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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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New Moon

November 20th 2009 2:37 pm
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Well, mom went to see the Twilight New Moon movie
this morning. She tried for the first showing at 10:35
but it was sold out. Sold out!! So she opted for the
next one, of course. At 11:10.

She LOVED it!
It was really good!
I don't know why so many peeps talk trash about
the Twilight movies.
She said she will definitely go see it again. And again.
New Moon was better than Twilight.
Because it had a way bigger budget.

Soooo, I think whoever decides to go see it, will enjoy

There it is.

~Redford the Movie Critic~

P.S. By the way - those wolves ROCKED!



November 15th 2009 6:52 pm
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Mom bought the DVD, UP, the other day.
She had never seen it before but she thought
it might be good.
Wellllll - it is beyond good! It is cute, funny,
and great!
She just can't understand why her family and
acquaintances who had seen it never told her
there are lots of dogs in it. They know how she
feels about 'em.
Aaannywaaay - whoever has not seen it, rent
it or go buy it. You gotta see it. Mom laughed
and laughed watching it. She kept "rewinding"
it at the funny parts to watch 'em over and over.

There it is.

Redford the Movie Critic.


Don't Forget To Vote For Us

November 6th 2009 7:01 pm
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Alright pups and kits.
I'll make it easier for you to vote.
I'm goin' to put all my family's links on my page.
And mine too.
We all appreciate your votes.

My Voting Page

Cooper's Voting Page

Nina's Voting Page

Keighty's Voting Page

Mick's Voting Page

Rory's Voting Page

Tundra's Voting Page

Manytoes' Voting Page

You might want to check back in case more are added.
Thanks again!


Votes Needed

November 4th 2009 4:10 am
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Hi. I'm Redford and I'm out to get your vote.
For what, you say?

For the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show.
I've only got one pic so far - lazy manager.

So, get on down there and vote, pups and kits!

Here's the link:

Redford's Voting Page

Come back later on in case my lazy manager enters
me in more categories.



Doin' The Tag Thing - Finally

October 12th 2009 11:28 pm
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My pal, Ruby Dust and her bro, Duke, tagged me.
Sorry buds, been a bit lazy so I shall write 14 facts to
make up for you two taggin' me.

Yikes! Don't know if I can do it but I'll try!

1. I'm the biggest pup in the family. Biggest not
fattest!! Ya hear that dad!?

2. I like sleepin' under the bed. Mom bought some
things to make the bed higher just so I'd be more
comfortable. That woman loves me!

3. I enjoy goin' for rides in the van anywhere it'll take
me. Preferably looooong rides! Mom lets me ride
shotgun. Any humans have to sit in the back!

4. I really like goin' to the dog park but my mom's
a bit too lazy to take me as often as I would like.

5. I absolutely, positively love, lOvE, LOVE homemade
whipped cream. Yummers! Too bad I only get it once
in a while but more often around Thanksgiving!
That's next month!!!! OMD!!!

6. I. Do. Not. Like. Being. Tickled! Not At All!! Got that,

7. I used to be a therapy dog. I'd visit nursing homes.
There was this one man in there that just loved me.
He'd talk about the pup he had to give up when he
ended up there. Was an Australian Shepherd. He'd
almost cry talkin' about him. Mom would almost cry,

8. I was originally a birthday present for my human
sister, but my mom loves me too much to ever let me go
with her when she leaves. Besides, my human sis is too
hooked on Cooper. He isn't going with her either!! I
officially belong to my mom - so does my heart.

9. When treats are being handed out, I'm the first one
to get one - everytime. I rate, dudes!

10. I positively do not like voices being raised. My
mom and human sister argue from time to time and
when I hear them gettin' a bit too loud, I head on out
pronto to my sanctuary - under the bed!!
Oh Lordy, I wish they'd shut up!

11. I like to dig holes. Big holes. They're a thing of
beauty. I'm a lucky pup to have a family that lets me
do my thing. Thanks mom and dad for lettin' me
express my artistic side.

