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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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Another foster!

July 24th 2008 10:47 pm
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Well my mom has gone and done it! Taken in another foster pup. She's been here since Monday. The way we figure, she's part Jack Russell Terror - uh, I mean Terrier. Yep, she's a wild and crazy girl. Those two fosters love to play with each other! Conner is very persistent and she ends up gettin' mad at him, but not too mad. Mom hasn't given her the "perfect" name yet. She had been in a shelter in Socorro for 3 months! Poor kid. She doesn't have lots of muscles probably 'cause she didn't get much exercise in there. Someone wants to take her home on a trial Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. She's a good pup. Go to Sparkee's page to see pictures of her.


I'm a Diary Pick today!

July 12th 2008 12:49 am
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Well whatta ya know?! I'm one of the four Dairy Picks! Little ol' me. It sure feels good to be picked. Mom is so proud of me. She keeps going to Doggie Diary Central just to see my face up there.

My awesome friend, The Super Sullyman was the first to congratulate me and gave me a trophy. Thanks, dude. You're the best, man!

I wanna thank dogster for choosing me out of so many great pups. You Rock, Dogster!!


Another foster

July 8th 2008 2:44 pm
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Yep. Another one. Yep. A puppy. Came with the name Cory but it didn't much suit him so my dad said how 'bout Conner? Mom said hey yeah! Redford has a pal on dogster named Conner. Cool! So Conner it is. Here's to you, Conner from dogster. Your namesake!!

He came Wednesday. Then on Saturday mom took him to the adoption clinic. Someone was totally interested in him, so he went out on a trial. Then on Sunday we got a call from the people that had him, saying it wasn't working out 'cause their dog was playing too rough with him. The other dog is a 10 month old Rottie and the pup is a 1o week old mixed breed. Uh . . . rough might me an understatement. So . . . here goes mom to pick up the youngster.

I didn't really like him much when he first got here, but now I kinda warmed up to him. I've even taught him how to dig! Teeheehee! He might be a little bit pittie and something else. He's black and white and of course, a PEST.

Now this guy most definitely will NOT stay or sleep in the crate. This drives my mom crazy. He cries like someone's killing him-and he won't stop! Bad!! Mom feels like killing him when he starts that. So the only thing she can do is let him out. She doesn't even put him in there at night. She hasn't had to leave him alone since he got here, but if she needs to go somewhere, he's goin' in!!

This makes her think of the last foster. He was such a good boy. Slept in the crate. Never cried when he was in it. Of course he was a good boy! He was my kind-an Australian Cattle Dog. The BEST kind! I coulda told her that!!

Mom's gonna try to load up a video of me and Conner on my page. TRY, 'cause none of the videos she's tried to put on our pages since the change have worked. Oh well . . .


Chicken Jerky

July 3rd 2008 12:32 pm
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I feel that this needs to be known by as many pups and people as possible. I'm sure most of you have heard or read about how products of chicken jerky from China have sickened and killed lots of pups. This is pretty sad.

I don't know about you, but it seems China is out to get us pets. My mom just doesn't understand why America gets EDIBLE stuff from a country who doesn't like us much. I mean, it's so easy to put in something that would harm us (and humans). Mom says good thing she never bought us that chicken jerky stuff. She came close, though. Now she's scared to get anything that says Made In China. But guess what - almost everything says that. It's almost impossible not to get something made there.

So think about this next time you want to by chicken stuff that's made in China, or anything else, for that matter.

Here's a link to a website every pup (and kit) should visit:


Jesse-boy's Birthday

June 29th 2008 2:43 pm
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My good pal, Jesse-boy is celebrating his 7th birthday. We're the same age. So, I want to give a massive shout out to J-b. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE!! LOVE YA, LITTLE GUY!! Now I want everyone to go to his page and wish him a good one 'cause he deserves it!


Letting Go

June 23rd 2008 1:49 am
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A very nice family has fallen in love with Oscar, our little foster pup. Mom and Oscar did a home visit Saturday and Oscar walked right in like he lived there all his life. He'll be going to their house today on a trail basis to see if it will work out. These people have a "bluey" Australian Cattle Dog that is 4 years old, named Sparky, and would you believe it ~ looks just like Oscar (except she has "down" ears). Same color, same dark spot on the forehead, same spot at the base of the tail. They even hit it off right away. They have been wanting a pal for Sparky because on Mother's Day, they had to "put down" their other dog. She became sick and started having lots of seizures. The lady's eyes started tearing up. She said she missed her so much and it was still very hard to talk about it. This lady even works from home, so she'll be spending lot and lots of time with Oscar. What could be better!!

Mom asked all the right questions and got answers she really liked. Like these:

Will he be an inside dog ~ Yep. (Mom would NOT let him go to someone that would keep him outside anyway.)

Would you have a problem with him getting on the furniture including the bed ~ Nope. (They said Sparky sleeps with them on the bed and if he wanted to, he could, too.)

He isn't completely housebroken, will you have a problem with that ~ Nope. (To which they said that he will learn in time, after all, he is a baby.)

