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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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Another gift!

April 27th 2008 10:57 pm
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Cooper, Keighty, and I went to the dog park this morning to meet up with our pal, Kirby and his ma. Guess what?! We finally got to meet his sis, Candy. I think she's a cutie. Yes I do! Her ma had given her a bath and boy, was she shiny. That got my mom to thinking . . . Redford needs a bath. Oh no! She said I looked pretty dull compared to Candy. So I think there's a bath with my name on it in the NEAR future! Sheesh!

Oh, and they got me a gift for being Diary of the Day! And a card that said:

Dog of the Dogster Diary
Kirby, Candy, & Goliath

They're so nice. We all really like them. They Rock!! Hmmmm . . . So that means we still have to meet Kirby's bro. He's a big one, I hear. Could that be why his name is Goliath? Ya Think!

So, today was a good day. I got to go the the dog park. Saw my friend, Kirby. Met his cute sister, and got some yummy treats for a gift. Sweet.


I'm one of the Diary Picks today! Wow!

April 22nd 2008 1:31 pm
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OMD! I'm one of the Diary Picks today! I didn't even know it 'til I read the message from my good pal, Pippin. I was just Diary of the Day the 16th. Sheesh! Then my birthday was the 12th. Man, this has been some month so far!

My mom says I must have made SOME wish when I blew out my candle. I'm not telling! But it sure has been great! Beautiful Tillie and her family even gave me Dogster Plus for my birthday! Wow! Can't get any better than that!

I thank everyone for showing me so much love. I love you all, too. You all Rock!!!! Dogster Rocks!!!


Spring tagged ~ Again!

April 18th 2008 11:01 am
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I have been spring tagged again by my new friend, Pita. Thanks for making me the special fifth pup. I'll give it a go.

Name 4 jobs I have:

1. Whipped cream taste tester. Mmmmmmmmmmmm boy!!

2. Marrowbone taste tester. Mmmm boy!!

3. Protector of all things family.

4. To go outside first, in case there's a strange cat outside. If there isn't, then Cooper and Keighty can go out.

Name 4 places I have lived (or stayed at):

1. I have lived on a reservation.

2. I have stayed at my foster mom's house.

3. I am living in my forever home at the moment and forevermore.

4. I wish not to live or stay anywhere else.

Name 4 place I have been:

1. I have been to the mountains.

2. I have been to Bow Wow Blues.

3. I have been to Three Dog Bakery.

4. I have been to many places in my dreams.

Name 4 places I'd rather be:

1. Sometimes, I'd rather be at the dogpark.

2. I'd rather be eating whipped cream and Marrowbones.

3. I'd rather be going for a ride in the van.

4. I can't think of any other place I'd rather be than where I am right now. Loved and cared for.

Name 4 pups that I will be tagging:

1. Mirra

2. Benny!!!

3. Snoopy

4. Bingo



April 17th 2008 11:02 am
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We have found out who the kind, wonderful, sweet benefactors are! If only mom would've gone to her Windows Live Mail Account first, this mystery would not have been a mystery. She always goes to dogster first. In fact, it's her home page. Everything else comes second! Heehee.

Drumroll, please. TaDa!! And they are: Tillie, Joey, Gelsey 1993-2006, Cleo, and their Wonderful mom!!!! Oh no, my mom's crying again.

Beautiful, gorgeous Tillie and Family. With all our hearts, we thank you. Thank you for your friendship and your kindness. Mere words can't do justice to how you have made us feel. Thank you. *Sniff*



April 17th 2008 10:19 am
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Oh My! What is this?! We have DogsterPlus! How did this happen?! When my mom was changing my picture to Elvis's, she noticed on the My Account page something just wasn't "right". Some things were missing. She just absentmindedly asked herself what happened here. Then she clicked on Manage Photos, something she had never seen before, and lo and behold, there was a page she had never seen before either. And up on top it said DogsterPlus! Her heart skipped a beat. How? What? Who? OMD!!! Did someone do this for us? OMD! Then she started crying - again! That's what she's doing as she types this for me. Almost anything makes her cry since yesterday so I think today will be another leaky day.

She's been thinking about getting DogsterPlus for us alot lately. In fact she almost signed up for it last night. But she didn't. So, she's thinking maybe this is the 7 day free trial. But it can't be 'cause she didn't fill out anything. I guess we'll just have to see what happens in seven days, huh?

If, in fact, someone did this for us, we all thank you so much. With all our hearts we thank you.

Boy, this has been some week!


Bittersweet Day Today ~ Diary of the Day and Elvis

April 16th 2008 2:03 pm
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To anyone reading my diary today who congratulated me and gave me gifts and rosettes, I thank you from the bottom of my ACD heart. You have no idea how good you all made me feel. You also caused my mom to get many tears of happiness in her eyes. And a big thank you to dogster, who thought me worthy to bestow this honor.

Kirby's mom is the one who tipped us off this morning of something wonderful on Dogster today. Mom couldn't get to the computer right away, but when she did, WOW, there was my mug up on the home page. She let out a shout and started singing to me: "You're diary of the day today, Redford, you're diary of the day!" I knew something was up, 'cause I even got excited and started singing (whining) with her. I even got some spaghetti! Mmmmm boy!

She was totally happy, reading all the messages, rosettes, and gifts sent to me and sending out thank yous. She was so proud of me and just kept going back to the home page to look at me. Heeheehee! Sure feels good to be in the limelight! Got some new friends! Boy, this is great! It's a pretty good birthday present, that's for sure.

