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Adventures of a lead dog

Phantom Dog

April 29th 2007 9:49 am
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Yesterday was lousy. Before I go further with this entry, I'll explain-I don't poop. Other dogs poop, but I don't. The poop that is in our yard is from the phantom dog. He likes to come here to poop, but no one see him. He is like the wind-you can never see him. When I was a puppy, he pooped in the bedroom and I covered it with newspaper because I was trying to protect a fellow dog. He can't help it if he has to poop-most dogs aren't like me. Now that you understand the situation, I accientally stepped in the phantom dog's poop, and got some got on my back paw. Naturally I had to clean it or, if Mommy sees it, she might want to give me a bath. I'm not a big fan of baths. I did what any dog would do, I cleaned it with cloth. The fact that the cloth just happened to be Mommy's bedspread seemed to upset Mommy. I have no idea why. She would want my paw to be clean-and it was when I got finished. I was planning to lay on the bed so it was very logical that I would clean my paw before laying down. Mommy must like the phantom dog because she didn't fuss at me. She said the bedspread is washable. I'm glad Mommy is understanding because, if she wasn't the phantom dog could be in trouble and might even be banned from our property. The best part is I didn't have to get a bath. I did a good job of cleaning my paw. Besides, Mommy said she didn't feel like fighting with me in the bathtub. She used a wet wipe to finish cleaning my paw-I don't really like my paw cleaned with wet wipes, but at least it is better than a bath.
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