angel's dairy entry yesterday? If you did, you can understand what a pain she is to live with. I try so hard to get along and make her feel good. I even told her that she is pretty. I think you can see why she would make a bad president (VOTE FOR ME). Can you imagine the state of the world if you had a leader that would try to start a fight over every little insult received. We would end up in a war over something that doesn't make any sense. Angel wouldn't care because she would be sitting on her tail enjoying the good life. It is very important that you remember to VOTE FOR DEMON FLASH BANDIT FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unlike Angel, I would concentrate on the real issues--killing birds, ridding the world of bugs, forcing Hollywood to make more dog movies, and LETTING DOGS GO ANYWHERE THEY WANT TO GO. This silly ban on dogs has got to stop.
If you want to live in the past, vote for the dog with the puple polka dot cast.
Demon Flash Bandit--Making the world better for dogs--one dog at a time.

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