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Adventures of Kiba

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4 Questions... I was TAGGED!

April 17th 2008 7:15 pm
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I was tagged by my pals, Steinway and Takoda

I have to answer 4 Questions and tag 4 Friends!

Name 4 jobs you have:
1. Love my humans
2. Make Poooooo (daddy really thinks this IS my JOB)
3. be cute
4. clean counters and plates of foods that have been left behind

Name 4 places you have lived (or stayed at):
1. Forever home with my mommy and daddy in San Diego
2. Chula Vista shelter
3. Another home
4. Who knows?

Name 4 places you have been:
1. Grandma's house - she spoils me rotten
2. Big Bear vacation
3. San Diego parks and beaches
4. Anywhere mommy and daddy go(If I'm not invited, they're not going!)

Name 4 places you would rather be:
(I'm pretty spoiled, but...)
1. At the snow, I LOVE snow!
2. Parks with Gophers
3. Parks with Squirrels
4. anywhere that is NOT the vet or groomer

4 friends I am tagging...


food for me?

April 17th 2008 8:12 am
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Well, it's been a pretty good week.

1. daddy has stayed home with me almost all week
2. my humans left food for me on the counter TWICE! yay! I LOVE food!
one evening they left me 3 fish tacos, those were good, but they forgot to unwrap them for me and I didn't really enjoy the paper or limes, so I left them for mommy to clean up around the house. Then, the very next morning, daddy left breakfast for me on the same counter - that wasn't as good since it had no meats, and he seemed kind of mad when i ate it...
I'm gonna make sure to check the magic food spot from now on! sweeeeeeeet!



Holidays 2007

February 5th 2008 7:10 pm
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Well my pup pals - as you can see, I have been quite the slacker in updating my diary...

My 2007 holidays were fun.

Halloween - Mommy made me wear a costume on my evening walk - even though I had to wear clothes, at least she dressed in a matching costume and we both got compliments.

Thanksgiving - I had lots of good eats, INCLUDING a yummy cake that was left on the counter for ME. My mommy didn't seem to happy when she saw the bites I took, I guess she didn't want me to eat it right then... she yelled at me (woof woof woof something something) and then threw the rest in the trash - hmmm, weird.

Christmas - I got lots of presents as usual - the best is my new bed, which I LOVE. It's a big bean bag and sooooooooooooo comfy.

Hope everyone had a great Holidays!



November 20th 2007 8:14 pm
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A friend is missing. His name is Blue - officially Yukonwind's Doobie Blues.

Please help us - please post this in your diary. Please Click here to go to and help us get Blue home!! and share it with your friends, ask your humans to share it with there friends. Please pay this forward - we would do the same for you.

Blue, a black and white Siberian Husky (4 year old male, brown eyes, microchipped) has been missing since May 8, 2007 from Brighton, MI.

Dogster page:

Website :

Telephone: (313) 550-6095
Reward offered for his return, no questions asked.

Permission and gratitude for cross posting. Thank you!


Happy Howloween!

October 30th 2007 8:05 pm
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Well, tomorrow is Howloween... Mommy has finished our matching costumes and posted pics of me - Guess who I am???
It's really embarassing being dressed up but at least I got some yummy treats when we were done with photos!

Have a Happy and Safe Howloween.


Big dogs don't wear clothes...

September 29th 2007 2:38 pm
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Well, mommy has finally lost it for sure!
She bought a team jersey for me - doesn't she know that BIG dogs DON'T wear clothes?!?!
Oh, the embarassment of it all - I should have known something was up that fateful day that she brought out the tape measure and started measuring me. She seemed pretty pleased saying that the extra large would fit me - sure sure.
Needless to say, it did NOT fit - she tried to take pictures but I was having none of that - first of all, like I want all my dogster pals to see me in clothes? and secondly, I am not wearing that thing! I managed to chew a hole in it before she CUT if off of me. BOL!



I've been love tagged

July 18th 2007 9:48 pm
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Here is the newest dogster tag-being loved!

Pick 3 dogsters you think are really pawriffic and paw a little about why! let them know how much they are loved with a rosette or a p mail!

I was tagged by Axel. He said "you always remember me with rosettes. I love your photo gallery. The pictures are very honest. My favorite is "Where's the Chow?"

It's so hard to pick just 3, but I tagged:

Jack, because you are the Original MAN DOG and I love a family of rescued pups!

Lil Kiba, because we have the same name and you are the cutest

Molly, because I'm a sucker for blonds with one blue eye!


I've been tagged

June 4th 2007 8:16 am
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I've been tagged by Molly, Hamish, and Axel!

Here's how you play:
Here are the rules (Hint: Copy and paste the rules so you don't have to type them again):

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Seven Facts about me:
1. I never bark
2. I take naps during car rides, no matter the distance
3. I prefer the company of humans than other dogs when I go to dog park
4. I DON’T like dogs with balls
5. I love all people and dogs – especially small dogs and puppies (exception, see #4 above)
6. I like to use my stuffed toys as pillows
7. I’m a real “daddy’s boy” even though mommy is the one who rescued me from the shelter.

Tag You're It -- I'm Taggin:
Stoli Dawg
Jeffrey Zoolander


Friday = Kiba Day

March 31st 2007 9:00 am
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Well yesterday was fun. My humans both came home a little early, so they took me to Dog Beach. There were lots of dogs to chase and growl at.
After that mommy wanted to look at another dog beach she heard of - so we went to Fiesta Island. We weren't going to go inside, but I told them, they can't trick me like that. That place is HUGE. Hopefully we'll go back soon, I only explored a little.



Snow Snow Snow

February 25th 2007 2:02 pm
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Well, my humans took me to the snow again - it was fun! We went to Mt Laguna this time and there was lots of snow. I wanted to run in the snow all day, but daddy got tired (and I can't run free with no leash)
I wish it would snow more often! Arooooooooooooooo

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