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Birds deserve the death penalty---I dont' care what the- humans say

June 28th 2007 8:02 am
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I'm still worried about the situation with the house next door. If that bird bought the place, then it is time to move. I refuse to live next to a bird. Who would want to live next door to such a sickening group? They get up early every morning to sing----and their songs have no lyrics. I guess none of them are songwriters. They sing the same tune over and over. They poop everywhere. I've seen them poop on the windshield of the car. Obviously, they have no manners. They eat worms which is disgusting--okay, maybe that is okay. I've eaten a few annoying bugs myself---but they aren't my main diet. Birds fly around and act like they are the only ones who can which is totally untrue. My brother flies me into the car a lot of daysl They are the inspiration for that stupid "I flew in from___________, and boy are my arms tired. How many times have we heard that stupid joke? It is the birds' fault. It was okay the first time, but after about 2 times it loses its edge--and I've heard ti about 10 million times They steal snow. I know to some of you short haired breeds, you might not care, but to a husky, stealing our snow is a crime worthy of the death penalty. When a dog carries out the death penalty on the birds, his humans usually get all upset. "You kilLed the sweet little bird." PLEASE=====like you have done something wrong. They should be giving you a medal-----and then leave the d out of medal and you have meal---another thing that could be given along with the medal. I've got to find out if that bird owns the house or not. I haven't seen Meagan in awhile; but, like me, she is a house dog so maybe I've just missed her. I sure hope she is still there. I wonder if she is there and the birds broke into the house and are holding her and her family hostage. The possibilites stagger the mind. I've got to take a nap.
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