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Braxton's Bulletin

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Walking fur Parkinson's!

March 2nd 2010 5:26 pm
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Woof, Everypup!

Once again, mommy and I will be participating in the Pups for Parkinson's Walk held here on Long Island. On Sunday, April 18th, we will be walking in honor of one of our closest and dearest friends in the world! Parkinson's is a horrible disease, and funds are needed to help find a cure fur this debilitating, rude illness!
Pawlease ask your pawrents if they would sponsor me in the matter how big or small the donation, it would mean so much and be so appreciated!! Follow the link below to become a sponsor and to learn more about "Pups for Parkinson's!"

Thank you, dear pals!!

Spon sor Braxton :-)


Braxton, Texas Ranger Rides Again!

June 12th 2009 8:04 pm
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Well pups I'm off to the Lone Star State tomorrow, with mommy in tow! BOL! I'll howl to y'all when I get back!



It's About Time!

May 7th 2009 6:22 pm
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Finally, mommy (slacker that she is) posted a few of my pictures from my trip to Texas!! Only a year after the fact, mommy! How rude! Heeheee!!


OMD!! I am DOTD!!!

April 29th 2009 8:03 pm
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Oh my Dogness, I was chosen as Dogster's Dog of the Day, today!! Mommy and I are just flabbergasted! Our phone rang early this morning, and it was Muffin & her first we thought something was wrong, but they were just calling with the exciting news!! Woof!
I am so very honored and so darn excited to be DOTD!! I never thought that I, little ol' Braxton the Pooh, would ever be picked as DOTD!

Great big thanks to my dear friend, Rosie, fur starting a thread fur me in the Plus Fun Forum and to ALL the great pups who sent me rosettes, stars and PPR's!!! Your generosity and kindness is just overwhelming! I have mommy working over time in my quest to thank you all pawsonally!!

Oh, and thank you, DOGSTER!! Thank you fur this special honor and fur being the pawesome site that Dogster is!

I love you all!!!
DOTD 4/29/09


Dinner with The Dog Whisperer!!

April 21st 2009 2:49 pm
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Oh pups, did I have the most exciting time this past Sunday!! Mommy and I attended the "Paws for a Cause" benefit dinner at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C., as guests of my best friend Booger's mommy, my Aunty Caryn!! Cesar Milan, aka The Dog Whisper, was the special guest speaker! We drove down to Maryland and off we went with Aunty Caryn, Abigail, Teddy, Lucy, Norma Jean, and some dear friends of Aunty Caryn's to the Capital!!

It was a was a woofderfully splendid affair, my friends! There was a "Bark" bar, hors d'oeuvres fur the hoomans and paw d'oeuvres fur the pups, cocktails, and the works! I met with a pet psychic, who tried to give me a reading, but I wasn't sharing much! Heeeeheee!! I am an enigma, after all!

The main event was held in a beautiful pawty room, decorated in a paw print theme! There were huge Milkbones set out on the tables fur the pups, and a delish dinner of salad, sea bass, roasted potatoes and broccoli rabe was served to the hoomans! Dessert was a sampler of yummy pastries!! Just grand, I tell you!!

After dinner, Cesar Milan took the stage. He gave his talk and then the Master of Ceremonies, Leon Harris, picked some questions out of a bowl that guests had written fur Cesar. Well, the last one he picked was mommy's!! This is what it said:
"My dog is very protective of himself and his belongings...he only has one do I train him to stop biting people?"
Yes, it is true...I growl and at times bite (or try to) when my stuffies are threatened, or if you try to touch my paws or tail, and a variety of other things. Usually, I am a sweet natured boy, but as mommy always says, I have issues!

Well, the audience laughed when mommy's question was read, and as Cesar was starting to answer, Aunty Caryn yelled out "the dog is right here, and so is his owner, why don't you bring them up there?!" Oh dog, was mommy emarassed, and the next thing we knew, we were up on stage with The Dog Whisperer!! Me, little Braxton the Pooh in the spotlight!! Heeeeheeee!!

So, Cesar had mommy tell everyone a little bit about me and my "issues" and then he wanted to see me in "action!" Well, when I am nervous, I am as good as gold! That's why my dogters all think I am just the best patient...when I am scared, I am mellow. So, I was there shaking on the table, while mommy was trying to get me to growl and do my thing. A lady threw a stuffie to mommy to see if I would guard it, and nothing! Mommy was saying, "come on , Brax, be bad!!"" BOL!! Everyone was laughing, it was so much fun!!

