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Adventures of a lead dog

Mike and Ike's Tropical is the perfect food.

March 30th 2007 6:35 am
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I'm beginning to look forward to these diary entries. It is good to get to talk about things. Again, no snow. Why does it only snow in the winter? Why can't I live in a lovely place like Alaska? Are penquins birds, and if so, are the birds who steal my snow selling it to the penquins because I know penquins like snow too? There are so many questions in life. Maybe I'll never know the answers, but I keep wondering. Yesterday I had Arbys AGAIN. I'm not complaining about the Arbys, but I would prefer candy. My family knows that. I'm always on the lookout for candy. Instead of going on a rampage about birds (maybe someday you people will listen before it is too late), I'm going to explain the whole candy issue. Mike and Ike's tropical flavor is the perfect food. It has all the nutritional elements needed for a dog's diet. First of all, it is FRUIT-look at the package-fruit flavors. It has citrus, fruit, vegetables (some of them are green), and sugar-the four basic food groups. Don't you people know anything about the food groups? The only one that isn't covered is the ice cream group. My mom bought me some "special" ice cream called Frosty Paws or something like that. It was so awful, I wouldn't eat it. I will eat her ice cream if she will put it in my reach. I've been known to put my tongue on ice cream cones that are passing by me-like the humans have never heard of a toll. I hope all of you out there get all the Mike and Ikes and ice cream you want. I won't because my Mom "thinks it is bad for me". I've got to stop writing and go to the kitchen and see if I can find a new method for getting what I want. Looking cute doesn't get you much. I wonder if I could. . . . . . .


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