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Mom here

September 11th 2014 1:52 pm
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Just came back from helping Zoe to Rainbow Bridge. It feels like I have had a part of my heart and soul ripped out. I knew she wasn't going to get better. She was 16 and the only thing she had left to do was eat, but all the eating in the world wasn't helping her. Then she started throwing up everything we gave her. She was too weak to stand. She had lost her quality of life. Zoe was my first dog I ever had and this hurts beyond belief. Please pray for Roxi as she is still waiting for her best friend to walk through the door and she doesn't understand she never will come back. I'm not sure I understand either. RIP Zoe I miss you beyond words and it's only been a not even an hour you are gone. Till I see you again.

Forever in My Heart
Gone, yet not forgotten
Although we are apart
Your spirit lives within me
Forever in my heart


Tag! You're it!!!

June 20th 2009 8:39 am
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Copy these questions into your diary and then tag 6 other pups

1. What color is your collar? - Right now I have on a new watermelon Lupine collar.

2. What kind of food do you eat? - Merrick Grammy's Pot Pie kibble

3. What are your favorite treats? - The cookies that my sister brings to me.

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? - Well, Jovi and I have a connection.....

5. Do you get Table Scraps? – Yes. Too much according to my Mama

6. What is your favorite toy? – My round stuffed giraffe

7. When is your Birthday? - July 2, 1998

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? Twice a day.

9. Do you have a favorite color? – Pink....

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? - Sure!!!

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November 24th 2008 7:33 am
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I was tagged by Yogi

The rules are that when you are tagged, to write 7 interesting facts about yourself in your diary, and then tag up to 7 other doggies or kitties.

Here's some more facts about ME!

1) My barkday is July 2
2) I bark when Roxi gets me going
3) I love to chase squirrels
4) I like to bother Roxi, my fursister
5) I have too many toys
6) I am 10 years old
7) I can beg, twirl, do high five, lay down and a few others.

I am tagging :




October 2nd 2008 10:22 am
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See Roxi's entry as she has insulted the secretary once again and now she won't write an entry for me. (eyeroll)


A Humbling Experience

February 12th 2008 6:12 pm
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Well, who knew?? Mom and my furless sis went out to the dentist during the snowstorm today. It took longer than usual. By the time we got home dad was home already and looked kinda strange. He then told my story for me to Mom.
Dad came home and let us out off leash, he says we have recall with him. BOL BOL
Just at that moment the lab next door came running over so Roxi and I took off like bats out of hell after her. Chased her all the way back to her own yard and down the block. Dad called and called us. NADA. Dakota, the lab ran home, I chased her up to her house. Roxi decided to take the driveway home, tail between legs. What a wuss! I decided to go a different way. But Dad lost sight of me. He whistled and called, called and whistled. No me.
Finally he had to come see, he walked through the woods and found me. They have a soccer net set up in their yard, I didn’t see it in the blinding snow. I ran smack into it.
Dad found me. My head and one paw caught in the netting. He said I looked pitiful and didn't know how to untangle myself. Trapped like the rat I am. He told Mom he wished he had a camera, it was so funny and she said hello, your phone!! So who's the dopey one now? Still, hanging head in shame.



Some New Stuff Before My Year in Retrospect Entry….

December 27th 2007 5:46 pm
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So I’m thinking about the past few days. I decided I wanted to write a diary entry. Momma was awake in the middle of the night so I gave her some ideas. Who would have thought she would get up in the morning and forget what I told her to write?? I knew I should have made her get up right then and there and start typing. The woman must have dementia or something. I was up all night scratching (that was what woke momma up) my ears were itchy, Roxi was licking them and I was licking hers. Mom had noticed this during the day when we were hanging out and dripping wet. But the noise during the night was slurp, jingle (my tags), slurp, jingle, slurp, jingle…you get the idea.
Dad said to take my collar off but Momma knows that upsets me to no end and I would cry and cry for it. So that was last night. Tonight who knows what will happen…
Christmas was OK. Roxi and I were alone. Everyone went to Daddy’s family. They don’t invite us. Don’t feel bad, we’re used to it. Anywho, as it turns out Roxi had diarrhea Christmas morning so Momma WAS NOT happy. Me, I’m the easy going one so it didn’t bother me.
The day after Christmas it rained like all get out. Roxi doesn’t like the rain. Me, don’t bother me in the least. Momma says I don’t even notice it because I go out and just stand in the rain. What? So I can’t just enjoy the scenery? It becomes very annoying when all I hear is Zoe, POOP!! Zoe, PEE!! Zoe, POOP!!Again you get the picture. Did they change my name??? Jeez, I need to take my time. Sniff EVERY square inch of the yard and laugh at Roxi who is so obsessed with squirrels Momma has to leash her. She saw the squirrel convention next door and tried to take off but Momma was holding tight to that leash. Roxi was in a trance, Momma just couldn’t break her focus. She threw snow at her, screamed, snapped the leash (no, didn’t hurt her) EVERYTHING. I find it very enjoyable to watch all this unfold. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, a good squirrel chase is fun but I pick my moments. I wait till Momma has her robe and slippers on, now that’s the time for a squirrel chase. Watching the woman run around in the yard, down the street, and in everyone elses yard, chasing me…now that’s entertainment!!! And if ice is involved, that’s even better. We live on a hill and had snow then it iced over. I could walk on it and get good footing so I didn’t slide but Roxi is a few pounds lighter and a good gust of wind took her right down to the bottom of the hill and Momma had her slippers on. Roxi was stuck, watching Momma slide down then trying to make it back up was worth the wait. Momma said some words that I didn’t quite get but I don’t think they were nice. She has decided to use meowy where another word should be. I heard “Roxi, get the meow over here”, Roxi, You’re a meowy PITA”, don’t know what it means but it works for her. So I’m going to go and think some more about what the meow I wanted to say because she can’t meowy remember.
And believe me, I had something good to say. You just can't seem to get good help these days....



