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Adventures of a lead dog

Antoher normal day

March 27th 2007 9:29 am
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This looks like another routine day for me. It is getting warmer here which means those annoying birds are plotting to steal all the snow. Every year the same thing happens. They show up and my snow is gone. I've heard some dogs don't like the cold and snow, but they aren't sled dogs. We are at our happiest when it is snowing and cold. I am a lead dog. Actually, I am the only dog. I have been the lead dog since I was a puppy. I have to be the first one everywhere we go. It might be fun to pull a sled, but it would seriously interfere with my main occupation my serious work which is sleeping. I am constantly having to help my family. They start to work and I have to bring a toy because I know they don't want ot workl Believe me, I know these people. They don't like to work. I guess they aren't working dogs like me. I've got to go now. I hope I go out for dinner early today. Mom said I am having Arby's today. I like roast beef, but I don't like the cheese they put on it so Mom orders it without cheese or buns-just meat. They know me there so it isn't an odd order to put the meat in a container. I hope all you dogs out there are well and happy.


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