Will you have a problem with all that comes with being a puppy, such as possibly chewing something up that he's not supposed to ~ Nope.
(Then the lady proceeded to tell mom that when Sparky was a puppy, she chewed up a $2oo and something pair of shoes! Yikes! This lady actually smiled about it.)

My dog, Redford, taught him how to dig holes. Would you have a problem if he started digging holes in your yard ~ Nope. (They have a nice looking yard.)

Would you have a problem with me keeping in touch to see how he's doing and maybe visiting him someday if you do adopt him ~ Nope, not at all.

Anyway, we know he's not going to be a bad pup 'cause he's never done anything bad here. She just needed to know how they stand on those issues. You see, we can get on the couch and on the bed. I'm allowed to dig holes when I feel the need (I don't do it all the time) and while Oscar has been here, he's done what us pups do. Except that he does sleep in the crate at night.

If it all works out, Oscar will be one lucky pup. He'll be living in a very nice house. He'll even have a doggie door to a yard full of lush grass (he sure did like that!). He'll have a family that will spoil him.
Mom wants him to have a good life with loving people that'll treat him like family. This seems to be the case here.

So, later today, mom has to let go. She's been dreading this. Her eyes have been leaking and her stomach has been tied up in knots since Saturday. She's gotten attached to this little boy and he's gotten attached to her. She's an animal lover. What else could she do?


About Fosters and Friends

June 21st 2008 12:45 am
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Well, here it is, the weekend already. Today is adoption clinic and my mom has to take the foster pup (named Oscar) to it. He's a little "bluey" Australian Cattle Dog. She sure loves that little guy. Says he's so cute. He is. If you saw my new pics, you noticed that I taught the little guy how to dig a hole and the fine art of eating the right grass. I guess I have to admit I kinda like him. He's totally different than the last foster (Arice, poor pup).

All us pups got kinda tired of her 'cause she used to snap at us when she tried to play. Man, that could hurt! Poor Arice. She had a neurological disorder called "upper motor neuron disease". At first the rescue group thought she was blind, but that wasn't the case. Her eyes worked just fine, but her brain couldn't process everything going in like regular pups can. Anyway, that's why she had trouble playing the right way. She just couldn't do things the normal way no matter how hard she tried. It's so sad that her life ended so soon. She was only one year old. Run free and well at the Bridge, Arice. I'm sorry I would get so mad at you for biting me.

Well, going back to the subject of Oscar, my friend, George's mom, wants him. She says she sure wishes she could come and get him and take him back to Australia with her. I think that would Rock!! George is a "bluey", too. That's probably why she likes him alot. My mom wishes she could have met George in person. She would of hugged and kissed him, that's for sure. George's family is just so awesome. They rescue all kinds of animals that nobody else wants. Like George, the parakeets they have, and little Tripod, who's original owner wanted him "put to sleep" cause he was born with a deformed front leg. But George's family have tender hearts and love all animals, no matter the problem 'cause they can see way past that. That's awesome! Cheers to you Colleen, for all you do.

Now on to my other good friend, Mr. "Cool Dude", Sully. He's quite the character. His diary entries really crack us up! They're like episodes from a sitcom. Funny! We're hoping for a new episode soon. Keep on keeping on, SullyMan!!

I guess that's about all I have to say for now, except that if Oscar gets adopted today, my mom will be sad. She wishes she could keep him ('cause she LOVES Cattle Dogs) but says she has more than enough pets for now. She has to consider the cost of having the ones she has. Keighty just went to the vet for her allergies and will have to continue going for that reason. Wishbone might need surgery for a lump that was found on her. Mom felt a little bump on Cooper, too, and is hoping and praying that it's nothing serious. And now that we're getting older that means more trips to the vet. She has to convince herself that she just can't keep another pup no matter how hard it is to let go.

It'll be okay, mom. I'll be here for you.


Bad Month

May 26th 2008 2:34 pm
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As most of you know, my kitty sister, Scruffy, crossed over the Bridge the 5th of this month. It was sad. Then my mom's mom's kitty, Angel crossed over the 15th. That was totally unexpected. Mom and dad were very sad again. Then to make matters even worse, the dog that my mom has fostered for about 9 months had a very bad seizure Monday the 19th at 12:30 in the morning. She had neurological problems to begin with, but I guess they were getting worse. Sadly, she had to be "put to sleep" Tuesday the 20th. Her name was Arice. Mom and dad had taken care of her since she was about 3 months old. Sadness again. That's why mom hasn't wanted to be on the computer lately. She's been too sad to want to write anything. But today she's feeling better and will do some "stuff" on our pages.



May 9th 2008 12:42 am
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Monday the 5th, our kitty sister, Scruffy, passed over the Bridge. She was 22 years old. We are a bit sad here, but we know that she is no longer burdened by the affects of old age anymore. Now she can run and play like a kitten again. Be at peace, little Scruffy.
We shall meet again.



April 29th 2008 4:38 am
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We've been reading Hannah's diary and blog for a while now. Her story is so sad. She was severely neglected and starved. She was used and abused. We're so glad that she was miraculously rescued and not "put to sleep" as her former owner requested. Please go to her page and read her story. We all need to rally around her and send her lots of love, prayers, and good thoughts. She's going through a tough time now with her heartworm treatments.

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