November 26th 2007 10:11 am
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Well finally I get my turn for the Thanksgiving disaster. Part of the story is on that brat’s page ROXI'S THANKSGIVING DAY DIARY
Most of it is true but she kinda downplays my injuries. Scraped knees hurt and require much attention and belly rubs as seen here.
Granny rubbed me all night.

So Roxi??? NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH!!!!



November 26th 2007 9:49 am
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Dear Diary.

It's a Christmas tag!!! This is what you have to do. Listen up because it’s different than usual. (think 5/5/5)

You have to write a letter to Santa Paws with 5 requests in your diary.

Then you have to give whoever tagged you 5 bones or treats.

Then tag 5 more cats or dogs.

Here is my list for Sandy Paws:

1. Treats
2. Treats
3. Treats
4. Treats
5. Toys

I tag:

1. Riley
2. daisy
3. Madison
4. Abby
5. Annie



October 17th 2007 1:34 pm
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I've been tagged by my good pals Rufus, Lucy Emily, and Alfie.

These are the rules of this dogster game of "tag" in case you've never gotten a chance to play. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, compose a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules and put them in your own DIARY. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies) to tag but make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged. Post their names also in your DIARY.

Here are 7 random facts about myself:

1. I bark for no reason.

2. I hate to wear "doggie clothes"

3. I steal treats from Roxi.

4. I love to sleep upside down with my head hanging out of my bed.

5. I hate the water.

6. I hate the holidays. (Momma makes me dress up for pictures)

7. I hate "photo shoots".

The 7 friends I'm tagging are:

1. Roxy
2. Daisy
3. Beau
4. Pepper
5. Charlie
6. Emma
7. Riley



October 12th 2007 9:55 am
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OK, so Momma is way too tired to type and she turned the keyboard over to me. HUMMPP!! About time. Notice the last diary entry. July 2nd. WHAT THE…. That was,
*Zoe counts on her toes, July to august, august to September, September to October,* over 3 months ago. The woman doesn’t work; she can’t do a diary entry in 3 months? She doesn’t work so what does she do all day?? I see her on the couch with the laptop. Could she be on Dogster all day? I hope not, that is a sickness. And I don’t want a sick momma. So I guess I’ll have to be a more hands on dog and make sure she writes more often.

Last night was the worst night of my life. Momma was on the couch (natch) and around 1 AM decides it’s bedtime. Dogster must have slow. (Insert eye roll here) we go to bed at the same time, so I follow her into the bedroom. Along the way, I hear thunder, and for those that know me thunder puts me in a major tailspin. The vet gave momma ace for storms but not for when they’re here, for when they’re expected!! Now she was on the computer she couldn’t check the Doppler radar to see what was going on. It was storming all day. She must have been hot and heavy into Dogster. Anyhoo, too late now. We haven’t had a thunderstorm like this all summer. It’s October, NOW we get a bad one???
So needless to say the storm must have been right over us. The house was shaking, I was shaking. In between the shaking I was running around panting, crying, whining, panting, crying, whining. You get the picture. Nothing will comfort me. Holding me makes it worse. The vet says to ignore the behavior and it will calm me down. No way Jose, I was a maniac, which in turn had Roxi running after me trying to comfort (?) me. She was putting her snout in my face and trying to lick a very dry tongue. The racquet was deafening from 1 am to 3. YET, no one else in the house (daddy and 2 furless) stirred. Momma wanted to know how that could be??? So at 3:00 we calm down and Momma goes to bed. I hear some words I’m not allowed to repeat. It appears Dad’s snoring is unbearable. It was pretty loud. Now I can read my Momma’s mind and she’s wondering if putting a pillow over daddy’s head will help the snoring. She thought about this till 4:14 AM then she must have fallen asleep, Daddy’s alarm went off at 5:00 AM so she was awake again. Dad told her he couldn’t wait around to take the older, snarky one to the bus stop and it was still raining. So he said she would. Mom said she would see, there are such things as umbrellas that the furless have about 20 of but seem to have lost. So at 6:30 AM she tells the snarky furless she will drive her to the bus stop. That was a mistake. The furless slow down when they know they will get a ride. So they go to the bus top, Momma in p.j’s. They are going down the road and the bus is there. Now this has happened before and the bus driver is a sadistic SOB and won’t stop for Momma, which lead to Momma last time cutting the bus off after honking repeatedly and the police showing up. Luckily it was a cop that ALWAYS stops Momma and finds her amusing (esp. in her pjs) but I digress. So now the bus is pulling away and mom is at warp speed with the furless screaming. Momma manages to get right on top of the bus honking and gets to a bus stop where there are a lot of kids so it will take a while to board and the furless can run out of the jeep to catch the bus. Momma came back, not a happy camper. She couldn’t fall back asleep as Roxi, not I, wanted to play catch. So now momma is so tired she says her eyes are burning. So I guess I’m in charge of the laptop today. MUH HAA HAAA!!!! I’m tired to though so I guess I’ll be napping while mom does her “chores”.

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