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Adventures of a lead dog

I am a male dog.

April 28th 2007 6:02 am
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Mommy usually brings me toys or treats whenever she goes out without me, and that usually makes me extremely happy. However, I couldn't believe what she brought me yesterday-PINK yes PINK tennis balls (3 of them in a container). Normally I love tennis balls or any other kind for that matter, but these were PINK. I am not a girl dog. I refused to play with them because I am a male dog. If I were a girl dog, pink would be fine, but I'm a boy. What was Mommy thinking? I heard her tell my brother that she read dogs are color blind. How do humans know this? If I can't distinquish color, why would I refuse to play with them because of the color pink? Mommy thinks they look nicer than regular tennis balls. Of course, Mommy isn't a male so naturally, being a female, she would think pink is a nice color. Why can't my brother get them instead of Mommy? He wouldn't pick pink. He would buy green or blue. I love Mommy, but sometimes I do wonder about her taste. I mentioned in my earlier dairy that when I colored the drab (my opinion) green carpet orange with craft paint, she just said she would replace it with hardwood. I knew her taste was bad then because the orange really did wonders for pulling the whole decor of the room together. I felt it needed a bit of color. It would have a lot more color if I could reach the other color craft paints, but I could only manage to get the orange one. Ever since I got into the craft paint as a puppy and walked around with an red nose for about a week, she keeps the paint out of my reach (or tries to), but I am a very talented dog at getting into things (that's what she calls it). I would prefer she say I am an over achiever, but for some odd reason, she doesn't seem to think it is a good thing. I wonder if I'll ever understand humans. They are so ODD.
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