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Terror Terriers Rock!!!!!!

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What Happened!?

October 23rd 2011 8:01 pm
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We added a few pics to my page and ALL the
captions from ALL my photos disappeared!!!
So did the frames!

Mom doesn't remember what she wrote on
them all!
Has anyone else had this problem?

My mom is majorly bummed...and afraid to
add any photos to our pages now.


Results & Thank Yous

October 23rd 2011 5:20 pm
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Sorry about the long delay about the results, but
my mom was a bit lazy in helping me write here.
Bad mom!

Well, 'the growth' wasn't anything serious.
Thank God!
Doc told her it was...(he said so many big words
and mom cannot remember that many big words in
one whack!) some kind of fungal bacterial blah,
blah, blah. She couldn't ask him a bunch of
questions over the phone 'cause he had a doggie
client waiting. When I go and get my stitches
out, she's gonna ask more questions and get a
copy so she can read all those big words for

Also, I would like to THANK ALL THOSE who sent me
gifts, comments, and p-mails when I was going in
for surgery. I don't think my lazy mom is gonna
write individual thank yous. Sheesh mom, rude!

Love you all!


OH OH OH! Forgot To Mention This!

October 15th 2011 8:06 pm
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So yesterday morning before we left to the vet,
mom let us out to do our biz. Okay, so everyone
comes in and those who need to go in a crate, go
in. Mom leaves me outside 'cause we're leaving.
She locks up, takes the truck out, closes the
gate and off we go. A few blocks later, she asks
me, 'And how does your yucky growth look?
Let me see. She turns my face towards her so she
can see the other side and, and, AND...
There was no BIG GROWTH! Instead, there was a
big bloody spot!! You shoulda seen my mom's face!
She let out a gasp and said, 'Oh Cooper! What did
you do NOW!' She pulled over (we weren't on a busy
street yet) and cleaned it up. She was trying to
figure out what happened. Best she can figure is,
it was when we were out doing the biz. She heard
me barking like a dwid, running back and forth.
Now, I think my awesome barking blew it clean off
to next week!!

As you know, I still had to have
remove the root of all evil, uh, I mean the root
of the growth.


I'm Baaaaaaack!

October 15th 2011 5:13 pm
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Here I am, pals.

Well, yesterday I came home a bit wiped out.
I had to wear...THE CONE OF SHAME(!)
'cause I wanted to scritch 'the spot'. Mom thinks
the spot looks awful. It's a little swollen still.
Mom asked the doc yesterday how it was gonna look.
She told him it better look nice 'cause my
Hollywood head shots had to look perfect! He told
her it would look like what the Rodeo Drive docs
do for their patients. Silly peeps! BUT it better
look good!!

But I digress...when mom picked me up yesterday,
and they brought me from out back, I would NOT
look at her. When they handed me to her, I
would NOT look at her. When she talked to me
like a baby and kissed me, I would NOT look at
her. I just plain would not look at her. She
thinks I was miffed for being left there and
getting all mauled up by Dr. Frankenstein...
and I was - mad that is. I've NEVER had to
get cut! How could she do this to me! Wait...
oh yes. I have had to get cut. I remember now.
It was back when I was about 7 months old.
That's another story...neverrrr miiiind.

Anyway,...I had to wear that cone for several
hours, but when I started to feel a little more
like myself and suppertime came around, it was
taken off. I didn't bother the spot anymore, but
mom is keeping any eye out. If any suspicious
scritching is going on, the CONE OF SHAME(!) is
in a very convenient place for easy access-to be
shoved (I exaggerate) back on my head. I better

Today, I am totally myself. I was outside when
the mailman came. I was my usual psycho self.
Mom yelled at dad to go get me before I do any
damage to myself and I'm not supposed to be out
there around this time and why is he out there
anyway, blah blah blah!!! Mom, just because I got
plastic surgery, it doesn't mean my world has
to change! Right now, I'm laying on the dog bed
looking outside (Mick's usual place), watching
dad cut the grass. The weather's fine here and
the grass needed cutting probably for the last
time this year.

Big thanks to all the pups and peeps who kept
me in their thoughts and prayers.
Love you all muchly!
~Super Duper Cooper Coca~

P.S. The results should be in Monday...or


A Wee Update

October 14th 2011 12:06 pm
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Cooper's mom here:

Cooper was out of surgery when I called
a bit ago.
He was waking up and doing fine.

Be back later.


Oh Brother...Now It's Me!

October 11th 2011 4:31 pm
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As you might have already read Strider's diary,
he and I went to the vet yesterday (along with
Redford, but that's another story). I went
because I have a growth near my lip that mom's
worried about because it seems to have gotten
bigger quick, in fact I didn't have it at all
several weeks ago. So, now I have to go under
the knife. Crud. Mom is at her wit's end (what
in the Jack Russell does that mean anyway?)
with all the stuff that's been going on with
us lately. She hasn't been feeling too good
lately either...probably stressing out worrying
about us.

So, I'm going to ask you all, too, to keep me
in your prayers about my surgery, which is
going to happen Friday. Crud.

Thanks pals.


Calling All Facebookers!

July 31st 2011 11:14 pm
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We're asking you Facebookers for a favor
since we're not on there.
A new pal of ours named Miley, who hasn't
been on Dogster very long, needs some help
from you.
If you wouldn't mind, could you all help
her by going by and voting for her? She's
trying to win and she's only got two votes.

Here's the link to her diary entry:

Furiends, help me winz!

Thanks, guys!


Run Dozer, Run!!

May 21st 2011 3:08 am
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Check this out!

My dad found this on
There's a link in there for a youtube vid
of this runnin' fool of a pup!
Mom laughed so hard when she saw it. She
kept watching the video over and over. She
likes that he's running with his head held
high, and with the biggest smile, like he's
so proud of himself.
And he should be!
He's a pretty kewl pup, if you ask me.
You go, Dozer!! But next time ask your peeps
for permission first!

My hat (if I had one) goes off to you,

The Running Pup
(Click on link)

There's also a link in there about the now
infamous war dogs.


My Turn To Be A Diary Pick!

May 12th 2011 4:38 pm
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Well son of a gun!!
Today I'm a Diary Pick.
Yesterday Redford was.

I like it better when I'm one!

Thanks to all my buds who've
given me gifties, mail,
comments and other stuffs!
You all are the BEST!


Mystery Pup

May 6th 2011 3:51 pm
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Hey everybodeh!!
Can you guess who this is:

Mystery pup
(Click on link)

Well, can you??

This "mystery pup" is none other than that poor,
severely emaciated, almost dead Pibble that was
thrown down a garbage chute like he was nothing
but a piece of unwanted trash!
Yep, this is Patrick now!!!!
Can you believe it? Look how good he looks!!
Thank God he made it. Mom couldn't stop crying
when she saw that first picture of him. HOW ON
ANIMAL LIKE THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was nothing but a puppy!
A PUPPY!!! Why didn't she just hand him over to
Animal control if she didn't want him anymore?
At least he wouldn't have suffered like he did.
And I'm sure someone saw him all that time he
was with that monster who had him. Why didn't
they intervene and help him? Probably monsters
Well, this is behind him now, thank God, but many
more are suffering all the time. All the time. Hidden
where we can't see them. In the hands of horrible,
horrible evil beings who have no compassion or
conscience. *Sigh*

Just thought you might find this website informative.
Sad but informative. We've had our eyes opened to
this now, so it's nothing new. Maybe what's new and
still shocking is the different ways they're found.
All her life in a "box". In a gator infested canal,
and so on and so on. Pit Bulls might have a bad rep but
they're also the ones that are treated the worse.

(Click on link)

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