Finally, mommy thought that taking off my harness would get me going...and it did! I let out a growl fur all to hear!! And mommy said, "see there he goes!" Then when she went to put it back on me, I snapped at her, while doing my very best growl!! Teeeheee!! Then Caesar went into his spiel about the hooman needing to be confident in their actions and approach differently and yada, yada, yada! Sure, Caesar, blame it on mommy!! BOL!!!!

We were up there fur about 10 10 mins of fame!! It was just so exciting, and the chance of a lifetime!! When we came down, I was a star! Aunty Caryn and all her friends said me and mommy were a big hit, that everybody loved us!! Abigail, Teddy, Lucy and Norma Jean woofed how pawesome it was! When we went up to the lobby to wait fur the valet, so many people knew who I was! There were cries of "ooh look, there's Braxton!" And, people were coming up to me, wanting to pet me and see me up close and pawsonal!! Oh, being famous is fun!!

Thank you, Aunty Caryn, fur inviting us and fur giving mommy and me a night to remember!! We love you!!



November 11th 2008 11:04 am
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I've been tagged by my good buddy, Yuji!! Now, I'm gonna tell 7 unexpected things about me, then tag 7 more here goes:

1. I spend at least 20 minutes every day licking my bed clean
2. I'm very protective of my stuffies!
3. I love to travel and go on vacations with mommy! I've even been on a plane!
4. I am a very crafty sock thief!
5. I've met a lot of my Dogster pals!
6. I am a very good boy at eye drop time.
7. More than once, I have climbed into the bathtub and had to be rescued :(

when you tag 7 other doggies, please send them paw mail or a rosette to let them know

my taggees are:

Johnny Thunder
Buddy Ray


The Traveling Pup!!

August 20th 2008 11:17 am
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Mommy has totally slacked in her writing duties, so pawlease furgive the tardiness of this diary entry. Well, way back in April, mommy and I took a big airplane to Texas to meet some of my dearest friends! I traveled in my Sherpa bag and sat in the cabin with mommy. I was a little scared at first of flying all that way, but I settled into my bag and had no problems on the flight...though, I was sure glad to land! My bestest friend, Bailey's mom was waiting fur us as soon as we got off the plane at DFW, and she said I looked like a "bobble dog" with my head bobbling out of my bag! Heeeheeee!!

Mommy and I stayed in a very nice dog friendly hotel in Fort Worth, about 10 mins from Bailey's house. It was so cool staying in a hotel, and I was a well behaved guest! Didn't pee on the rug but once! BOL!! Anyway, it was just furtastic meeting Bailey and her little brother, Cooper! Bailey is every bit the little Queen, and Cooper is just adorable! We did all sorts of exciting stuff...we went to play at Fort Woof (doggie park), we took a woofderful walk along the river, we strolled Downtown Fort Worth, and we hung out and drank muttgaritas (well, the moms did, heeeheee)!

At Fort Woof, we met up with my darling friend, Muffin! Oh, what a little spitfire she is! BOL! And her mommy is just the sweetest! Her daddy is pawfully nice, too! They brought lots of pressies fur me, Bailey & fur Cooper! I gave Muffin some of my homemade peanut butter cookies that mommy helps me bake ;). We all had a very good time, hanging out and stuff! It was so furbulous to meet Muffin in pawson!

A few days into our trip, mommy and I rented a cute little truck and drove a couple of hours south to meet very dear friends of mine, Annabelle, Rex, and Wolfie!! All I can say is that they are all just as precious in pawson as they are in pictures!! And, their momma is an absolute doll!! We spent the afternoon at their beautiful house and frolicked in the yard! Mommy was excited to see their storm shelter, as being from Long island, she had never seen a real one before! BOL!! She even took pictures of it! Silly girl!

We stayed fur supper and their momma made a delicious spaghetti dinner that mommy is still drooling over! The pups' daddy and hooman brother joind us fur dinner, and what nice fellas they are!! It was a marvelous time fur all!

We visited together the next day too. We had lunch and took pictures and played in the yard again! They are the sweetest family, and mommy and I were sad to have to leave. But, it was time fur us to head back to Fort Worth. I think they were sad to see us go too, and their momma said that Rex looked around fur me fur days. Awwww!

