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Birds should receive the death penalty

July 6th 2007 9:40 am
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The first thing I want to do in this entry is to thank Savannah Blue Belle and Cotton for designing such a lovely campaign sign and adding it to Savannah's site. Savannah is a very well travelled dog, and all of you reading this should check out her site. It is pawsome. I also appreciate their endorsement in the Demon Flash Bandit for President group. Bodie, I am so glad you and Kiara joined the group. I will cover a major issue in my diary today. Do you know what Angel covered in her diary yesterday----mimes, yes, you read correctly, mimes? She had an entire entry on how she doesn't like them. Who does? Have you ever seen a dog dress up as a mime and pretend there is an invisible wall keeping him from getting to his rawhide bone? Dogs are too smart for that. There is no such thing as an invisible wall, and we'd tear up a real one to get to a rawhide bone. My point is that she wants to be president and all she does is yap about mimes. How silly? She sounds like those human politicians who are asked questions and they never answer them. Then the other silly humans vote for them because they don't seem to notice that their questions weren't answered. That works with humans, but Angel is dealing with her fellow dogs now (we have to persuade our humans to let us vote by the next election). Dogs are much smarter and, if we don't get our questions answered, it makes the whole term "running" more literal. They would be running-to keep the rest of the dogs from tearing them apart.
Back to my campaign: I think the death penalty should be strictly enforced for all birds----NO EXCEPTIONS. There are no birds that will be exempt from this law unless maybe the bird can talk, in which case it better say, Demon Flash Bandit is the best president ever. I don't care if he can recite the Constitution, if he can't say the aforementioned phrase, Goodbye, Tweety. I will discuss more issues of my campaign in tomorrow's diary. It is time to move on.
UPDATE: Meagan isn't home, and that bird is still strutting around her yard(he wouldn't be if I were president). If something isn't done to stop them, they are going to be moving into every neighborhood. That sends chills down my spine which, since I'm a husky, actually feels good.
Mommy went to see License to Wed yesterday. If I were a screen writer, it would be License to Kill Birds. Wait a minute---you shouldn't need a license for that. For those of you who like birds and won't admit they are evil, I have 2 words for you: Bird Flu---I think I've made my point.
Remember to join my group, Demon flash Bandit for Presdent. HOWL
Demon Flash Bandit (The Dog who Has the Cure for BIRD FLU---kill them)


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