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The "Valentine’s Day Tale Of Tragedy" Woes

February 14th 2008 8:27 am
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Oh, woe is me. Valentine’s Day and I’m not on Dogster. How could this happen?? How can this be? Let me go back and try to explain.
It all started on the evening of February 12, 2008. You can read the start of trouble in Zoe’s diary. This is MY story. We woke up to ice, snow and no power on the morning of the 13th. NO INTERNET!! We could care less about power for heat or lights, it’s the darn internet that does the Momma in. We went through the whole day with sleet and ice and silence. By night the humans were losing it. Very sad. They were forced to talk to each other. Momma was fretting because of Valentine’s Day and giving out rosettes and all that.
So she gets an idea. The furless go to school, she leaves us to go to the library to use THEIR internet. Momma goes in and asks to use it. They say she can use it for 15 minutes if someone is waiting and longer if no one is. Since every one's internet is out she figures she has 15 minutes before anyone shows up. She logs on and wants to go to Dogster. BLOCKED. She calls over the librarian and says what is the problem? The librarian says they have a high filter on for questionable websites. Momma says “it’s Dogster!!!!!, an online dog community” The lady didn’t care and walked away. Rules are rules. Momma calls over librarian no. 2. and tells her she works for Dogster and must get on. The lady asks her what exactly she does. Momma says she has to moderate the forums and just check things out. The lady looked at her suspiciously. Was Momma telling the truth?? Of course not, but she was just stretching the truth slightly. SHE HAD TO GET ON DOGSTER!!!! The first lady came back and looked kinda mad. They wanted momma to prove that she worked for Dogster. GULP. Momma said well that is just plain silly. How can she prove it? The ladies said they could call. Momma said they are based on the West Coast and not in yet. So they said to come back later then when they could verify her story. Now Momma couldn’t do that?? So she figured she’d put up a bigger fight, nothing to lose or so she thought. Without getting into the nitty gritty, she lost her library privileges for two weeks. It was originally 1 week but Momma said something not so nice and they said two weeks.
So I went through Valentine’s Day without my Bertie and Zoe without her Charlie.
Who knew the library ladies had no sense of humor?

On a brighter note our internet came on late this afternoon right when Momma had to go out. Ahhhh, such is life.


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