But then happiness turned to sorrow. She read Elvis's diary and just broke down in tears. He passed over the Bridge today at 1:15. She just could not believe it. Stunned is the best way to describe it. It seemed that he was doing so much better. He was so young. Four yeas old. He put up such a brave fight. It breaks our hearts that he lost. Elvis, be at peace, my friend. Run like the wind in those beautiful pastures up there. I hope you find yourself a llama. We will miss you.


I got my Burgers!

April 13th 2008 3:38 pm
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Well, as you know, yesterday was my birthday. My mom put some videos on my page of us celebrating my birthday. Guess what?! I got 2 double cheeseburgers! Yes, two! Boy, I scarfed those babies down quick. For two reasons: 'cause they're so good and because if I didn't, Miss PIG Keighty will try to steal them from me. She's such a p-i-g! She was trying to steal everybodies!

Anyway, mom laughed 'cause I blew out my candle when I was barking. She didn't notice it 'til she was watching the video. Pretty good, huh? Then, she messed up by accidentally stopping the camera. That's why there's two parts. Darn, she just wanted one video of my celebration. Oh well, at least she turned it back on! So don't forget to watch Part 2 in my video book. You'll get to see everybody getting their little burgers.

Then my dad was all concerned that I would pull the tablecloth down, so he tells me to get down. What does he think, that I don't have manners?! Chill, dad! Have some fun!

It was fun. I wanted more burgers, that's for sure. Maybe next year I'll get three! Mmmmmm boy!


April 12th, Saturday - That's my birthday

April 11th 2008 11:31 am
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To anyone who is reading this - April 12th is my birthday. That's tomorrow. I will be 7 years old. My mom is kinda sad 'cause she doesn't like to see us getting older. She wants us to stay young forever. Our wonderful friend, George, from Australia, lived to the ripe old age of 19. He is also an Australian Cattle Dog. So that gives hope to my mom that I will live a loooooong life. She loves me so much that she wants me with her forever. She calls me her beautiful boy and tells me she doesn't know what she would do without me. I love her, too. She can tell by the way I look at her when she's talking to me. She says there's alot of love in them there eyes!

Sheesh! This is about my birthday, and here I am getting a bit mushy. Anyway, I look forward to getting my hamburger tomorrow (maybe 2 this year). It will have a candle on it and everyone will sing happy birthday to me! Cooper will, no doubt, bark up a storm. The rest of the pack will just get half of a hamburger each. Can't hardly wait! Mmmmmmm boy!


Spring Tagged by Mr. "Deer Head" Cowboy

April 7th 2008 9:33 pm
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Hey ladies and dudes. My best pard, the infamous and talented Mr. "Good-Looking" Cowboy has gone and done it again! The pup has tagged me. Yep, he's done it before. Well, better get to it.

*Now let me see . . . . Name four jobs I have:

1. Protecting the small pups in my family at the dog park.

2. Barkin' at anything suspicious going on outside.

3. Lickin' those tasty Jack Russell ears (Cooper and Keighty) to keep 'em squeaky clean.

4. Protecting my mom when we go somewhere in my van.

*I'm supposed to name four places I have lived (or stayed at).

1. I was born on the Rez and lived there for about 3 1/2 months of my life.

2. I stayed at my foster mom's in Newcomb for a very short time before being brought to Albuquerque to the rescue group, PACA, for adoption.

3. I've lived with my forever family in the same house for almost seven years.

4. I stayed at my granny's house for a little while.

*Okay now name four places that I have been. Now this one is going to be mighty boring. You see, my mom DOES NOT travel . . . . at all! Doesn't like to. So that means us pups don't go anywhere exciting. Her brother jokes around that she thinks she needs a passport to go to another state! Hardeeharhar!

1. I've been to the Sandia Mountains.

2. I've been to almost every dog park here. Love 'em!

3. I've been to Cochiti Lake.

4. I've been to almost all the pet stores here.

*Now I gotta name four places that I'd rather be. Hmmmm . . . . let me think.

1. I'd rather be at the dog park.

2. I'd rather be runnin' wild and free on the range (at least for a while).

3. I'd rather be in the factory where those wonderful Marrowbones are made and eat so many that I almost pop! "Priceless!"

4. I'd rather be in Whipped Cream Heaven. Mmmmmmm boy!!

*Now these are the four lucky pupsters I'm gonna tag:

1. Mr. "Bookend" Jesse-boy

2. Mr. "Many Tricks" Jesse

3. Mr. "Barks-a-Lot" Marley Bob Miller

4. Mr. "Bacon Smoker" Pippin

You know what?! I totally forgot to add my new beautiful friend, Sydney, so I hope nobody minds if I make her number 5 just this one time.

5. Miss "Beautiful" Sydney


Happy St. Pat's Day

March 17th 2008 6:21 pm
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Today I'm a bit Irish. Maybe alot Irish. I'm a redhead, you know! Mom says I'm her Irish boy and so is my bro, Rory (kitty). She has a teenie bit Irish blood herself. Her dad was a redhead but too bad she isn't. She has me. That's enough!

Oh-I wanted to mention that my picture was entered in the Pedigree Dog Mosaic. It is one cool mosaic! It's made up of thousands of doggie pics. Check it out. I'm going to put up the link in case anyone reading my diary wants to send in a photo of themselves. And if you want to see yours truly, my code is Redford1.

Pedigree Dog Mosaic: g%20Mosaic/Default.aspx#empty

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