Back in Forth Worth, Bailey's furtastic mom and dad showed us a woofderful time!! They took mommy to "Billy Bob's Texas," the world's largest honkeytonk! Heeeheee! Mommy could get over it! It was like nowhere she had ever been!! They had a pawsome gift shop and she bought lots of gifts fur the folks back home there, as well as fur herself!
They also took mommy out to some of the most amazing dinners she ever had! She had craw fish fur the first time ever (it was yummy!), a scrumptious Mexican meal, and the best BBQ that she ever had!! Oh, and the best steak supper she ever had, too!

The moms also went to The Stockyard Station together, which mommy loved! . They watched the daily cattle herd, which mommy had been dying to see! They also went to the National Cowgirl Museum! Mommy said it was so interesting and cool to learn all about cowgirls!

Oh, we also went to Sonic!! I know to a lot of you pups, that is not exciting, but to me it is! See, there are no Sonics where we live, and fur years mommy would watch their commercials and get all pissy that she she couldn't go to one! BOL! Well, we finally went! Three times!! Once fur yummy coffee drinks, once fur breakfast, and once fur burgers and fries! All of which were yummy!

Well, I am sure I am leaving lots out, but mommy is getting tired of typing, and this is way long! To sum it all up, mommy and I had the MOST WOOFDERFUL vacation ever, and our friends made that possible!!! Pictures to follow soon...I hope! Heeheee!

Soon to come...all about my roadtrip to Maryland to visit the Shih Tzu Kisses family!


Braxton's Big Adventure!!

April 3rd 2008 4:33 pm
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Well pups, tomorrow, little ole me (with mommy in tow) is going to Texas!! Yep, to Texas on a big airplane fur 8 days! I am going to visit some of my very dearest friends in the whole wide world...Bailey & her brother Cooper, Annabelle, Rex, Wolfie, and Muffin! Who is luckier than me?! Not many, not many! Heeeheeee!!

Mommy says our flight is about 4 hours, and that I have to be a good boy in my new Deluxe Sherpa bag. Of course, I will be traveling in the cabin with mommy...though, I don't understand why I'm not getting the seat and she's not staying in the bag??? What the woof is up with that?

Anyways, I will tell you all about my adventure when I get home! To any pup who pmails me or leaves me a pressie, please know that I am not ignoring you and that I will respond when I get back!!



SuperStar Tag

February 25th 2008 5:41 pm
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I've been tagged by the adorable Miss Daisy Mae, she thinks I am a SUPERSTAR and has invited me to PLANET HOLLYWOOD home of Neon lights and Shining Stars.(

Each player starts with saying:"_(Name of the Doggie who Tagged you here).....Thinks I am a SUPERSTAR" Dogs who are tagged can check out PLANET HOLLYWOOD, see if they would like to join and if they do, they need to post in their Dairy the rules and choose 10 dogs or cats to Tag and list their names. Next, invite them to Dogster/Catster group...PLANET HOLLYWOOD. Don't furget to bark them a pawmail that they have been tagged, why you think they are a SUPERSTAR and to read your Dairy, or to send them a fun rosette announcing they've been tagged!

I think these Dogster/Catster Members are SUPERSTARS! So, I invited them to PLANET HOLLYWOOD! Some of these woofs are all ready members of PLANET HOLLYWOOD, I just tagged them to let them know that they are SUPERSTARS to me always!!

1. Annabelle~44496
2. Rex~44488
3. Yuji~398621
4. Fernie Marie~289894
5. Tinker Girl~674787
6. Hannah~677537
8. Muffin~442433
9. MacKenzie~210652
10. Jeannie & Nora~679704

(PS.....If your unable to find the PLANET HOLLYWOOD Group, then just go to my groups on my page,you can click on it there...Have Fun! :)


Cupid Strikes Again!!

February 12th 2008 5:59 pm
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Cupid got me! Well actually, my best friend, Bailey! Heeheee! Now, I am going to be Cupid and I tag the following pups... if I tag you, please keep it going!! Pretty Please :-)

My Valentine Wishes!
1) For my grandma to get healthy!
2) For all my sick pals and any sick family members to get better!
3) For all those pups needing homes, to find them fast!!
4) More snow!
5) More cookies!

I am tagging...
1) Miss Daisy Mae
2) Buddy
3) BooBoo
4) Roxie Doxie
5) Hannah

Happy Valentine's!!!!!! and Happy Tagging!!!!!

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