12. I like to lick Jack Russell ears. Mainly Cooper's
or Keighty's but never Wishbone's. Why, I don't know.
Mom is always telling me not to but I always sneak in
licks when she's not paying attention. Besides, Cooper
and Keighty ask me to do it. When she catches me, she
gets mad at me and whatever Jack Russell I'm licking
at the time. She says I'm gonna mess up their ears.

13. I am a beggar. Not just a beggar but the best beggar
evah! I beg with sound effects. Whiney sound effects,
singing sound effects, howling sound effects, crying
sound effects. This totally works 'cause I always end up
getting something. I know how to work it, baybee!

14. When people meet me they think I'm named after
Robert. Nope. Not true. Mom found the name in a
baby name book and when she saw it, she said it leapt
right out at her. My name means "From the red river
crossing". Cool huh?

Well, there you are Ruby Dust and Duke. Did it
especially for you two. Hope I didn't bore you. Much!!

I shall return with a list of pups I'll be taggin'. Mom
says it'll just be a few.

Here's my shortlist on tagees:

Radar - that cute pup from Massachusetts.

Petey - that camping lovin' Jack Russell buddy from PA.

Jolanda - that hard workin' Red Cattle Dog Girl from CA.



October 10th 2009 12:29 am
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Wanna see something that'll freak you out??
You brave enough??
Well then - check this out:

Josh impersonating a walrus.
Hey!!! Who took his Bukkit!?!


A Pal Needs Some Help

October 8th 2009 5:01 pm
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Hey pups-
Milo, a pup pal of mine, wrote the following in his diary:

Howl to all our 4 legged pals,
I need some help for my Mom she is having lots of trouble. She has not worked on our pages for a long time but she is hurting cause as much as we all tried we kept our tails waggin, our paws crossed but after a very long hard fought battle our big brother Max passed away.

Mom had not even checked her emails til tonight and then she started to cry she said Max had gotten a prize and she felt really bad cause she has not worked on our pages.

Well this is where I need help from my furiends can anyone tell my Mom how to turn Max's page into a remembrance section? She is not that good on the computer but don't tell her I said that woof, woof. And also she made a big mistake and does not know how to fix it. Some how Hershey wound up with two pages but we only have one Hershey bark bark.

So please help my Mom smile.
Milo, Hershey

These pups don't have too many pals and I'm asking
if anyone (or if anyone knows anyone else) who can
help this sad mom fix up her pup angel's page into
something special, please paw-mail her.
Please, let's help her feel better, okay.



Good News

October 5th 2009 1:33 am
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Well folks, we were able to contact Jesse-boy
and Lydia through a third party! Yay!!
They said they didn't have any time to be on
dogster due to a super busy schedule. They
were sorry they made mom sad and felt
really bad not being on dogster to answer
the p-mail and Pup Pal Requests they would
receive so they decided it would be better to
be off completely. I guess we understand.

Mom feels better now. Another Yay!!


Jesse-boy & Lydia

October 1st 2009 11:04 pm
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Mom is so, so sad.
I mean sadder.
This just put her over the edge.
And she finally let it all out.
She's been feeling like really
crying lately so this just did it.

Two GOOD Jack Russell pals
left dogster. We got a message
from dogster telling us that some
pups had transferred zealies into
our account. Mom was like
What? Who did that for us??

There was a message there from
Jesse-boy & Lydia saying that they
were leaving dogster and that they
loved us for being such good pals.
Again, she was like What?!
So she went to their pages and
they're gone. Completely gone.
And she doesn't even know why.
Mom's so heartbroken that she
didn't even get to say good-bye
to them and their mom. Then the
waterworks started and she couldn't
stop crying. There's just no way to
contact them. They're gone. . .
She so wishes now that she would've
asked them for their e-mail address.

What a sad, empty, helpless feeling.

Bye JB & Lyds.
We love you.



September 30th 2009 10:58 pm
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Hey everybody!
My "bro" Mick has his page now.
Check him out, okay?
He's pretty cute (mom told me to say that).

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